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2016-10-14Remove deprecated INCLUDESHEADmasterBruno Dilly
2012-10-10e_cho: fix etrophy callBruno Dilly
2012-09-04e_cho: fix configureBruno Dilly
2012-09-03e_cho: save game scoresBruno Dilly
2012-03-22e_cho: Use elm_layout_theme_set instead of file_setBruno Dilly
2012-03-22e_cho: Remove not useful variable to disable soundBruno Dilly
2012-03-22e_cho: Use eina logBruno Dilly
2012-03-22e_cho: Fix quicklaunch buildBruno Dilly
2012-03-21e_cho: Use elm API instead of edjeBruno Dilly
2011-10-29Econcentration,Echo: update delete,request signal nameBruno Dilly
2011-03-08e_cho: dso !Cedric BAIL
2011-03-08e_cho: DSO fix.Cedric BAIL
2011-03-03e_cho: fix DSO.Cedric BAIL
2010-11-25 game.speed must be a double to work (was running at speed 1 not 1.5). And ma...Davide Andreoli
2010-11-25Also expose the current level number to the theme, and (of course) display it...Davide Andreoli
2010-11-25 Check sequence-end just after increment the counter, not after another timer...Davide Andreoli
2010-11-25 On the first turn (start button pressed) don't apply the 'next_level' timer.Davide Andreoli
2010-11-25 Don't start the game when pressing a random button, so you can 'free-play' w...Davide Andreoli
2010-11-24Use pocket as default theme and update AUTHORSBruno Dilly
2010-11-19Create echo, a game based on Simon SaysBruno Dilly