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2014-01-02elemines: bring up the sound using edje multisenseJerome Pinot
2013-03-24elemines: update changelog and todoJerome Pinot
2013-03-23elemines: make the ChangeLog more accurateJerome Pinot
2013-03-21elemines: bump version number and update ChangeLogJerome Pinot
2013-02-10Prepare for release0.2.2Jerome Pinot
2013-02-10Validate user data to prevent endless loopIgor Murzov
2013-02-10Fix flags accountingIgor Murzov
2013-02-10Fix middle click once again.Igor Murzov
2013-02-10Some left overs of the russian translation patch. Thanks to Igor Murzov.Jerome Pinot
2013-01-31Prepare for release0.2.1Jerome Pinot
2013-01-23Fix the middle click featureJerome Pinot
2013-01-23Tune clock and bomb iconsJerome Pinot
2013-01-23Add portuguese translationJerome Pinot
2013-01-22Add esperanto and korean translationsJerome Pinot
2013-01-21Add galician translationJerome Pinot
2013-01-20Add italiano translationJerome Pinot
2013-01-20Update docJerome Pinot
2013-01-16Misc doc updateJerome Pinot
2013-01-16Use conformant for the 'fullscreen' modeJerome Pinot
2013-01-13Add a button in toolbar to configure the mine number.Jerome Pinot
2013-01-04Change version to 0.2Jerome Pinot
2012-07-01Change default font and misc cleaningJerome Pinot
2012-06-26Initial commitJerome Pinot