AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-21updated authorsHEADmasterHermet Park
2016-04-24theme: apply lazy edcHermet Park
2016-02-15m4: remove unwanted files (generated at autogen time)Jean-Philippe Andre
2016-02-15elm: fix path to data dir (typo)Jean-Philippe Andre
2016-02-13display a total score when game is over.v1.0.0Hermet Park
2016-02-13fix to make distcheck success.Hermet Park
2016-02-13support freedeskop launcherHermet Park
2016-02-13adjust game level.Hermet Park
2016-02-13support large textHermet Park
2016-02-13improve README.Hermet Park
2016-02-13correct -> accuracyHermet Park
2016-02-13updated README.Hermet Park
2016-02-13remove test code.Hermet Park
2016-02-13adjust text color.Hermet Park
2016-02-13+ random itemHermet Park
2016-02-13restore game state correctly.Hermet Park
2016-02-12code refactoring.Hermet Park
2016-02-12don't support resizable window.Hermet Park
2016-02-12support scalable screen.Hermet Park
2016-02-12adjust drop speed.Hermet Park
2016-02-12score shouldn't be less than 0.Hermet Park
2016-02-12remove popup and use notify.Hermet Park
2016-02-11resume the game successfully from the pause.Hermet Park
2016-02-11fix 0x0 window init.Hermet Park
2016-02-11cleanup minor code.Hermet Park
2016-02-11fix word typo.Hermet Park
2016-02-11arrange level difficulty.Hermet Park
2016-02-11fix a score decreasing bug.Hermet Park
2016-02-11fix window size.Hermet Park
2016-02-11official name is efl typers.Hermet Park
2016-02-11improve uiHermet Park
2016-02-11add gitignore.Hermet Park
2016-02-11free words resource.Hermet Park
2016-02-11remove unnecessary files.Hermet Park
2016-02-11introduce an initial draft.Hermet Park