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2012-06-26python-elementary: A simple test and more API for Calendar, fixes for Kai Huuhko
2012-06-26python-elementary: Test and fixes for Datetime.Kai Huuhko
2012-06-17python-elementary: Optimization.Kai Huuhko
2012-06-14python-bindings: Put the metaclass hacks back in, need to make them py3 Kai Huuhko
2012-06-10python-elementary: py3ization.Kai Huuhko
2012-06-10python-elementary: Get rid of hacks.Kai Huuhko
2012-06-09fixed declaration of time.h: tm is defined just as a struct, not a typedef ;)Davide Andreoli
2012-06-09python-elementary: Committing incomplete Datetime for DaveMDS to play Kai Huuhko