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2012-07-31pyelm: support scroller page relative getBruno Dilly
2012-06-18python-elementary: Review. Adding properties, documentation, using convenience Kai Huuhko
2012-06-17python-elementary: Optimization.Kai Huuhko
2012-06-14python-bindings: Put the metaclass hacks back in, need to make them py3 Kai Huuhko
2012-06-10python-elementary: py3ization.Kai Huuhko
2012-06-10python-elementary: Get rid of hacks.Kai Huuhko
2012-06-05python-elementary: Add value_pointer_set to Radio, documentation for Kai Huuhko
2012-05-31python-elementary: Fixes for documentation.Kai Huuhko
2012-05-19 python-elementary: Align Spinner to C api.Davide Andreoli
2011-11-29py-elm: deprecated_warnings--Boris Faure
2010-05-13Python-Elementary now exposes its types for runtime resolution.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-10-25pyelm: add missing methods to the scroller objectBoris Faure
2009-10-01Bunch-O-Things by billiobIván Briano
2009-09-23Call parent object constructure, set evas attribute by default.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-05-20Adjust many things to be uptodate with c-elementarySimon Busch
2009-03-05Restructuring the code - every widget gets an own fileSimon Busch