AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 hoursRemove __imlib_AllocateData() w,h argsHEADmasterKim Woelders
11 hoursICO loader: Fix non-immediate loadingKim Woelders
11 hoursTGA loader: Tweak error handlingKim Woelders
20 hoursTGA loader: Add simple 16 bpp handlingKim Woelders
20 hoursTGA loader: Support horiontal flipKim Woelders
20 hoursTGA loader: More mostly cosmetic changesKim Woelders
20 hoursTGA loader - Mostly cosmetic refactoringKim Woelders
20 hoursimlib2_view: Add verbose option, quit on Escape tooKim Woelders
20 hoursimlib2_test_load: Check progress conditionallyKim Woelders
39 hoursimlib2_test_load: Fixup recent breakage for realKim Woelders
39 hourstga loader: implement handling of paletteOlof-Joachim Frahm (欧雅福)
7 daysimlib2_view: Fix event processing bugKim Woelders
7 daysimlib2_view: Enable selecting next/prev using keys tooKim Woelders
7 daysSimplify loader lookup functionsKim Woelders
7 daysXPM loader: Accept signature not at the very start of the fileKim Woelders
8 daysEliminate READ_RGBA()Kim Woelders
8 daysUse macro for pixel color access in saversKim Woelders
8 daysUse pixel instead of r,b,g,a in __imlib_render_str()Kim Woelders
8 daysSimplify pixel color handling in api.cKim Woelders
8 daysSimplify autogen.shKim Woelders
9 daysEliminate WRITE_RGBA()Kim Woelders
9 daysTGA loader: RefactorKim Woelders
9 daysRe-indent everything using indent-2.2.12Kim Woelders
9 daysimlib2_test_load: Fixup after recent changeKim Woelders
2019-10-15GZIP loader: Check filename before uncompressKim Woelders
2019-10-15Check filename before opening archive file.Olof-Joachim Frahm (欧雅福)
2019-10-13Miscellaneous imlib_test_load tweaksKim Woelders
2019-10-13BMP loader: Major makeover - numerous bug fixes and feature enhancementsKim Woelders
2019-10-11Rename/add byte swap macrosKim Woelders
2019-10-10JPG loader: Refactor error handlingKim Woelders
2019-10-10ICO loader: Add binary flag to fopen()Kim Woelders
2019-10-10Fix ABI breakKim Woelders
2019-09-30Allow to use custom memory management functions for loaded imagesAlexander Volkov
2019-09-29JPG loader: Fix memory leaks in error pathsKim Woelders
2019-09-29WepP loader: Fix memory leak in error pathKim Woelders
2019-09-29Remove pointless im->data checks in loadersKim Woelders
2019-08-15Add new WebP loaderKim Woelders
2018-07-22JPG loader: Do proper CMYK conversionKim Woelders
2018-07-22JPG loader: RefactorKim Woelders
2018-07-21XPM loader: More simplificationsKim Woelders
2018-07-21XPM loader: Add missing pixels (malformed xpm)Kim Woelders
2018-07-21XPM loader: Simplify pixel value handlingKim Woelders
2018-07-21XPM loader: Fix several colormap issuesKim Woelders
2018-07-21XPM loader: Cosmetics (reduce indent level)Kim Woelders
2018-07-21Revert "XPM loader: Fix potentially uninitialized pixel data"Kim Woelders
2018-07-21XPM loader: Fixup after "Refactor exit cleanup handling"Kim Woelders
2018-07-20XPM loader: Fix potentially uninitialized pixel dataKim Woelders
2018-07-20XPM loader: Refactor exit cleanup handlingKim Woelders
2018-07-18Fix memory leak in imlib_list_fonts()Kim Woelders
2018-07-17Spec file simlifications and cleanupsKim Woelders