AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-011.7.0HEADv1.7.0masterKim Woelders
2020-05-21Move loaders to load2()Kim Woelders
2020-05-21Use SWAP.. macros from common.hKim Woelders
2020-05-21Update headersKim Woelders Drop initial config.cache removalKim Woelders
2020-02-01XCF loader: Use correct enum (gcc10)Kim Woelders Add -n as alternative to NOCONFIGUREKim Woelders
2020-01-11Update loaders (follow changes in imlib2)Kim Woelders
2020-01-11Update headersKim Woelders
2019-12-121.6.1 (no changes since 1.6.0)v1.6.1Kim Woelders
2019-11-241.6.0.v1.6.0Kim Woelders
2019-11-23XCF loader: Avoid accessing unset data in signature checkKim Woelders
2019-11-22ANI loader: If .ani looks good we must try .ico loading chunksKim Woelders
2019-11-22ANI loader: Don't use static buffer for mkstemp() templateKim Woelders
2019-11-22ANI loader: Make debug stuff similar to elsewhere around hereKim Woelders
2019-11-21Fix make distKim Woelders
2019-11-20XCF loader: Fix double free.Kim Woelders
2019-11-20XCF loader: Stop on errors and propagate error status up to load()Kim Woelders
2019-11-20XCF loader: Prefer DATA32 when accessing imlib2 image dataKim Woelders
2019-11-20XCF loader: Cosmetic rearrangementsKim Woelders
2019-11-19ANI loader: CosmeticsKim Woelders
2019-11-17ANI loader: Fix memory leak in error pathKim Woelders
2019-11-17ANI loader: Fix - Don't use __imlib_LoadImage() or tempnam()Kim Woelders
2019-11-17Match various changes done in imlib2 loadersKim Woelders
2019-11-17Copy updated headers from imlib2Kim Woelders
2019-11-17IndentKim Woelders
2019-11-17Simplify autogen.shKim Woelders
2018-07-13Spec file cleanupsKim Woelders
2018-07-13Remove unused X11 headersKim Woelders
2018-07-13Drop ICO loaderKim Woelders
2018-04-06Enable visibility hidingKim Woelders
2018-04-06Use headers for funcion prototypesKim Woelders
2018-04-06Set warning options when using gcc.Kim Woelders
2018-04-06Autofoo cleanupKim Woelders
2018-03-171.5.1 (no changes since 1.5.0).v1.5.1Kim Woelders
2018-02-211.5.0 (no significant changes since 1.4.10).v1.5.0Kim Woelders
2017-12-17Clean up formats()Kim Woelders
2017-12-17Fix some warningsKim Woelders
2017-12-17Copy updated headers from imlib2Kim Woelders
2017-04-151.4.10 (no significant changes since 1.4.9).v1.4.10Kim Woelders
2017-04-15Autofoo tweaks.Kim Woelders
2016-04-291.4.9 (no changes since 1.4.8).v1.4.9Kim Woelders
2016-03-121.4.8 (no significant changes since 1.4.7).v1.4.8Kim Woelders
2016-03-12Autofoo cleanups.Kim Woelders
2015-04-041.4.7.v1.4.7Kim Woelders
2015-04-04Generate a ChangeLog using git shortlog between existing tags.Kim Woelders
2014-12-17Don't install .a files.Kim Woelders
2014-12-17Update autofoo (run autoupdate).Kim Woelders
2013-12-211.4.6.Kim Woelders
2013-03-24Edb is dead.Kim Woelders