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Carsten Haitzler 883cf23ceb move a bunch of public runnable tools into src/bin/tools 2 years ago
backgrounds background: contribute a scenary wallpaper photo. 4 years ago
config Updating frech translation 2 years ago
desktop Updating french and italian translations 3 years ago
etc tree-wide: get rid of trailing whitespace 3 years ago
favorites Updating french translation 2 years ago
flags flag data - clean up images of system lang to be simpler 3 years ago
fonts e alert - use the provided font ttf for the alert 4 years ago
icons more icons for ridiculous DM's that arbitarily change icon names 3 years ago
images replace bnw e image icon with a plain one 3 years ago
input_methods remove autotools 6 years ago
session Updating Meson build Wayland conditional to match Makefile 4 years ago
units Pass meson dist - we have to install config.h and not use install option 4 years ago