AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-05MOVED to Williams
2017-11-04build: use a include directory and not relative pathsMarcel
2017-11-04Revert "meson: remove exposure of lookup paths"Marcel
2017-11-04build: version 39.0 should be enoughMarcel
2017-10-31edi_about: include Edi version in title again.Al Poole
2017-10-29Revert "edi_filepanel: if file is deleted close item in view."Al Poole
2017-10-29edi_filepanel: if file is deleted close item in view.Al Poole
2017-10-28edi_main: don't start build,test,clean when unknown project type.Al Poole
2017-10-28mainview: add support for the new EFL focus subsystem.Al Poole
2017-10-28tests: fix build on FreeBSD.Al Poole
2017-10-24editor: align search and replace entries. Neater.Al Poole
2017-10-23Fix meson tests for OS X as wellAndy Williams
2017-10-23meson: remove exposure of lookup pathsAndy Williams
2017-10-22meson: alternative location for appledevs/bu5hm4n/meson-fixMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-22meson: add a option where to find the clang library and headerMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-21Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Poole
2017-10-21build: meson, fine tweaking of meson preparation.Al Poole
2017-10-21Remove old autotools build files - meson only nowAndy Williams
2017-10-21edi_main: find a consistent icon for "close" across icon themes.Al Poole
2017-10-21edi_scm: use better gravity when loading the diff into the widget.Al Poole
2017-10-21edi_file: replace. use a local temp directory rather than /tmp.Al Poole
2017-10-21edi_scm: remove bogus hack when clearing elm_code_file.Al Poole
2017-10-19Fix versioning of meson buildAndy Williams
2017-10-19Update ignores of template tarballsAndy Williams
2017-10-19clang: Don't bail on first errorAndy Williams
2017-10-19clang: Let's load clang relative to the build commandsAndy Williams
2017-10-19mainview: remove pointless code and guard against crash.Al Poole
2017-10-19build: small fix for meson builds.Al Poole
2017-10-18build: Allow meson builds to be testedAndy Williams
2017-10-18Run edi tests in mesonAndy Williams
2017-10-18build: Fix build in build dirJean-Philippe Andre
2017-10-16COPYING: include license information of icons taken from Faenza.Al Poole
2017-10-16welcome: Improve layout of project chooserAndy Williams
2017-10-16welcome: make _edi_welcome_user_fullname_get less complex.Al Poole
2017-10-15skeletons: rearrange template/skeleton directory structureAl Poole
2017-10-15welcome: change layout, making it slightly smaller.Al Poole
2017-10-14welcome: add visual notifcation when fields are empty.Al Poole
2017-10-13welcome: Improve project creation.Al Poole
2017-10-11build: Fix edi_build with meson to compile from scratch in one passAndy Williams
2017-10-11l10n: latest strings from new featuresAndy Williams
2017-10-11l10n: Update strings to remove non-translation and trailing symbols we can ad...Andy Williams
2017-10-11edi: edi_lib is not edi_lib but ediMarcel Hollerbach
2017-10-10replace: fix a typo.Al Poole
2017-10-10mainview: Add support for split-panes.Al Poole
2017-10-10Fix meson build when clang headers don't exist.Stephen Houston
2017-10-10Fix meson build for non-dev libclangAndy Williams
2017-10-08edi_scm: fix use after free.Al Poole
2017-10-08libedi_scm: make sure we always change to valid directory.Al Poole
2017-10-08edi_scm: sanitize titie.Al Poole
2017-10-06missing dirs mess up buildAndy Williams