AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-21Editor: Add "select none" behavior with mouse clickdevs/herdsman/nextDaniel Hirt
2016-01-18Cnp: Support cnp for containers (wip)Daniel Hirt
2016-01-07Move objtree, propview and factory packing code after project openningYakov Goldberg
2016-01-07Update context toolbar style and add item iconYakov Goldberg
2016-01-06Check if 'visible' property exists for windowYakov Goldberg
2016-01-06Add NULL checksYakov Goldberg
2016-01-06Update toolbar's items which should be separatorsYakov Goldberg
2016-01-05Add separators support for toolbarYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Fix code generation for window's main menuYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Fix code generation of separators for menuYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Fix creation of separators for menu in simulation modeYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Handle a case when 'basedir' property is not definedYakov Goldberg
2015-12-31Egui: use "basedir" for resource pathsDaniel Hirt
2015-12-30Refactoring _ffi_eo_do()Yakov Goldberg
2015-12-30Remove possibility to create new dir when creating new projectYakov Goldberg
2015-12-29Remove redundant castingDaniel Hirt
2015-12-29graph: don't create if no contextDaniel Hirt
2015-12-29Implement full support for _container_update in updaterYakov Goldberg
2015-12-29Updater: handle update for File prop in LayoutYakov Goldberg
2015-12-29Addition to undo/redo flag.Yakov Goldberg
2015-12-29If widget is packed into container, ignore marker resizingYakov Goldberg
2015-12-29Add flag to rebuild property view only during undo/redoYakov Goldberg
2015-12-29Naviframe: improve DnD supportDaniel Zaoui
2015-12-29Set project path to Edje resource fileselectorDaniel Zaoui
2015-12-13Set drop target border's width to 2Yakov Goldberg
2015-12-13Fix borders showingYakov Goldberg
2015-12-13No need to call _wdg_border_draw from hereYakov Goldberg
2015-12-13Remove border drawing from _drop_target_enter cbYakov Goldberg
2015-12-13Don't drop selected widget when reloading canvasYakov Goldberg
2015-12-13Fix drop target borderYakov Goldberg
2015-12-10Set default path for new recourcesYakov Goldberg
2015-12-10Fixing selected widget's borderYakov Goldberg
2015-12-09Fix showing selection border of zero sizeYakov Goldberg
2015-12-09Set default path for fileselector in OPEN modeYakov Goldberg
2015-12-09Remove unused codeYakov Goldberg
2015-12-09Fix border drawing for table drop targetYakov Goldberg
2015-12-08Implement centralized canvas updateYakov Goldberg
2015-12-08Add DEFAULT_TYPE enum value for propviewYakov Goldberg
2015-12-08RefactoringYakov Goldberg
2015-12-08Start using memento_focused_widget_add() APIYakov Goldberg
2015-12-08Add support for memento focused widgetsYakov Goldberg
2015-12-06Add more checks for context_memento_finalize()Yakov Goldberg
2015-12-06Fix wrong functions callYakov Goldberg
2015-12-06Fix wrong functions callYakov Goldberg
2015-12-03Fixing showing/hiding of drag borderYakov Goldberg
2015-12-03Fixing segv when dragging between factory and windowYakov Goldberg
2015-12-03Revert "Fixing segv when dragging between factory and window"Yakov Goldberg
2015-12-02Fix in _drop_target_pos() cbYakov Goldberg
2015-12-02Leave cb was not correctly called when objtree was leftYakov Goldberg
2015-12-02Change multiple if to else ifYakov Goldberg