AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-30Add memo about last stable versiondevs/yakov/erigo_1_17_last_stableYakov Goldberg
2016-05-11Check: requires explicitly linked subunit libYakov Goldberg
2016-04-28Fix ffi invocation when no return value is expectedHEADmasterDaniel Zaoui
2016-04-13Fix memory leaksYakov Goldberg
2016-04-13Refactoring It_DataYakov Goldberg
2016-04-13Adaptation according to changes in ElementaryYakov Goldberg
2016-04-06Add Simple view support to Property ViewYakov Goldberg
2016-04-06Add content support to popupYakov Goldberg
2016-04-04Refactoring hoversel creation functionYakov Goldberg
2016-03-30Fix mem leakYakov Goldberg
2016-03-30Adapt to changed Eo codeYakov Goldberg
2016-03-29Redesing view updateYakov Goldberg
2016-03-29Update func name for Elm.ContainerYakov Goldberg
2016-03-27Fix default values fetchingYakov Goldberg
2016-03-24Add content support to popupYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Add support for uint typeYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Update black listYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Change Evas.Image to Efl.Canvas.ProxyYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Adapt to EO4: change eoid to eo_selfYakov Goldberg
2016-03-20Update black listYakov Goldberg
2016-03-14Add toggle handler supportYakov Goldberg
2016-03-07Adapt logic to Eo4Yakov Goldberg
2016-03-06Adapt C-generator to Eo4Yakov Goldberg
2016-03-02Update testsYakov Goldberg
2016-03-02Fix DnD into objtreeYakov Goldberg
2016-03-01Adapt Erigo to new Eo callbacks signaturesYakov Goldberg
2016-03-01Adapt generator to new Eo callbacks signaturesYakov Goldberg
2016-03-01Update class names according to Elementary changes 3Yakov Goldberg
2016-02-14Update class names according to Elementary changes 2Yakov Goldberg
2016-02-11Update testsYakov Goldberg
2016-02-11Update class names according to Elementary changesYakov Goldberg
2016-02-07Use Toolbar horizontal API to set items layoutdevs/yakov/erigo_1_16Yakov Goldberg
2016-01-27Add eo_class_inherits_from(par1, par2) APIYakov Goldberg
2016-01-25Fix setting empty string in text fieldsYakov Goldberg
2016-01-20Clean up calls to set selected widgetYakov Goldberg
2016-01-07Move objtree, propview and factory packing code after project openningYakov Goldberg
2016-01-07Update context toolbar style and add item iconYakov Goldberg
2016-01-06Check if 'visible' property exists for windowYakov Goldberg
2016-01-06Add NULL checksYakov Goldberg
2016-01-06Update toolbar's items which should be separatorsYakov Goldberg
2016-01-05Add separators support for toolbarYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Fix code generation for window's main menuYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Fix code generation of separators for menuYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Fix creation of separators for menu in simulation modeYakov Goldberg
2016-01-04Handle a case when 'basedir' property is not definedYakov Goldberg
2015-12-31Egui: use "basedir" for resource pathsDaniel Hirt
2015-12-30Refactoring _ffi_eo_do()Yakov Goldberg
2015-12-30Remove possibility to create new dir when creating new projectYakov Goldberg
2015-12-29Remove redundant castingDaniel Hirt
2015-12-29graph: don't create if no contextDaniel Hirt