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2016-04-13Adaptation according to changes in ElementaryYakov Goldberg
2016-04-06Add Simple view support to Property ViewYakov Goldberg
2016-03-29Update func name for Elm.ContainerYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Update black listYakov Goldberg
2016-03-23Change Evas.Image to Efl.Canvas.ProxyYakov Goldberg
2016-03-20Update black listYakov Goldberg
2016-02-14Update class names according to Elementary changes 2Yakov Goldberg
2016-02-11Update class names according to Elementary changesYakov Goldberg
2015-11-24Add first snippet inside factoryDaniel Zaoui
2015-11-24Update basic widget propertiesDaniel Zaoui
2015-11-15Factory: add size_hint_aling for containersYakov Goldberg
2015-11-15Remove unused code: applying default valuesYakov Goldberg
2015-11-10Factory: update widgets configurationDaniel Zaoui
2015-11-09Factory: update backgroundDaniel Zaoui
2015-11-09Win: support resize object delDaniel Zaoui
2015-11-07Factory: remove unused widgetDaniel Zaoui
2015-11-05Add legacy generationDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-29Add default bg when creating windowDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-29Autodel new windows by defaultDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Some factory layout modificationsDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Port naviframe to new dummy mechanismDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Dummy objects are now EdjeDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Create layout directory for JSON filesDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Factory: add non visible widgets.Daniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Factory: JSON simplificationDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Modify factory to use dummy objectsDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Factory: full redesignDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Add dummy widget support in libraryDaniel Zaoui
2015-10-05Install files even on debug modeDaniel Zaoui
2015-08-27Update black listYakov Goldberg
2015-08-18Update black listYakov Goldberg
2015-08-10Update black listYakov Goldberg
2015-07-30Reafactoring factoryYakov Goldberg
2015-07-08Update black listYakov Goldberg
2015-07-05Update black listYakov Goldberg
2015-06-25Update black listYakov Goldberg
2015-06-21Update black listYakov Goldberg
2015-05-27Update blacklistYakov Goldberg
2015-05-20Add Elm.Win.type property to default valuesYakov Goldberg
2015-05-17Update black listYakov Goldberg
2015-05-11Move layouts folder into bin folderYakov Goldberg
2015-05-11Move images folder into bin folderYakov Goldberg
2015-05-11Add theme support for separate widgetsYakov Goldberg
2015-05-07Adapt code to Elementary changesYakov Goldberg
2015-04-19Implement left and right panes with layout and edjeYakov Goldberg
2015-04-05Adapt code to support Efl.Gfx interfaces and other inheritance changesYakov Goldberg
2015-03-26Add support for Elm Conformant widgetYakov Goldberg
2015-03-25Add support for Elm Progressbar widgetYakov Goldberg
2015-03-25Add support for Elm Slider widgetYakov Goldberg
2015-03-12Add support for Elm Fileselector Button widgetYakov Goldberg