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2015-03-12Add support for Elm Fileselector Entry widgetYakov Goldberg
2015-03-12Add support for Elm Fileselector widgetYakov Goldberg
2015-03-09Add black list of classes and funcsYakov Goldberg
2015-03-05Refactoring Eolian functions lookupYakov Goldberg
Iterate over all Eolian classes and add function for each property. Add Display name, params overrides, containers according to func_names. Filter out classes and functions according to black list
2015-02-11Elm_Icon takes default size prop from Elm_ImageYakov Goldberg
2015-02-10Add Evas.Image widgetYakov Goldberg
2015-02-10Adding Frame widgetYakov Goldberg
2014-12-23Naviframe refactoring.Daniel Zaoui
UX was totally missing, making it unusable at all.
2014-12-21Set part text for specific widgetsDaniel Zaoui
2014-12-04Fix resizing of main objectsYakov Goldberg
One of main changes: - commenting out setting of main wdg as resize object, because it causes strange resizing behaviour when openning project. Maybe need check it more properly.
2014-11-30Change color drop_table_borderYakov Goldberg
2014-11-26Start implementing DnDYakov Goldberg
2014-11-26Elm_Box default props: hint align == HINT_FILL (-1) by defaultYakov Goldberg
2014-10-27Naviframe added to factoryYossi Kantor
2014-10-26add factory image for layoutYakov Goldberg
2014-10-02Fix default properties values.Daniel Zaoui
Default values properties of each inherited class have to be set and not just the upper class.
2014-10-02Content in pros view as genlistYossi Kantor
Conflicts: src/bin/egui_gui/egui_layout.json src/bin/egui_gui/propview.c src/lib/generator.c
2014-10-01Edje: integration of EnventorDaniel Zaoui
2014-10-01Add Erigo icon and nameDaniel Zaoui
2014-09-14Default propery values read and applied from fileYossi Kantor
2014-09-14Fix Eolian files parsingDaniel Zaoui
2014-09-14Rename GUI_TYPE_IMAGE to GUI_TYPE_FILE.Daniel Zaoui
2014-09-09FuncJson: add 'Evas.Object.layer'Yakov Goldberg
2014-08-24Update according to upstreamYakov Goldberg
- eolian, file interface
2014-08-06DB: remove duplicatesYakov Goldberg
2014-07-31Factory: add Toolbar widgetYakov Goldberg
2014-07-22Adding radio buttons to fileselectorYakov Goldberg
- add to egui_layout JSON - add to egui_layout_c.src
2014-07-21Gui Builder: adding Radio widgetYakov Goldberg
- adding group_add func to database
2014-07-16PropView: fix iconsYakov Goldberg
2014-07-16adding forgotten CMakeLists.txtYakov Goldberg
2014-07-15op database: update 'pack_after' propertiesYakov Goldberg
2014-07-15op database: Fix display name for PaddingYakov Goldberg
2014-07-06update namespaces in databaseYakov Goldberg
2014-07-01update func_json databaseYakov Goldberg
2014-06-25Add parameter's overrides and default values to internal DBYakov Goldberg
- forgot to delete _Op_Desc_Init struct
2014-06-22Add installation commandsYakov Goldberg
- in case of Release, binaries will be compiled with install_prefix relative path - in other cases it will be compiled with build path
2014-06-22organizing data folderYakov Goldberg
- move data folder under egui folder - move func_names.json into data/config - add PACKAGE_DATA_DIR macro in order to define relative path for images and config