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# translation of nl.po to Nederlands
# Nederlands translation of enlightenment.po to .
# aboe <>, 2005.
# Niels Abspoel <>, 2005.
# Heimen Stoffels <>, 2011.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: nl\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-03-25 15:08+0900\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2011-12-06 00:23+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Heimen Stoffels <>\n"
"Language-Team: Dutch <>\n"
"Language: \n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Launchpad-Export-Date: 2009-08-27 10:00+0000\n"
"X-Generator: Lokalize 1.2\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:14
msgid "About Enlightenment"
msgstr "Over Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:17 src/bin/e_actions.c:2733 src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:272
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:975 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:135
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:81 src/bin/e_theme_about.c:17
#: src/modules/conf/e_conf.c:163
#: src/modules/conf_edgebindings/e_int_config_edgebindings.c:843
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_wallpaper_web.c:237
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme_web.c:129
#: src/modules/fileman/e_fwin.c:2023 src/modules/mixer/app_mixer.c:514
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Sluiten"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:18 src/bin/e_actions.c:3065 src/bin/e_actions.c:3069
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3073 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:182 src/bin/e_main.c:534
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_cursor.c:155
#: src/modules/conf_window_remembers/e_int_config_remembers.c:221
#: src/modules/wizard/page_000.c:29
msgid "Enlightenment"
msgstr "Enlightenment"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:23
msgid ""
"<title>Copyright &copy; 1999-2012, by the Enlightenment Development Team</"
"><br><br>We hope you enjoy using this software as much as we enjoyed writing "
"it.<br><br>This software is provided as-is with no explicit or implied "
"warranty. This software is governed by licensing conditions, so please see "
"the COPYING and COPYING-PLAIN licence files installed on your system."
"<br><br>Enlightenment is under <hilight>HEAVY DEVELOPMENT</> and it is not "
"stable. Many features are incomplete or even non-existent yet and may have "
"many bugs. You have been <hilight>WARNED!</>"
msgstr ""
"<title>Copyright &copy; 1999-2012, door het Enlightenment Ontwikkeling-team</"
"><br><br>Wij hopen dat u plezier heeft van het gebruik van onze software, "
"net zoveel als wij dat hebben om het te schrijven.<br><br>Deze software is "
"beschikbaar zoals ie is zonder expliciete of vastgestelde garantie. Deze "
"software is gedekt door licentie-overeenkomsten. Zie hiervoor de COPYING en "
"COPYING-PLAIN-licentiebestanden op uw geïnstalleerde systeem."
"<br><br>Enlightenment staat onder <hilight>HEVIGE ONTWIKKELING</> en het is "
"niet stabiel. Vele features zijn niet compleet of bestaan nog niet eens en "
"kunnen vele bugs hebben. U bent <hilight>GEWAARSCHUWD!</>"
#: src/bin/e_about.c:48
msgid "<title>The Team</><br><br>"
msgstr "<title>Het Team</><br><br>"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:365
#, c-format
msgid ""
"You are about to kill %s.<br><br>Please keep in mind that all data from this "
"window<br>which has not yet been saved will be lost!<br><br>Are you sure you "
"want to kill this window?"
msgstr ""
"U staat op het punt om %s geforceerd te sluiten.<br><br>Bemerk dat alle data "
"in dit venster,<br>die niet opgeslagen is, verloren zal gaan!<br><br>Weet u "
"zeker dat u dit venster wilt forceren af te sluiten?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:377
msgid "Are you sure you want to kill this window?"
msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u dit venster wilt forceren af te sluiten?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:380 src/bin/e_actions.c:1917 src/bin/e_actions.c:2014
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2077 src/bin/e_actions.c:2140 src/bin/e_actions.c:2208
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2276 src/bin/e_confirm_dialog.c:44
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:1050 src/bin/e_fm.c:9238 src/bin/e_fm.c:9492
#: src/bin/e_module.c:518 src/bin/e_screensaver.c:145
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Ja"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:382 src/bin/e_actions.c:1919 src/bin/e_actions.c:2016
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2079 src/bin/e_actions.c:2142 src/bin/e_actions.c:2210
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2278 src/bin/e_confirm_dialog.c:45
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:1052 src/bin/e_fm.c:9236 src/bin/e_fm.c:9493
#: src/bin/e_module.c:519 src/bin/e_screensaver.c:147
msgid "No"
msgstr "Nee"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1911
msgid "Are you sure you want to exit?"
msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u wilt afsluiten?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:1913
msgid ""
"You requested to exit Enlightenment.<br><br>Are you sure you want to exit?"
msgstr ""
"U vroeg Enlightenment om af te sluiten.<br><br>Weet u zeker dat u wilt "
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2008
msgid "Are you sure you want to log out?"
msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u wilt afmelden?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2010
msgid "You are about to log out.<br><br>Are you sure you want to do this?"
msgstr ""
"U staat op het punt om af te melden.<br><br>Weet u zeker dat u dit wil doen?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2071 src/bin/e_actions.c:2202
msgid "Are you sure you want to turn off?"
msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u uit wilt schakelen?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2073
msgid ""
"You requested to turn off your Computer.<br><br>Are you sure you want to "
"shut down?"
msgstr ""
"U heeft gevraagd om uw computer uit te schakelen.<br><br>Weet u zeker dat u "
"wilt uitschakelen?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2134
msgid "Are you sure you want to reboot?"
msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u wilt herstarten?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2136
msgid ""
"You requested to reboot your Computer.<br><br>Are you sure you want to "
"restart it?"
msgstr ""
"U heeft gevraagd om uw computer te herstarten.<br><br>Weet u zeker dat u "
"wilt herstarten?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2204
msgid ""
"You requested to suspend your Computer.<br><br>Are you sure you want to "
msgstr ""
"U heeft gevraagd om uw computer in de pauzestand te zetten.<br><br>Weet u "
"zeker dat u uw computer in de pauzestand wil zetten?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2270
msgid "Are you sure you want to hibernate?"
msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u in slaapstand wilt gaan?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2272
msgid ""
"You requested to hibernate your Computer.<br><br>Are you sure you want to "
"suspend to disk?"
msgstr ""
"U heeft gevraagd om de computer in slaapstand te zetten.<br><br>Weet u zeker "
"dat u alles op de schijf wilt bewaren?"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2693 src/bin/e_actions.c:2704 src/bin/e_actions.c:2723
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2728 src/bin/e_actions.c:2733 src/bin/e_actions.c:2738
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2993 src/bin/e_actions.c:2997 src/bin/e_actions.c:3002
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3008 src/bin/e_actions.c:3014 src/bin/e_actions.c:3020
msgid "Window : Actions"
msgstr "Venster : Acties"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2693 src/bin/e_fm.c:6201 src/bin/e_gadcon.c:1410
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:654
msgid "Move"
msgstr "Verplaatsen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2704 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:668
msgid "Resize"
msgstr "Herschalen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2715 src/bin/e_actions.c:3041 src/bin/e_actions.c:3043
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3045 src/bin/e_actions.c:3047 src/bin/e_actions.c:3049
#: src/modules/conf_keybindings/e_int_config_mousebindings.c:325
msgid "Menu"
msgstr "Menu"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2715
msgid "Window Menu"
msgstr "Venstermenu"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2723 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:983
#: src/modules/winlist/e_int_config_winlist.c:216
msgid "Raise"
msgstr "Verhoog"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2728 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:991
msgid "Lower"
msgstr "Verlaag"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2738 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:562
msgid "Kill"
msgstr "Beëindigen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2743 src/bin/e_actions.c:2750 src/bin/e_actions.c:2757
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2764 src/bin/e_actions.c:2766 src/bin/e_actions.c:2769
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2772 src/bin/e_actions.c:2774 src/bin/e_actions.c:2776
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2778 src/bin/e_actions.c:2785 src/bin/e_actions.c:2787
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2789 src/bin/e_actions.c:2791 src/bin/e_actions.c:2793
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2800 src/bin/e_actions.c:2805 src/bin/e_actions.c:2811
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2817
msgid "Window : State"
msgstr "Venster : Status"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2743
msgid "Sticky Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelen Vastgezette Modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2750
msgid "Iconic Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelen Icoon-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2757
msgid "Fullscreen Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelen Volledig scherm-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2764 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:304
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:629
msgid "Maximize"
msgstr "Maximaliseren"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2766
msgid "Maximize Vertically"
msgstr "Verticaal maximaliseren"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2769
msgid "Maximize Horizontally"
msgstr "Horizontaal maximaliseren"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2772
msgid "Maximize Fullscreen"
msgstr "Maximaliseer over het volledig scherm"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2774
msgid "Maximize Mode \"Smart\""
msgstr "Maximaliseer-modus \"Slim\""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2776
msgid "Maximize Mode \"Expand\""
msgstr "Maximaliseer modus \"Vergroot\""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2778
msgid "Maximize Mode \"Fill\""
msgstr "Maximaliseer modus \"Vul\""
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2785
msgid "Shade Up Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelen Oprollen-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2787
msgid "Shade Down Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelen Afrollen-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2789
msgid "Shade Left Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelen Linksrollen-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2791
msgid "Shade Right Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelen Rechtsrollen-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2793
msgid "Shade Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakelen Rol-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2800
msgid "Toggle Borderless State"
msgstr "Schakelen Vensterrandloze-status"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2805
msgid "Set Border"
msgstr "Stel rand in"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2811
msgid "Cycle between Borders"
msgstr "Schakel tussen randen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2817
msgid "Toggle Pinned State"
msgstr "Schakelen Vastgezette Status"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2822 src/bin/e_actions.c:2824 src/bin/e_actions.c:2826
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2828 src/bin/e_actions.c:2830 src/bin/e_actions.c:2836
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2842 src/bin/e_actions.c:2847 src/bin/e_actions.c:2853
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2859 src/bin/e_actions.c:2861 src/bin/e_actions.c:2863
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2865 src/bin/e_actions.c:2867 src/bin/e_actions.c:2869
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2871 src/bin/e_actions.c:2873 src/bin/e_actions.c:2875
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2877 src/bin/e_actions.c:2879 src/bin/e_actions.c:2881
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2883 src/bin/e_actions.c:2889 src/bin/e_actions.c:2891
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2893 src/bin/e_actions.c:2895 src/bin/e_actions.c:2897
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2903 src/bin/e_actions.c:2909 src/bin/e_actions.c:2915
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2920 src/bin/e_actions.c:2922 src/bin/e_actions.c:2924
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2926 src/bin/e_actions.c:2928 src/bin/e_actions.c:2930
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2932 src/bin/e_actions.c:2934 src/bin/e_actions.c:2936
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2938 src/bin/e_actions.c:2940 src/bin/e_actions.c:2942
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2944 src/bin/e_actions.c:3123 src/bin/e_actions.c:3128
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:3300 src/bin/e_fm.c:3306 src/bin/e_fm.c:10019
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:334 src/bin/e_fm_device.c:358
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:637 src/bin/e_fm_device.c:664
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:144 src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:247
#: src/modules/conf_window_manipulation/e_int_config_clientlist.c:101
#: src/modules/fileman/e_mod_main.c:358 src/modules/ibox/e_mod_config.c:162
msgid "Desktop"
msgstr "Bureaublad"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2822
msgid "Flip Desktop Left"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Links"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2824
msgid "Flip Desktop Right"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Rechts"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2826
msgid "Flip Desktop Up"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Boven"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2828
msgid "Flip Desktop Down"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Onder"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2830
msgid "Flip Desktop By..."
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad met..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2836
msgid "Show The Desktop"
msgstr "Bureaublad Weergeven"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2842
msgid "Show The Shelf"
msgstr "Toon de Schelf"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2847
msgid "Flip Desktop To..."
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad naar..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2853
msgid "Flip Desktop Linearly..."
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Lineair..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2859
msgid "Switch To Desktop 0"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 0"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2861
msgid "Switch To Desktop 1"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 1"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2863
msgid "Switch To Desktop 2"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 2"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2865
msgid "Switch To Desktop 3"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 3"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2867
msgid "Switch To Desktop 4"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 4"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2869
msgid "Switch To Desktop 5"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 5"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2871
msgid "Switch To Desktop 6"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 6"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2873
msgid "Switch To Desktop 7"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 7"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2875
msgid "Switch To Desktop 8"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 8"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2877
msgid "Switch To Desktop 9"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 9"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2879
msgid "Switch To Desktop 10"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 10"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2881
msgid "Switch To Desktop 11"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 11"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2883
msgid "Switch To Desktop..."
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2889
msgid "Flip Desktop Left (All Screens)"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Links (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2891
msgid "Flip Desktop Right (All Screens)"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Rechts (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2893
msgid "Flip Desktop Up (All Screens)"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Boven (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2895
msgid "Flip Desktop Down (All Screens)"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Onder (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2897
msgid "Flip Desktop By... (All Screens)"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Met... (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2903
msgid "Flip Desktop To... (All Screens)"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad naar... (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2909
msgid "Flip Desktop Linearly... (All Screens)"
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad Lineair... (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2915
msgid "Flip Desktop In Direction..."
msgstr "Draai Bureaublad in richting..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2920
msgid "Switch To Desktop 0 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 0 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2922
msgid "Switch To Desktop 1 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 1 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2924
msgid "Switch To Desktop 2 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 2 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2926
msgid "Switch To Desktop 3 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 3 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2928
msgid "Switch To Desktop 4 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 4 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2930
msgid "Switch To Desktop 5 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 5 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2932
msgid "Switch To Desktop 6 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 6 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2934
msgid "Switch To Desktop 7 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 7 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2936
msgid "Switch To Desktop 8 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 8 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2938
msgid "Switch To Desktop 9 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 9 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2940
msgid "Switch To Desktop 10 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 10 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2942
msgid "Switch To Desktop 11 (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad 11 (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2944
msgid "Switch To Desktop... (All Screens)"
msgstr "Wissel Naar Bureaublad... (Alle Schermen)"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2950 src/bin/e_actions.c:2952 src/bin/e_actions.c:2954
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2960 src/bin/e_actions.c:2962 src/bin/e_actions.c:2964
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2969 src/bin/e_actions.c:2972 src/bin/e_actions.c:2975
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2977 src/bin/e_actions.c:2979 src/bin/e_actions.c:2981
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2984 src/bin/e_actions.c:2986 src/bin/e_actions.c:2988
#: src/modules/conf_display/e_mod_main.c:17
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_config.c:131
msgid "Screen"
msgstr "Scherm"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2950
msgid "Send Mouse To Screen 0"
msgstr "Zend Muis Naar Scherm 0"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2952
msgid "Send Mouse To Screen 1"
msgstr "Zend Muis Naar Scherm 1"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2954
msgid "Send Mouse To Screen..."
msgstr "Zend Muis Naar Scherm..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2960
msgid "Send Mouse Forward 1 Screen"
msgstr "Zend Muis 1 Scherm Verder"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2962
msgid "Send Mouse Back 1 Screen"
msgstr "Zend Muis 1 Scherm Terug"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2964
msgid "Send Mouse Forward/Back Screens..."
msgstr "Zend Muis Scherm Verder/Terug..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2969
msgid "Dim"
msgstr "Dim"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2972
msgid "Undim"
msgstr "Ontdim"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2975
msgid "Backlight Set"
msgstr "Stel achtergrondlicht in"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2977
msgid "Backlight Min"
msgstr "Achtergrondlicht Min"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2979
msgid "Backlight Mid"
msgstr "Achtergrondlicht Mid"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2981
msgid "Backlight Max"
msgstr "Achtergrondlicht Max"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2984
msgid "Backlight Adjust"
msgstr "Achtergrondlicht verstellen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2986
msgid "Backlight Up"
msgstr "Achtergrondlicht omhoog"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2988
msgid "Backlight Down"
msgstr "Achtergrondlicht omlaag"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2993
msgid "Move To Center"
msgstr "Verplaats naar het midden"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:2997
msgid "Move To..."
msgstr "Verplaats naar..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3002
msgid "Move By..."
msgstr "Verplaats door..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3008
msgid "Resize By..."
msgstr "Herschaal door..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3014
msgid "Push in Direction..."
msgstr "Duw in richting..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3020
msgid "Drag Icon..."
msgstr "Versleep icoon..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3025 src/bin/e_actions.c:3027 src/bin/e_actions.c:3029
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3035
msgid "Window : Moving"
msgstr "Venster : Verplaatsen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3025
msgid "To Next Desktop"
msgstr "Naar Volgend Bureaublad"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3027
msgid "To Previous Desktop"
msgstr "Naar Vorig Bureaublad"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3029
msgid "By Desktop #..."
msgstr "Per Bureaublad #..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3035
msgid "To Desktop..."
msgstr "Naar Bureaublad..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3041
msgid "Show Main Menu"
msgstr "Hoofdmenu weergeven"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3043
msgid "Show Favorites Menu"
msgstr "Favorietenmenu Weergeven"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3045
msgid "Show All Applications Menu"
msgstr "Alle Applicatiesmenu Weergeven"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3047
msgid "Show Clients Menu"
msgstr "Clientmenu Weergeven"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3049
msgid "Show Menu..."
msgstr "Weergeven van Menu..."
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3056 src/bin/e_actions.c:3061
#: src/modules/conf/e_mod_main.c:264 src/modules/conf/e_mod_main.c:367
#: src/modules/fileman/e_mod_main.c:72 src/modules/fileman/e_mod_main.c:160
msgid "Launch"
msgstr "Voer uit"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3056 src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:439
msgid "Command"
msgstr "Commando"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3061 src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:692
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:73
#, c-format
msgid "Application"
msgstr "Applicatie"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3065 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:206
msgid "Restart"
msgstr "Herstarten"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3069 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:211
msgid "Exit"
msgstr "Afsluiten"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3073
msgid "Exit Now"
msgstr "Nu Afsluiten"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3077 src/bin/e_actions.c:3082
msgid "Enlightenment : Mode"
msgstr "Enlightenment : Modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3078
msgid "Presentation Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakel Presentatie-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3083
msgid "Offline Mode Toggle"
msgstr "Schakel Offline-modus"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3087 src/bin/e_actions.c:3091 src/bin/e_actions.c:3095
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3099 src/bin/e_actions.c:3103 src/bin/e_actions.c:3107
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3111 src/bin/e_actions.c:3115 src/bin/e_configure.c:372
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:53
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_int_config_apps.c:244
#: src/modules/conf_display/e_int_config_desklock_fsel.c:87
#: src/modules/conf_intl/e_int_config_imc.c:808
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_wallpaper.c:466
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_wallpaper.c:588
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_startup.c:258
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme.c:396
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme.c:796
#: src/modules/gadman/e_mod_config.c:182 src/modules/syscon/e_mod_main.c:31
#: src/modules/syscon/e_mod_main.c:35 src/modules/syscon/e_mod_main.c:58
#: src/modules/syscon/e_mod_main.c:125
msgid "System"
msgstr "Systeem"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3087
msgid "Log Out"
msgstr "Afmelden"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3091
msgid "Power Off Now"
msgstr "Nu Uitschakelen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3095
msgid "Power Off"
msgstr "Uitschakelen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3099
msgid "Reboot"
msgstr "Herstarten"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3103
msgid "Suspend Now"
msgstr "Pauzeer nu"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3107
msgid "Suspend"
msgstr "Stand-by stand"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3111
msgid "Hibernate"
msgstr "Slaapstand"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3115
#, fuzzy
msgid "Hibernate Now"
msgstr "Slaapstand"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3123
msgid "Lock"
msgstr "Vergrendelen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3128 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1167
msgid "Cleanup Windows"
msgstr "Vensters Opruimen"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3133
msgid "Generic : Actions"
msgstr "Generiek : Acties"
#: src/bin/e_actions.c:3133
msgid "Delayed Action"
msgstr "Uitgestelde Acties"
#: src/bin/e_bg.c:34
msgid "Set As Background"
msgstr "Als Achtergrond Instellen"
#: src/bin/e_color_dialog.c:26
msgid "Color Selector"
msgstr "Kleurenkiezer"
#: src/bin/e_color_dialog.c:46 src/bin/e_config.c:1571 src/bin/e_config.c:2146
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:262 src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:854
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:918 src/bin/e_entry_dialog.c:62 src/bin/e_exec.c:398
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8750 src/bin/e_fm.c:9394 src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:507
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:324 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:525
#: src/bin/e_module.c:415 src/bin/e_sys.c:487 src/bin/e_sys.c:524
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:707 src/modules/conf_dialogs/e_int_config_profiles.c:387
#: src/modules/conf_intl/e_int_config_imc_import.c:120
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_wallpaper_import.c:222
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_wallpaper_import.c:352
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme_import.c:120
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:415 src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:444
#: src/modules/cpufreq/e_mod_main.c:469
#: src/modules/fileman/e_int_config_mime_edit.c:303
msgid "OK"
msgstr "OK"
#: src/bin/e_color_dialog.c:47 src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:856
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:920 src/bin/e_entry_dialog.c:63 src/bin/e_fm.c:8752
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:508 src/bin/e_utils.c:1162
#: src/modules/conf_dialogs/e_int_config_profiles.c:388
#: src/modules/conf_intl/e_int_config_imc_import.c:124
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_wallpaper_import.c:226
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_wallpaper_import.c:356
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme_import.c:124
#: src/modules/fileman/e_int_config_mime_edit.c:304
#: src/modules/syscon/e_syscon.c:120 src/modules/connman/e_mod_main.c:300
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Annuleer"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:948 src/bin/e_config.c:981
msgid ""
"Settings data needed upgrading. Your old settings have<br>been wiped and a "
"new set of defaults initialized. This<br>will happen regularly during "
"development, so don't report a<br>bug. This simply means Enlightenment needs "
"new settings<br>data by default for usable functionality that your "
"old<br>settings simply lack. This new set of defaults will fix<br>that by "
"adding it in. You can re-configure things now to your<br>liking. Sorry for "
"the hiccup in your settings.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Instellingen-data heeft een upgrade nodig. Uw oude instellingen "
"zijn<br>gewist en een nieuwe set van standaarden is geïnitialiseerd. "
"Dit<br>zal regelmatig gebeuren tijdens de ontwikkeling, dus rapporteer "
"geen<br>bug. Dit betekent simpelweg dat Enlightenment nieuwe instellingen-"
"data<br>als standaard nodig heeft voor bruikbare functionaliteit die uw "
"oude<br>simpelweg niet heeft. Deze nieuwe set van standaarden zal dit "
"oplossen<br>door het toe te voegen. U kunt uw dingen nu her-instellen naar "
"uw<br>wensen. Excuses voor de wijzigingen in uw instellingen.<br>"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:965
msgid ""
"Your settings are NEWER than Enlightenment. This is very<br>strange. This "
"should not happen unless you downgraded<br>Enlightenment or copied the "
"settings from a place where<br>a newer version of Enlightenment was running. "
"This is bad and<br>as a precaution your settings have been now restored "
"to<br>defaults. Sorry for the inconvenience.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Uw instellingen zijn NIEUWER dan Enlightenment. Dit is heel erg<br>vreemd. "
"Dit zou niet moeten gebeuren tenzij u Enlightenment<br>hebt gedowngrade of "
"uw instellingen gekopieerd heeft van een plaats waar<br>een nieuwere versie "
"van Enlightenment aan het draaien was. Dit is slecht en<br>uit voorzorg zijn "
"uw instellingen nu teruggezet naar de<br>standaarden. Excuses voor het "
#: src/bin/e_config.c:1558 src/bin/e_config.c:2133
msgid "Enlightenment Settings Write Problems"
msgstr "Enlightenment Instellingen Schrijfproblemen"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:1561
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"Enlightenment has had an error while moving config files<br>from:<br>"
"%s<br><br>to:<br>%s<br><br>The rest of the write has been aborted for safety."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment ervaarde een fout tijdens het verplaatsen van de "
"instellingenbestanden<br>van:<br> %s<br><br>naar:<br>%s<br><br>De rest van "
"het schrijven is afgebroken voor uw veiligheid. <br>"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2043
msgid "Settings Upgraded"
msgstr "Instellingen geüpgrade"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2060
msgid "The EET file handle is bad."
msgstr "De EET-bestandsafhandelaar is slecht."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2063
msgid "The file data is empty."
msgstr "De bestandsdata is leeg."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2066
msgid ""
"The file is not writable. Perhaps the disk is read-only<br>or you lost "
"permissions to your files."
msgstr ""
"Het bestand is niet schrijfbaar. Wellicht is de schijf alleen-lezen<br>of u "
"bent de rechten op uw bestanden kwijt."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2069
msgid "Memory ran out while preparing the write.<br>Please free up memory."
msgstr ""
"Geheugen raakte op tijdens het voorbereiden van het schrijven.<br>Maak "
"alstublieft geheugen vrij."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2072
msgid "This is a generic error."
msgstr "Dit is een algemene fout."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2075
msgid ""
"The settings file is too large.<br>It should be very small (a few hundred KB "
"at most)."
msgstr ""
"Het instellingenbestand is te groot.<br>Het zou heel klein moeten zijn "
"(hooguit een paar honderd KB)."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2078
msgid "You have I/O errors on the disk.<br>Maybe it needs replacing?"
msgstr ""
"U heeft I/O-fouten op uw schijf.<br>Misschien is ie aan vervanging toe?"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2081
msgid "You ran out of space while writing the file"
msgstr "U raakte uit geheugen terwijl het bestand geschreven werd"
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2084
msgid "The file was closed on it while writing."
msgstr "Het bestand werd gesloten tijdens het schrijven."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2087
msgid "Memory-mapping (mmap) of the file failed."
msgstr "Geheugen-toewijzing (mmap) van bestand faalde."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2090
msgid "X509 Encoding failed."
msgstr "X509 Encoding gefaald."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2093
msgid "Signature failed."
msgstr "Handtekening faalde."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2096
msgid "The signature was invalid."
msgstr "De handtekening was ongeldig."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2099
msgid "Not signed."
msgstr "Niet ondertekend."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2102
msgid "Feature not implemented."
msgstr "Feature niet ingebouwd."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2105
msgid "PRNG was not seeded."
msgstr "PRNG was niet seeded."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2108
msgid "Encryption failed."
msgstr "Encryptie gefaald."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2111
msgid "Decryption failed."
msgstr "Decryptie gefaald."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2114
msgid "The error is unknown to Enlightenment."
msgstr "De fout is onbekend voor Enlightenment."
#: src/bin/e_config.c:2136
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid ""
"Enlightenment has had an error while writing<br>its config file.<br>"
"%s<br><br>The file where the error occurred was:<br>%s<br><br>This file has "
"been deleted to avoid corrupt data.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment heeft een fout tijdens het schrijven van<br>haar "
"instellingenbestand.<br> %s<br><br>Het bestand waar de fout plaatsvond was:"
"<br>%s<br><br>Dit bestand is verwijderd om corrupte data te voorkomen."
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:210 src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:778
#: src/modules/conf/e_mod_main.c:275 src/modules/conf_paths/e_mod_main.c:17
#: src/modules/conf_performance/e_mod_main.c:17
#: src/modules/syscon/e_mod_main.c:36
msgid "Advanced"
msgstr "Geavanceerd"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:239 src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:713
msgid "Basic"
msgstr "Eenvoudig"
#: src/bin/e_config_dialog.c:264
#: src/modules/conf_edgebindings/e_int_config_edgebindings.c:842
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_wallpaper_web.c:236
msgid "Apply"
msgstr "Toepassen"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:28 src/modules/conf_shelves/e_mod_main.c:21
#: src/modules/gadman/e_mod_main.c:25 src/modules/mixer/e_mod_main.c:1261
#: src/modules/connman/e_mod_main.c:1852
msgid "Extensions"
msgstr "Extensies"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:29 src/bin/e_configure.c:32 src/bin/e_configure.c:242
#: src/modules/conf_paths/e_int_config_paths.c:80
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_color_classes.c:857
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:98
#: src/modules/conf_window_remembers/e_int_config_remembers.c:236
msgid "Modules"
msgstr "Modules"
#: src/bin/e_configure.c:364
msgid "Preferences"
msgstr "Instellingen"
#: src/bin/e_container.c:124
#, c-format
msgid "Container %d"
msgstr "Container %d"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:171
msgid "Error - no PAM support"
msgstr "Fout - Geen PAM-ondersteuning"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:172
msgid ""
"No PAM support was built into Enlightenment, so<br>desk locking is disabled."
msgstr ""
"PAM-ondersteuning is niet ingebouwd in Enlightenment, "
"dus<br>bureaubladvergrendeling is uitgeschakeld."
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:236
msgid "Lock Failed"
msgstr "Vergrendeling Mislukt"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:237
msgid ""
"Locking the desktop failed because some application<br>has grabbed either "
"the keyboard or the mouse or both<br>and their grab is unable to be broken."
msgstr ""
"Het vergrendelen van het bureaublad is mislukt omdat een programma<br>óf het "
"toetsenbord óf de muis óf beiden<br>vasthoudt en dit kan niet doorbroken "
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:322
msgid "Please enter your unlock password"
msgstr "Voer alstublieft uw ontgrendelingswachtwoord in"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:712
msgid "Authentication System Error"
msgstr "Authenticatiesysteem-fout"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:713
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Authentication via PAM had errors setting up the<br>authentication session. "
"The error code was <hilight>%i</hilight>.<br>This is bad and should not be "
"happening. Please report this bug."
msgstr ""
"Authenticatie via PAM ervoer fouten tijdens het instellen van "
"de<br>authenticatiesessie. De foutcode was <hilight>%i</hilight>.<br>Dit is "
"slecht en zou niet moeten gebeuren. Rapporteer alstublieft deze bug."
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:1041 src/bin/e_screensaver.c:136
msgid "Activate Presentation Mode?"
msgstr "Presentatiemodus activeren?"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:1044
msgid ""
"You unlocked desktop too fast.<br><br>Would you like to enable "
"<b>presentation</b> mode and temporarily disable screen saver, lock and "
"power saving?"
msgstr ""
"U ontgrendelde het bureaublad te snel.<br><br>Wilt u de <b>presentatie</b>-"
"modus inschakelen en tijdelijk de schermbeveiliging, vergrendelen en "
"energiebesparing uitschakelen?"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:1054 src/bin/e_screensaver.c:149
msgid "No, but increase timeout"
msgstr "Neen, maar vergroot time-out"
#: src/bin/e_desklock.c:1056 src/bin/e_screensaver.c:151
msgid "No, and stop asking"
msgstr "Neen en stop met vragen"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:174
msgid "Incomplete Window Properties"
msgstr "Niet-complete venstereigenschappen"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:175
msgid ""
"The window you are creating an icon for<br>does not contain window name and "
"class<br>properties, so the needed properties for<br>the icon so that it "
"will be used for this<br>window cannot be guessed. You will need to<br>use "
"the window title instead. This will only<br>work if the window title is the "
"same at<br>the time the window starts up, and does not<br>change."
msgstr ""
"Het venster waar u een icoon voor probeert te<br>creëren, bevat geen "
"vensternaam en klasse-<br> eigenschappen. De nodige eigenschappen "
"voor<br>het icoon, zodat het gebruikt zal worden voor dit <br>venster, "
"kunnen niet geraden worden. U zult daarom een venstertitel<br>moeten "
"gebruiken. Dit zal alleen<br>werken wanneer de venstertitel niet hetzelfde "
"is op het<br> moment dat het venster opstart en niet<br>verandert."
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:230
msgid "Desktop Entry Editor"
msgstr "Bureaublad-invulling-bewerker"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:671 src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:420
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:467
#: src/modules/conf_intl/e_int_config_imc.c:891
#: src/modules/conf_menus/e_int_config_menus.c:265
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Naam"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:682
msgid "Comment"
msgstr "Commentaar"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:704
msgid "URL"
msgstr "URL"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:726 src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:735
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:394 src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:95
#: src/modules/fileman/e_int_config_mime_edit.c:147
msgid "Icon"
msgstr "Icoon"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:739
msgid "Generic Name"
msgstr "Generieke Naam"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:745
#: src/modules/conf_window_manipulation/e_int_config_clientlist.c:103
msgid "Window Class"
msgstr "Venster Klasse"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:751 src/modules/fileman/e_int_config_mime.c:169
msgid "Categories"
msgstr "Categorieën"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:758
msgid "Mime Types"
msgstr "Mimetypen"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:765
msgid "Desktop file"
msgstr "Desktopbestand"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:775
#: src/modules/conf_performance/e_int_config_performance.c:115
#: src/modules/everything/evry_config.c:378
#: src/modules/everything/evry_plug_files.c:1476
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_config.c:126 src/modules/pager/e_mod_config.c:213
msgid "General"
msgstr "Algemeen"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:779
msgid "Startup Notify"
msgstr "Opstart Melding"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:781
msgid "Run in Terminal"
msgstr "Uitvoeren in terminal"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:783
msgid "Show in Menus"
msgstr "Weergeven in Menus"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:786 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:757
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Opties"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:817
msgid "Select an Icon"
msgstr "Selecteer een Icoon"
#: src/bin/e_eap_editor.c:883
msgid "Select an Executable"
msgstr "Selecteer een Uitvoerbaar bestand"
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:501 src/bin/e_fm.c:8241 src/bin/e_shelf.c:1703
#: src/modules/conf_dialogs/e_int_config_profiles.c:135
#: src/modules/conf_shelves/e_int_config_shelf.c:81
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_config.c:108
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Wis"
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:511 src/bin/e_fm.c:8149
msgid "Cut"
msgstr "Knippen"
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:519 src/bin/e_fm.c:6196 src/bin/e_fm.c:8163
msgid "Copy"
msgstr "Kopieer"
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:527 src/bin/e_fm.c:7987 src/bin/e_fm.c:8176
msgid "Paste"
msgstr "Plakken"
#: src/bin/e_entry.c:537
msgid "Select All"
msgstr "Alles selecteren"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:217 src/bin/e_exec.c:224 src/bin/e_exec.c:236
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:260 src/bin/e_utils.c:230
#: src/modules/conf_intl/e_int_config_imc.c:265
#: src/modules/conf_intl/e_int_config_imc.c:513
msgid "Run Error"
msgstr "Start Fout"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:218
msgid "Enlightenment was unable to get current directory"
msgstr "Enlightenment was niet in staat om de huidige map te verkrijgen"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:225
#, c-format
msgid "Enlightenment was unable to change to directory:<br><br>%s"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment was niet in staat om naar de volgende map te veranderen:"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:237
#, c-format
msgid "Enlightenment was unable to restore to directory:<br><br>%s"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment was niet in staat om naar de volgende map te herstellen:"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:261
#, c-format
msgid "Enlightenment was unable to fork a child process:<br><br>%s"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment was niet in staat om een kinderproces te vertakken:<br><br>%s"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:389
msgid "Application run error"
msgstr "Toepassings-uitvoerfout"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:391
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Enlightenment was unable to run the application:<br><br>%s<br><br>The "
"application failed to start."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment was niet in staat om het programma te starten:<br><br>"
"%s<br><br>Het programma starten mislukte."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:491
msgid "Application Execution Error"
msgstr "Toepassings-uitvoerfout"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:503
#, c-format
msgid "%s stopped running unexpectedly."
msgstr "%s is onverwachts opgehouden met draaien."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:509
#, c-format
msgid "An exit code of %i was returned from %s."
msgstr "Een afsluitcode van %i is teruggekomen van %s."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:517
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by an Interrupt Signal."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door een Onderbrekingssignaal."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:520
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Quit Signal."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door een Afsluitsignaal."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:524
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by an Abort Signal."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door een Afbreeksignaal."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:527
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Floating Point Error."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door een Zwevende Punt-fout."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:531
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by an Uninterruptable Kill Signal."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door een ononderbreekbaar Afsluitsignaal."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:535
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Segmentation Fault."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door een segmentatiefout."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:539
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Broken Pipe."
msgstr "%swerd onderbroken door een gebroken pijp."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:542
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Termination Signal."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door een Beëindigingssignaal."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:546
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by a Bus Error."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door een Busfout."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:549
#, c-format
msgid "%s was interrupted by the signal number %i."
msgstr "%s werd onderbroken door het signaalnummer %i."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:605
msgid ""
"***The remaining output has been truncated. Save the output to view.***\n"
msgstr ""
"***De resterende uitvoer is afgeknot. Sla de uitvoer op om deze te zien.***\n"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:667 src/bin/e_exec.c:741 src/bin/e_exec.c:748
msgid "Error Logs"
msgstr "Foutlog-bestanden"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:673 src/bin/e_exec.c:749
msgid "There was no error message."
msgstr "Er was geen foutmelding."
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:677 src/bin/e_exec.c:756
msgid "Save This Message"
msgstr "Bewaar deze melding"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:681 src/bin/e_exec.c:760
#, c-format
msgid "This error log will be saved as %s/%s.log"
msgstr "Deze foutmelding zal worden opgeslagen als %s/%s.log"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:707
msgid "Error Information"
msgstr "Fout-informatie"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:715
msgid "Error Signal Information"
msgstr "Fout-signaalinformatie"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:725 src/bin/e_exec.c:732
msgid "Output Data"
msgstr "Uitvoer-data"
#: src/bin/e_exec.c:733
msgid "There was no output."
msgstr "Er was geen uitvoer."
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:977
msgid "Nonexistent path"
msgstr "Niet-bestaand pad"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:980
#, c-format
msgid "%s doesn't exist."
msgstr "%s bestaat niet."
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:3078
msgid "Mount Error"
msgstr "Aankoppelingsfout"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:3078
msgid "Can't mount device"
msgstr "Kan apparaat niet aankoppelen."
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:3094
msgid "Unmount Error"
msgstr "Afkoppelfout"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:3094
msgid "Can't unmount device"
msgstr "Kan apparaat niet afkoppelen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:3109
msgid "Eject Error"
msgstr "Uitwerpfout"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:3109
msgid "Can't eject device"
msgstr "Kan apparaat niet uitwerpen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:3781
#, c-format
msgid "%i Files"
msgstr "%i Bestanden"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:6209 src/bin/e_fm.c:7995 src/bin/e_fm.c:8184
msgid "Link"
msgstr "Link"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:6217 src/bin/e_fm.c:9176 src/bin/e_fm.c:9317
msgid "Abort"
msgstr "Afbreken"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:7914 src/bin/e_fm.c:8074
msgid "Inherit parent settings"
msgstr "Erf ouderinstellingen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:7923 src/bin/e_fm.c:8083
#: src/modules/fileman/e_mod_config.c:219
msgid "View Mode"
msgstr "Weergavemodus"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:7930 src/bin/e_fm.c:8090
msgid "Refresh View"
msgstr "Ververs weergave"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:7938 src/bin/e_fm.c:8098
msgid "Show Hidden Files"
msgstr "Toon verborgen bestanden"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:7950 src/bin/e_fm.c:8110
msgid "Remember Ordering"
msgstr "Onthoudt sortering"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:7959 src/bin/e_fm.c:8119
msgid "Sort Now"
msgstr "Sorteer nu"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:7971 src/bin/e_fm.c:8134
#: src/modules/conf_paths/e_int_config_paths.c:205
msgid "New Directory"
msgstr "Nieuwe map"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8249
msgid "Rename"
msgstr "Hernoem"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8268
msgid "Unmount"
msgstr "Afkoppelen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8273
msgid "Mount"
msgstr "Aankoppelen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8278
msgid "Eject"
msgstr "Uitwerpen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8290
msgid "Application Properties"
msgstr "Programma-eigenschappen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8296 src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:105
msgid "File Properties"
msgstr "Bestandseigenschappen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8533 src/bin/e_fm.c:8586
msgid "Use default"
msgstr "Gebruik standaard"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8559 src/modules/fileman/e_mod_config.c:224
msgid "Grid Icons"
msgstr "Raster pictogrammen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8567 src/modules/fileman/e_mod_config.c:226
msgid "Custom Icons"
msgstr "Aangepaste pictogrammen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8575 src/modules/everything/evry_config.c:430
#: src/modules/everything/evry_config.c:460
#: src/modules/fileman/e_mod_config.c:234
msgid "List"
msgstr "Lijst"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8601
#, c-format
msgid "Icon Size (%d)"
msgstr "Pictogramgrootte (%d)"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8647 src/bin/e_fm.c:8853
msgid "Set background..."
msgstr "Stel achtergrond in..."
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8652 src/bin/e_fm.c:8897
msgid "Set overlay..."
msgstr "Stel overlap in..."
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8751 src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme.c:1032
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Wis"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8977
msgid "Create a new Directory"
msgstr "Creëer een nieuwe map"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:8978
msgid "New Directory Name:"
msgstr "Nieuwe mapnaam:"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9032
#, c-format
msgid "Rename %s to:"
msgstr "Hernoem %s naar:"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9034
msgid "Rename File"
msgstr "Hernoem bestand"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9175 src/bin/e_fm.c:9316
msgid "Retry"
msgstr "Probeer opnieuw"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9179 src/bin/e_fm.c:9322
msgid "Error"
msgstr "Fout"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9182
#, c-format
msgid "%s"
msgstr "%s"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9237
msgid "No to all"
msgstr "Neen op alles"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9239
msgid "Yes to all"
msgstr "Ja op alles"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9242
msgid "Warning"
msgstr "Waarschuwing"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9245
#, c-format
msgid "File already exists, overwrite?<br><hilight>%s</hilight>"
msgstr "Bestand bestaat al, overschijven?<br><hilight>%s</hilight>"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9318
msgid "Ignore this"
msgstr "Negeer dit"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9319
msgid "Ignore all"
msgstr "Negeer alles"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9324
#, c-format
msgid "An error occurred while performing an operation.<br>%s"
msgstr "Er ontstond een fout tijdens het uitvoeren van de operatie.<br>%s"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9495
msgid "Confirm Delete"
msgstr "Bevestig verwijderen"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9500
#, c-format
msgid "Are you sure you want to delete<br><hilight>%s</hilight> ?"
msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u <br><hilight>%s</hilight> wilt verwijderen?"
#: src/bin/e_fm.c:9506
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Are you sure you want to delete<br>the %d selected files in:<br><hilight>%s</"
"hilight> ?"
msgstr ""
"Weet u zeker dat u<br>de %d geselecteerde bestanden in:<br><hilight>%s</ "
"hilight> wilt verwijderen?"
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:33
#, c-format
msgid "%llu TiB"
msgstr "%llu TiB"
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:35
#, c-format
msgid "%llu GiB"
msgstr "%llu GiB"
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:37
#, c-format
msgid "%llu MiB"
msgstr "%llu MiB"
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:39
#, c-format
msgid "%llu KiB"
msgstr "%llu KiB"
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:41
#, c-format
msgid "%llu B"
msgstr "%llu B"
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:74
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown Volume"
msgstr "Onbekend apparaat"
#: src/bin/e_fm_device.c:326
msgid "Removable Device"
msgstr "Verwijderbaar apparaat"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:332
msgid "File:"
msgstr "Bestand:"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:339 src/bin/e_widget_fsel.c:347
msgid "Size:"
msgstr "Grootte:"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:346
msgid "Last Modified:"
msgstr "Laatst aangepast:"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:353
msgid "File Type:"
msgstr "Bestandstype:"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:360
msgid "Permissions"
msgstr "Rechten"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:361 src/bin/e_widget_fsel.c:363
msgid "Owner:"
msgstr "Eigenaar:"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:367
msgid "Others can read"
msgstr "Anderen kunnen lezen"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:369
msgid "Others can write"
msgstr "Anderen kunnen schrijven"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:371
msgid "Owner can read"
msgstr "Eigenaar kan lezen"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:373
msgid "Owner can write"
msgstr "Eigenaar kan schrijven"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:379 src/bin/e_widget_fsel.c:310
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_icon_themes.c:263
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_transitions.c:199
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_theme.c:1040
msgid "Preview"
msgstr "Voorbeeld"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:426
#: src/modules/conf_display/e_int_config_screensaver.c:208
#: src/modules/conf_display/e_int_config_screensaver.c:221
#: src/modules/everything/evry_config.c:426
msgid "Default"
msgstr "Standaard"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:429
msgid "Thumbnail"
msgstr "Miniatuur"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:432
#: src/modules/conf_display/e_int_config_desklock.c:298
msgid "Custom"
msgstr "Aangepast"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:442
msgid "Use this icon for all files of this type"
msgstr "Gebruik dit pictogram voor alle bestanden van dit type"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:450
msgid "Link Information"
msgstr "Link-informatie"
#: src/bin/e_fm_prop.c:496
msgid "Select an Image"
msgstr "Selecteer een afbeelding"
#: src/bin/e_gadcon.c:1378 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:95
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:595
msgid "Move to"
msgstr "Verplaatsen naar"
#: src/bin/e_gadcon.c:1423
msgid "Automatically scroll contents"
msgstr "Scroll inhoud automatisch"
#: src/bin/e_gadcon.c:1434 src/modules/gadman/e_mod_gadman.c:729
msgid "Plain"
msgstr "Vlak"
#: src/bin/e_gadcon.c:1443 src/modules/gadman/e_mod_gadman.c:737
msgid "Inset"
msgstr "Inleg"
#: src/bin/e_gadcon.c:1452 src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:54
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_mod_main.c:30
#: src/modules/dropshadow/e_mod_main.c:89
msgid "Look"
msgstr "Uiterlijk"
#: src/bin/e_gadcon.c:1463 src/bin/e_widget_config_list.c:66
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_int_config_apps.c:239
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_int_config_apps.c:260
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_int_config_apps.c:280
#: src/modules/gadman/e_mod_gadman.c:813 src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:801
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Verwijder"
#: src/bin/e_gadcon.c:2007
msgid "Stop moving"
msgstr "Stop met verplaatsen"
#: src/bin/e_hints.c:152
msgid ""
"A previous instance of Enlightenment is still active\n"
"on this screen. Aborting startup.\n"
msgstr ""
"Een vorig proces van Enlightenment is nog steeds actief\n"
"op dit scherm. Opstarten wordt afgebroken.\n"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:64
msgid "Window Locks"
msgstr "Venstersloten"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:282
msgid "Generic Locks"
msgstr "Algemene sloten"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:283
msgid "Lock the Window so it does only what I tell it to"
msgstr "Vergrendel het Venster zodat het alleen doet wat ik zeg"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:285
msgid "Protect this window from me accidentally changing it"
msgstr "Bescherm dit venster tegen mijn veranderingen die per ongeluk gebeuren"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:287
msgid ""
"Protect this window from being accidentally closed because it is important"
msgstr ""
"Bescherm dit venster tegen per ongeluk afsluiten omdat het belangrijk is"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:289
msgid "Do not allow the border to change on this window"
msgstr "Sta niet toe dat de rand verandert op dit venster"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:292
msgid "Remember these Locks for this window next time it appears"
msgstr "Onthoud deze Sloten voor dit venster de volgende keer dat het opkomt"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:305
msgid "Lock program changing:"
msgstr "Vergrendel programmaverandering:"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:306 src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:325
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:705 src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:174
msgid "Position"
msgstr "Positie"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:308 src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:327
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:708 src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:185
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:442
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:639
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_cursor.c:137
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Grootte"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:310 src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:329
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:507 src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:469
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:711 src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:132
msgid "Stacking"
msgstr "Gestapeld"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:312 src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:331
msgid "Iconified state"
msgstr "Geiconiseerde staat"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:314 src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:333
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:723
msgid "Stickiness"
msgstr "Vastzetten"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:316 src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:335
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:729
msgid "Shaded state"
msgstr "Ingeklapte status"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:318 src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:337
msgid "Maximized state"
msgstr "Gemaximaliseerde status"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:320 src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:339
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:732
msgid "Fullscreen state"
msgstr "Volledig Scherm-status"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:324
msgid "Lock me from changing:"
msgstr "Weerhoudt mij van verandering:"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:341 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:717
msgid "Border style"
msgstr "Randstijl:"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:345
msgid "Stop me from:"
msgstr "Weerhoudt mij van:"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:346
msgid "Closing the window"
msgstr "Sluiten van het venster"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:348
msgid "Exiting my login with this window open"
msgstr "Sluiten van mijn aanmelding met dit venster open"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_locks.c:352
msgid "Remember these Locks"
msgstr "Onthoud deze Sloten"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:82
msgid "Window"
msgstr "Venster"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:104 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:943
msgid "Always on Top"
msgstr "Altijd op voorgrond"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:119 src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:606
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:472
msgid "Sticky"
msgstr "Vastgezet"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:291 src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:477
#: src/modules/conf_window_manipulation/e_int_config_window_maxpolicy.c:121
#: src/modules/conf_window_manipulation/e_int_config_window_maxpolicy.c:145
msgid "Fullscreen"
msgstr "Volledig scherm"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:315
msgid "Maximize vertically"
msgstr "Maximaliseer verticaal"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:326
msgid "Maximize horizontally"
msgstr "Maximaliseer horizontaal"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:337
msgid "Unmaximize"
msgstr "Demaximaliseer"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:448
msgid "Edit Icon"
msgstr "Bewerk pictogram"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:456
msgid "Create Icon"
msgstr "Creëer pictogram"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:464
msgid "Add to Favorites Menu"
msgstr "Voeg toe aan Favorietenmenu"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:469
msgid "Add to IBar"
msgstr "Voeg toe aan IBar"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:477
msgid "Create Keyboard Shortcut"
msgstr "Creëer toetsenbord-sneltoets"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:497
#: src/modules/conf_window_manipulation/e_int_config_window_display.c:161
msgid "Placement"
msgstr "Plaatsing"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:519
msgid "Skip"
msgstr "Overslaan"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:529
#: src/modules/conf_keybindings/e_int_config_mousebindings.c:321
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_mod_main.c:27
msgid "Border"
msgstr "Rand"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:541 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:621
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:714
msgid "Locks"
msgstr "Sloten"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:549
#: src/modules/conf_dialogs/e_int_config_dialogs.c:128
msgid "Remember"
msgstr "Onthouden"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:571
msgid "ICCCM/NetWM"
msgstr "ICCCM/NetWM"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:641
msgid "Iconify"
msgstr "Iconiseer"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:680
msgid "Shade"
msgstr "Oprollen"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:864
#, c-format
msgid "Screen %d"
msgstr "Scherm %d"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:954
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:100
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:264
msgid "Normal"
msgstr "Normaal"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:965
msgid "Always Below"
msgstr "Altijd op achtergrond"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1009
msgid "Pin to Desktop"
msgstr "Vastzetten op bureaublad"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1020
msgid "Unpin from Desktop"
msgstr "Losmaken van bureaublad"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1110
msgid "Select Border Style"
msgstr "Selecteer randstijl"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1122
msgid "Use E17 Default Icon Preference"
msgstr "Gebruik standaard pictograminstelling van E17"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1130
msgid "Use Application Provided Icon "
msgstr "Gebruik door programma gegeven pictogram"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1138
msgid "Use User Defined Icon"
msgstr "Gebruik gebruikergedefineerd pictogram"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1147 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:747
msgid "Offer Resistance"
msgstr "Bied weerstand aan"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1207 src/modules/winlist/e_mod_main.c:26
msgid "Window List"
msgstr "Vensterlijst"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1217 src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:257
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2796 src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2803
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2810 src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2812
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2814 src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2816
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2818 src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2820
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2853 src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2854
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2855 src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2856
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2857 src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:2858
msgid "Pager"
msgstr "Pager"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_menu.c:1227
msgid "Taskbar"
msgstr "Taakbalk"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:75
msgid "Window Properties"
msgstr "Venstereigenschappen"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:363
msgid "NetWM"
msgstr "NetWM"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:370
msgid "ICCCM"
msgstr "ICCCM"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:418
msgid "ICCCM Properties"
msgstr "ICCCM-eigenschappen"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:419 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:665
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:1187 src/modules/wizard/page_050.c:95
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titel"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:421
msgid "Class"
msgstr "Klasse"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:422 src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:468
msgid "Icon Name"
msgstr "Pictogramnaam"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:423
msgid "Machine"
msgstr "Machine"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:424
msgid "Role"
msgstr "Rol"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:426
msgid "Minimum Size"
msgstr "Minimale grootte"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:427
msgid "Maximum Size"
msgstr "Maximale grootte"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:428
msgid "Base Size"
msgstr "Basisgrootte"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:429
msgid "Resize Steps"
msgstr "Herschaal stappen"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:431
msgid "Aspect Ratio"
msgstr "Beeldverhouding"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:432
msgid "Initial State"
msgstr "Oorspronkelijke staat"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:433
msgid "State"
msgstr "Staat"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:434
msgid "Window ID"
msgstr "Venster-ID"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:435
msgid "Window Group"
msgstr "Venstergroep"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:436
msgid "Transient For"
msgstr "Doorlopend voor"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:437
msgid "Client Leader"
msgstr "Cliënt-leider"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:438
msgid "Gravity"
msgstr "Zwaartekracht"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:441
msgid "Take Focus"
msgstr "Neem focus"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:442
msgid "Accepts Focus"
msgstr "Accepteert focus"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:443
msgid "Urgent"
msgstr "Dringend"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:444
msgid "Request Delete"
msgstr "Verzoek verwijdering"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:445
msgid "Request Position"
msgstr "Verzoek positie"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:466
msgid "NetWM Properties"
msgstr "NetWM-eigenschappen"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:471
msgid "Modal"
msgstr "Modaal"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:473
msgid "Shaded"
msgstr "Ingeklapt"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:474 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:744
msgid "Skip Taskbar"
msgstr "Sla taakbalk over"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:475 src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:741
msgid "Skip Pager"
msgstr "Sla pager over"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_prop.c:476
msgid "Hidden"
msgstr "Verborgen"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:83
msgid "Window Remember"
msgstr "Venster onthoudt"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:307
msgid "Window properties are not a unique match"
msgstr "Venstereigenschappen zijn geen unieke match"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:310
msgid ""
"You are trying to ask Enlightenment to remember to apply<br>properties (such "
"as size, location, border style etc.) to<br>a window that <hilight>does not "
"have unique properties</hilight>.<br><br>This means it shares Name/Class, "
"Transience, Role etc. properties<br>with more than 1 other window on the "
"screen and remembering<br>properties for this window will apply to all other "
"windows<br>that match these properties.<br><br>This is just a warning in "
"case you did not intend this to happen.<br>If you did, simply press "
"<hilight>Apply</hilight> or <hilight>OK</hilight> buttons<br>and your "
"settings will be accepted. Press <hilight>Cancel</hilight> if you<br>are not "
"sure and nothing will be affected."
msgstr ""
"U probeert Enlightenment het toepassen van<br>eigenschappen (zoals grootte, "
"locatie, randstijl, etc) op<br>een venster dat <hilight>geen unieke "
"eigenschappen</hilight>heeft te onthouden<br><br>Dit betekent dat het Naam/"
"klasse, Doorlopendheid, Rol, etc. eigenschappen deelt met<br>met meer dan 1 "
"ander venster op het scherm en het herinneren<br>van deze eigenschappen zal "
"dan op alle vensters van programma zijn<br>die overeenkomen hiermee."
"<br><br>Dit is een waarschuwing voor als u niet wilt dat dit gebeurt.<br>Als "
"dit wel de bedoeling is druk op<hilight>Toepassen</hilight> of <hilight>OK</"
"hilight>-knoppen<br>en uw instellingen worden geaccepteerd. Druk op "
"<hilight>Annuleren</hilight> als u<br>niet zeker bent en niets veranderd."
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:516
msgid "No match properties set"
msgstr "Geen overeenkomende eigenschappen ingesteld"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:519
msgid ""
"You are trying to ask Enlightenment to remember to apply<br>properties (such "
"as size, location, border style etc.) to<br>a window <hilight>without "
"specifying how to remember it</hilight>.<br><br>You must specify at least 1 "
"way of remembering this window."
msgstr ""
"U probeert Enlightenment eigenschappen te laten herinneren die toegepast "
"moeten worden<br> (zoals grootte, locatie, randstijl, etc.) op<br>een "
"venster<hilight>zonder aan te geven hoe</hilight>.<br><br>Geef alstublieft 1 "
"manier aan hoe dit venster herinnerd moet worden."
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:617
msgid "Nothing"
msgstr "Niets"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:619
msgid "Size and Position"
msgstr "Grootte en Positie"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:623
msgid "Size, Position and Locks"
msgstr "Grootte, Positie en Sloten"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:625 src/modules/conf/e_mod_main.c:245
msgid "All"
msgstr "Alles"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:638
msgid "Remember using"
msgstr "Onthoudt door gebruik van"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:641
msgid "Window name"
msgstr "Vensternaam"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:653
msgid "Window class"
msgstr "Vensterklasse"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:677
msgid "Window Role"
msgstr "Vensterrol"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:689
msgid "Window type"
msgstr "Venstertype"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:697
msgid "wildcard matches are allowed"
msgstr "wildcard-overeenkomsten zijn toegestaan"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:699
msgid "Transience"
msgstr "Doorlopendheid"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:704
msgid "Properties to remember"
msgstr "Eigenschappen om te onthouden"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:720
msgid "Icon Preference"
msgstr "Pictogrameigenschap"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:726
msgid "Virtual Desktop"
msgstr "Virtueel bureaublad"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:735
msgid "Current Screen"
msgstr "Huidig scherm"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:738
msgid "Skip Window List"
msgstr "Sla vensterlijst over"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:750
msgid "Application file or name (.desktop)"
msgstr "Programmabestand of -naam (.desktop)"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:758
msgid "Match only one window"
msgstr "Kom alleen één venster overeen"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:762
msgid "Always focus on start"
msgstr "Focus altijd bij starten"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:766
msgid "Keep current properties"
msgstr "Behoudt huidige eigenschapen"
#: src/bin/e_int_border_remember.c:772
msgid "Start this program on login"
msgstr "Start dit programma bij inloggen"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:52
msgid "Utilities"
msgstr "Gereedschap"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:55
#: src/modules/everything/evry_plug_files.c:1585
#: src/modules/fileman/e_mod_main.c:56 src/modules/fileman/e_mod_main.c:76
#: src/modules/fileman/e_mod_main.c:420
msgid "Files"
msgstr "Bestanden"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:56 src/modules/everything/e_mod_main.c:69
msgid "Launcher"
msgstr "Starter"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:57
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:57
msgid "Core"
msgstr "Kern"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:58
msgid "Mobile"
msgstr "Mobiel "
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:59 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:230
#: src/bin/e_shelf.c:1695 src/modules/battery/e_mod_main.c:186
#: src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:296 src/modules/clock/e_mod_main.c:540
#: src/modules/conf/e_conf.c:124 src/modules/conf/e_conf.c:134
#: src/modules/conf/e_mod_main.c:102 src/modules/conf_dialogs/e_mod_main.c:17
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_cursor.c:133
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:307 src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:787
#: src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:299 src/modules/ibox/e_mod_main.c:690
#: src/modules/pager/e_mod_main.c:790 src/modules/temperature/e_mod_main.c:233
#: src/modules/mixer/e_mod_main.c:789 src/modules/connman/e_mod_main.c:1323
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Instellingen"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:98
msgid "Module Settings"
msgstr "Module-instellingen"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:176
msgid "Load"
msgstr "Laad"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:181
msgid "Unload"
msgstr "Ontlaad"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:307 src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:591
msgid "No modules selected."
msgstr "Geen modules geselecteerd"
#: src/bin/e_int_config_modules.c:589
msgid "More than one module selected."
msgstr "Meer dan één module geselecteerd"
#: src/bin/e_int_gadcon_config.c:38
msgid "Shelf Contents"
msgstr "Schelf-inhoud"
#: src/bin/e_int_gadcon_config.c:44
msgid "Toolbar Contents"
msgstr "Werkbalk-inhoud"
#: src/bin/e_int_gadcon_config.c:155 src/modules/gadman/e_mod_config.c:118
#: src/modules/gadman/e_mod_config.c:134
msgid "Add Gadget"
msgstr "Voeg gadget toe"
#: src/bin/e_int_gadcon_config.c:160
msgid "Remove Gadget"
msgstr "Verwijder gadget"
#: src/bin/e_int_toolbar_config.c:30 src/bin/e_toolbar.c:339
msgid "Toolbar Settings"
msgstr "Werkbalk-instellingen"
#: src/bin/e_int_toolbar_config.c:82
msgid "Layout"
msgstr "Indeling"
#: src/bin/e_intl.c:352
msgid "Input Method Error"
msgstr "Invoermethode-fout"
#: src/bin/e_intl.c:353
msgid ""
"Error starting the input method executable<br><br>please make sure that your "
"input<br>method configuration is correct and<br>that your "
"configuration's<br>executable is in your PATH<br>"
msgstr ""
"Fout bij het starten van het invoermethode uitvoerbare bestand<br><br>Zorg "
"alstublieft dat uw invoer-<br>methode-configuratie correct is en<br>dat uw "
"configuratie<br>uitvoerbare bestand in uw PATH is<br>"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:99
msgid "Main"
msgstr "Algemeen"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:116
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_int_config_apps.c:69
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_mod_main.c:29
msgid "Favorite Applications"
msgstr "Favoriete Programma's"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:127
#: src/modules/conf_applications/e_int_config_apps.c:264
#: src/modules/conf_menus/e_int_config_menus.c:260
#: src/modules/conf_menus/e_int_config_menus.c:283
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:58
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_mod_main.c:38
#: src/modules/conf_window_remembers/e_int_config_remembers.c:194
#: src/modules/everything/evry_plug_apps.c:1354
msgid "Applications"
msgstr "Programma's"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:151 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1126
#: src/modules/conf_window_manipulation/e_mod_main.c:17
#: src/modules/conf_window_remembers/e_mod_main.c:14
#: src/modules/winlist/e_mod_main.c:25
msgid "Windows"
msgstr "Vensters"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:161 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1180
msgid "Lost Windows"
msgstr "Verloren Vensters"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:187
msgid "About"
msgstr "Over"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:192 src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_cursor.c:146
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_mod_main.c:35
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_mod_main.c:70
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_mod_main.c:179
msgid "Theme"
msgstr "Thema"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:282
msgid "Virtual"
msgstr "Virtueel"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:289 src/modules/conf_shelves/e_mod_main.c:23
#: src/modules/conf_shelves/e_mod_main.c:27
#: src/modules/conf_shelves/e_mod_main.c:74
msgid "Shelves"
msgstr "Schelven"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:298
msgid "Show/Hide All Windows"
msgstr "Toon/Verberg alle vensters"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:611
msgid "(No Applications)"
msgstr "(Geen toepassingen)"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:757
msgid "Set Virtual Desktops"
msgstr "Stel virtuele bureaubladen in"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1132 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1316
msgid "(No Windows)"
msgstr "(Geen Vensters)"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1226 src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1328
msgid "No name!!"
msgstr "Geen naam!!"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1419
msgid "(No Shelves)"
msgstr "(Geen Schelven)"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1483
msgid "Add A Shelf"
msgstr "Voeg een Schelf toe"
#: src/bin/e_int_menus.c:1490
msgid "Delete A Shelf"
msgstr "Verwijder een Schelf"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:43
#: src/modules/conf_shelves/e_int_config_shelf.c:44
msgid "Shelf Settings"
msgstr "Schelf-instellingen"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:123
msgid "Above Everything"
msgstr "Boven alles"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:125
msgid "Below Windows"
msgstr "Onder vensters"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:127
msgid "Below Everything"
msgstr "Onder alles"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:129
msgid "Allow windows to overlap the shelf"
msgstr "Sta toe dat vensters de Schelf overlappen"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:179
#, c-format
msgid "Height (%3.0f pixels)"
msgstr "Hoogte (%3.0f pixels)"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:182
msgid "Shrink to Content Width"
msgstr "Krimp naar breedte van inhoud"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:193
#: src/modules/conf_theme/e_int_config_fonts.c:630
msgid "Style"
msgstr "Stijl"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:199
msgid "Auto-hide the shelf"
msgstr "Schelf automatisch verbergen"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:204
msgid "Show on mouse in"
msgstr "Toon bij muis in"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:208
msgid "Show on mouse click"
msgstr "Toon bij muisklik"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:213
msgid "Hide timeout"
msgstr "Verberg-time-out"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:217
#, c-format
msgid "%.1f seconds"
msgstr "%.1f seconden"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:223
msgid "Hide duration"
msgstr "Verberg-voortduring"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:227
#: src/modules/conf_edgebindings/e_int_config_edgebindings.c:852
#, c-format
msgid "%.2f seconds"
msgstr "%.2f seconden"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:232
msgid "Auto Hide"
msgstr "Automatisch verbergen"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:238
msgid "Show on all Desktops"
msgstr "Toon op alle bureaubladen"
#: src/bin/e_int_shelf_config.c:240
msgid "Show on specified Desktops"
msgstr "Toon op gespecificeerde bureaubladen"
#: src/bin/e_ipc.c:46
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Possible IPC Hack Attempt. The IPC socket\n"
"directory already exists BUT has permissions\n"
"that are too leanient (must only be readable\n"
"and writable by the owner, and nobody else)\n"
"or is not owned by you. Please check:\n"
msgstr ""
"Mogelijke IPC Hack-poging. De IPC-socket-\n"
"map bestaat al MAAR heeft rechten die te\n"
"strikt zijn (mag alleen gelezen en beschreven\n"
"worden voor de eigenaar en niemand anders)\n"
"of is niet in uw bezit. Controleer alstublieft:\n"
#: src/bin/e_ipc.c:56
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The IPC socket directory cannot be created or\n"
"Please check:\n"
msgstr ""
"De IPC-socketmap kan niet worden gecreëerd of\n"
"Controleer alstublieft:\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:190
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Eina!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment Eina niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:229
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Eet!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Eet niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:238
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Ecore!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Ecore niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:250
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up an exit signal handler.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment kan het Exit-Signaalbeheer niet initialiseren.\n"
"Misschien heeft u niet genoeg geheugen vrij?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:257
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up a HUP signal handler.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment kan het HUP-Signaalbeheerder niet initialiseren.\n"
"Misschien heeft u niet genoeg geheugen vrij?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:264
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up a USER signal handler.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment kan geen USER-Signaalbeheer instellen.\n"
"Misschien heeft u niet genoeg geheugen vrij?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:273
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Ecore_File!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Ecore_File niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:282
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Ecore_Con!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Ecore_Con niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:291
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Ecore_Ipc!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Ecore_Ipc niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:302
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Ecore_X!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Ecore_X niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:314
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Ecore_IMF!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Ecore_IMF niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:324
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Ecore_Evas!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Ecore_Evas niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:338
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found ecore_evas doesn't support the Software X11\n"
"rendering in Evas. Please check your installation of Evas and\n"
"Ecore and check they support the Software X11 rendering engine."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment merkte op dat ecore_evas de Software X11-weergave niet\n"
"ondersteund in Evas. Controleer alstublieft uw installatie van Evas en\n"
"Ecore en controleer of ze het Software X11-weergave-engine ondersteunen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:346
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found ecore_evas doesn't support the Software Buffer\n"
"rendering in Evas. Please check your installation of Evas and\n"
"Ecore and check they support the Software Buffer rendering engine."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment merkte op dat ecore_evas de Softwarebuffer niet\n"
"ondersteund in Evas. Controleer alstublieft uw installatie van Evas en\n"
"Ecore en controleer of ze het Softwarebuffer-weergave-engine ondersteunen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:356
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize Edje!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan Edje niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:368
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize E_Intl!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan E_Intl niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:378
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot initialize its emergency alert system.\n"
"Have you set your DISPLAY variable?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment kan de nood meldingssysteem niet initialiseren.\n"
"Heeft U de DISPLAY-Variabele ingesteld?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:388
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize E_Xinerama!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan E_Xinerama niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:406
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot create directories in your home directory.\n"
"Perhaps you have no home directory or the disk is full?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment kan geen mappen in uw Persoonlijke map creëren.\n"
"Wellicht heeft u geen Persoonlijke map of is uw harde schijf vol?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:416
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its file registry system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar bestandsregister-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:425
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its config system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar configuratiesysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:436
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize E_Randr!\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan E_Randr niet initialiseren!\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:445
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its environment."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar omgeving niet initialiseren."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:458
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its scale system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar schaalsysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:467
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its pointer system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar pointersysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:476
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot set up paths for finding files.\n"
"Perhaps you are out of memory?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment kan haar zoekpaden niet instellen.\n"
"Misschien heeft u niet genoeg geheugen vrij?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:493
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its font system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar lettertypesysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:510
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its theme system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar thema-systeem niet initialiseren."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:526
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its init screen."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar intl-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:541
msgid "Starting International Support"
msgstr "Starten van internationale ondersteuning"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:545
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its intl system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar intl-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:554
msgid ""
"Enlightenment cannot initialize the FDO desktop system.\n"
"Perhaps you lack permissions on ~/.cache/efreet or are\n"
"out of memory or disk space?"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment kan het FDO-bureaubladsysteem niet initialiseren.\n"
"Wellicht heeftu niet voldoende rechten op ~/.cache/efreet of\n"
"heeft u niet genoeg geheugen vrij?"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:577
msgid "Setup Screens"
msgstr "Stel schermen in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:581
msgid ""
"Enlightenment set up window management for all the screens on your system\n"
"failed. Perhaps another window manager is running?\n"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment kon zich voor geen enkel beeldscherm als vensterbeheerder\n"
"aanbieden. Wellicht loopt er al een andere vensterbeheerder?\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:589
msgid "Setup ACPI"
msgstr "Stel ACPI in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:596
msgid "Setup Backlight"
msgstr "Stel achtergrondlicht in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:600
msgid "Enlightenment cannot configure the backlight."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan het achtergrondlicht niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:607
msgid "Setup DPMS"
msgstr "Stel DPMS in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:611
msgid "Enlightenment cannot configure the DPMS settings."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan de DPMS-instellingen niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:618
msgid "Setup Screensaver"
msgstr "Stel schermbeveiliging in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:622
msgid "Enlightenment cannot configure the X screensaver."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan geen X-schermbeveiliging instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:629
msgid "Setup Powersave Modes"
msgstr "Stel energiebesparings-modi in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:633
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its powersave modes."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar energiebesparings-modi niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:640
msgid "Setup Desklock"
msgstr "Stel bureaubladvergrendeling in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:644
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its desk locking system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar bureaubladvergrendelingssysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:651
msgid "Setup Popups"
msgstr "Stel popups in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:655
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its popup system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan het popup systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:665
msgid "Setup Message Bus"
msgstr "Stel berichtensysteem in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:672
msgid "Setup Paths"
msgstr "Stel paden in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:678
msgid "Setup System Controls"
msgstr "Stel systeembediening in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:682
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize the System Command system.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar Systeemcommando-systeem niet initialiseren.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:689
msgid "Setup Actions"
msgstr "Stel acties in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:693
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its actions system."
msgstr "Enlightenment haar zijn actiesysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:700
msgid "Setup Execution System"
msgstr "Stel uitvoeringssysteem in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:704
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its exec system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar uitvoeringssysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:715
msgid "Setup Filemanager"
msgstr "Stel Bestandsbeheerder in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:719
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize the File manager.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan de bestandsbeheerder niet initialiseren.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:726
msgid "Setup Message System"
msgstr "Stel berichtensysteem in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:730
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its msg system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan het berichtensysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:737
msgid "Setup DND"
msgstr "Stel DND in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:741
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its dnd system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan het dnd-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:748
msgid "Setup Grab Input Handling"
msgstr "Stel grijpinvoerhandeling in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:752
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its grab input handling system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar grijpinvoerhandeling-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:759
msgid "Setup Modules"
msgstr "Stel modules in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:763 src/bin/e_main.c:839
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its module system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar Module-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:770
msgid "Setup Remembers"
msgstr "Instellen onthoudt"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:774
msgid "Enlightenment cannot setup remember settings."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar herinneringsinstellingen niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:781
msgid "Setup Color Classes"
msgstr "Stel kleurklassen in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:785
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its color class system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar kleurklassen-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:792
msgid "Setup Gadcon"
msgstr "Stel gadgets in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:796
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its gadget control system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar gadget-controlesysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:803
msgid "Setup Wallpaper"
msgstr "Stel achtergrond in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:807
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its desktop background system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar bureaubladachtergrond-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:814
msgid "Setup Mouse"
msgstr "Stel muis in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:818
msgid "Enlightenment cannot configure the mouse settings."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan de muisinstellingen niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:824
msgid "Setup Bindings"
msgstr "Stel bindingen in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:828
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its bindings system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar bindingssysteem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:835
msgid "Setup Shelves"
msgstr "Stel schelven in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:846
msgid "Setup Thumbnailer"
msgstr "Stel miniaturen in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:850
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize the Thumbnailing system.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar miniatuur-systeem niet instellen\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:859
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize the Icon Cache system.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan het Pictorgramcache-systeem niet initialiseren.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:868
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize the XSettings system.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan het XSettings-systeem niet instellen.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:877
#, fuzzy
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize the Update system.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan het Pictorgramcache-systeem niet initialiseren.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:886
msgid "Setup Desktop Environment"
msgstr "Stel werkomgeving in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:890
msgid "Enlightenment cannot initialize its desktop environment.\n"
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar werkomgeving niet initialiseren.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:898
msgid "Setup File Ordering"
msgstr "Stel bestandssortering in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:902
msgid "Enlightenment cannot set up its order file system."
msgstr "Enlightenment kan haar bestandssortering-systeem niet instellen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:917
msgid "Load Modules"
msgstr "Laad modules"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:947
msgid "Configure Shelves"
msgstr "Stel schelven in"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:958
msgid "Almost Done"
msgstr "Bijna klaar"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1103
#, c-format
msgid ""
"\t-display DISPLAY\n"
"\t\tConnect to display named DISPLAY.\n"
"\t\tEG: -display :1.0\n"
"\t-fake-xinerama-screen WxH+X+Y\n"
"\t\tAdd a FAKE xinerama screen (instead of the real ones)\n"
"\t\tgiven the geometry. Add as many as you like. They all\n"
"\t\treplace the real xinerama screens, if any. This can\n"
"\t\tbe used to simulate xinerama.\n"
"\t\tEG: -fake-xinerama-screen 800x600+0+0 -fake-xinerama-screen "
"\t-profile CONF_PROFILE\n"
"\t\tUse the configuration profile CONF_PROFILE instead of the user selected "
"default or just \"default\".\n"
"\t\tBe good.\n"
"\t\tBe evil.\n"
"\t\tBe psychotic.\n"
"\t\tStart with desklock on, so password will be asked.\n"
"\t\tIf you need this help, you don't need this option.\n"
msgstr ""
"\t-display SCHERM\n"
"\t\tVerbind met scherm genaamd SCHERM\n"
"\t\tEG: -display:1.0\n"
"\t-fake-xinerama-display WxH+X+Y\n"
"\t\tVoeg een NEP-xinerama-scherm (in plaats van de echte)\n"
"\t\tmet de opgegeven afmetingen. Voeg zoveel toe als u wilt. Ze\n"
"\t\tvervangen allemaal de echte xinerama-schermen, indien aanwezig. Dit kan\n"
"gebruikt worden om xinerama te simuleren.\n"
"\t\tBijv.: -fake-xinerama-screen 800x600+0+0 -fake-xinerama-screen "
"\t-profile CONF_PROFILE\n"
"\t\tGebruikt het instellingenprofiel CONF_PROFILE in plaats van de door de "
"gebruiker geselecteerde of gewoon \"standaard\".\n"
"\t\tWees goed.\n"
"\t\tWees gemeen.\n"
"\t\tWees psychotisch.\n"
"\t\tStart met schermvergendeling aan zodat een wachtwoord wordt gevraagd.\n"
"\t\tIndien u deze hulp nodig heeft, heeft u deze optie niet nodig.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1156
msgid ""
"You are executing enlightenment directly. This is\n"
"bad. Please do not execute the \"enlightenment\"\n"
"binary. Use the \"enlightenment_start\" launcher. It\n"
"will handle setting up environment variables, paths,\n"
"and launching any other required services etc.\n"
"before enlightenment itself begins running.\n"
msgstr ""
"U voert Enlightenment direct uit. Dit is\n"
"slecht. Voer alstublieft het uitvoerbare bestand \"enlightenment\"\n"
"nooit uit. Gebruik de \"enlightenment_start\"-starter. Deze\n"
"zal het opzetten van omgevingsvariabelen, paden \n"
"en starten van elke andere benodigde services etc. afhandelen\n"
"vooraleer Enlightenment zelf zal starten.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1435
msgid "Testing Format Support"
msgstr "Testen van formaat-ondersteuning"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1439
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found Evas can't create a buffer canvas. Please check\n"
"Evas has Software Buffer engine support.\n"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment merkte op dat Evas geen buffercanvas kan creëren. Controleer\n"
"alstublieft of Evas het Softwarebuffer-engine ondersteunt.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1451
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found Evas can't load SVG files. Check Evas has SVG loader "
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment merkte op dat Evas geen SVG-bestanden kan laden. Controleer\n"
"of Evas SVG-lader-ondersteuning heeft.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1461
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found Evas can't load JPEG files. Check Evas has JPEG loader "
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment merkte op dat Evas geen JPEG-bestanden kan laden. Controleer\n"
"of Evas JPEG-lader-ondersteuning heeft.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1471
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found Evas can't load PNG files. Check Evas has PNG loader "
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment merkte op dat Evas geen PNG-bestanden kan laden. Controleer\n"
"of Evas PNG-lader-ondersteuning heeft.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1481
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found Evas can't load EET files. Check Evas has EET loader "
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment merkte op dat Evas geen EET-bestanden kan laden. Controleer\n"
"of Evas EET-lader-ondersteuning heeft.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1495
msgid ""
"Enlightenment found Evas can't load the 'Sans' font. Check Evas has "
"support and system fontconfig defines a 'Sans' font.\n"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment merkte op dat Evas het 'Sans'-lettertype niet kan laden. "
"alstublieft of Evas lettertypeinstel-\n"
"ondersteuning heeft en of dat het 'Sans'-lettertype definieert.\n"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1686
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Enlightenment crashed early on start and has<br>been restarted. There was an "
"error loading<br>module named: %s. This module has been disabled<br>and will "
"not be loaded."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment crashte vroeg in het startstadium en is<br>herstart. Er was "
"een fout tijdens het laden van <br>de module genaamd: %s. Deze module is "
"uitgeschakeld<br>en zal niet worden geladen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1691 src/bin/e_main.c:1708
msgid "Enlightenment crashed early on start and has been restarted"
msgstr "Enlightenment crashte vroeg in het startstadium en is herstart"
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1692
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Enlightenment crashed early on start and has been restarted.<br>There was an "
"error loading module named: %s<br><br>This module has been disabled and will "
"not be loaded."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment crashte vroeg in het startstadium en is herstart.<br>Er was "
"een fout tijdens het laden van de module genaamd: %s<br><br> Deze module is "
"uitgeschakeld en zal niet worden geladen."
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1701
msgid ""
"Enlightenment crashed early on start and has<br>been restarted. All modules "
"have been disabled<br>and will not be loaded to help remove any "
"problem<br>modules from your configuration. The module<br>configuration "
"dialog should let you select your<br>modules again."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment crashte vroeg in het startstadium en is<br>herstart. Alle "
"modules zijn uitgeschakeld<br>en zullen niet geladen worden om te helpen de "
"probleem-<br>modules uit uw instellingen te verwijderen. Het module-"
"<br>instellingen- dialoogvenster zou u uw<br>modules weer moeten laten "
#: src/bin/e_main.c:1709
msgid ""
"Enlightenment crashed early on start and has been restarted.<br>All modules "
"have been disabled and will not be loaded to help<br>remove any problem "
"modules from your configuration.<br><br>The module configuration dialog "
"should let you select your<br>modules again."
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment crashte vroeg in het startstadium en is herstart.<br>Alle "
"modules zijn uitgeschakeld en zullen niet geladen worden om te helpen<br> de "
"probleemmodules uit uw instellingen te verwijderen.<br><br>Het "
"moduleinstellingen- dialoogvenster zou u uw<br>modules weer moeten laten "
#: src/bin/e_module.c:96
#, c-format
msgid "Loading Module: %s"
msgstr "Laden van module: %s"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:134
#, c-format
msgid ""
"There was an error loading module named: %s<br>No module named %s could be "
"found in the<br>module search directories.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Bij het Laden van Module %s is een Fout opgetreden.<br>Er was geen Module "
"met de Naam %s in de<br>Module-map gevonden.<br>"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:137 src/bin/e_module.c:150 src/bin/e_module.c:168
msgid "Error loading Module"
msgstr "Fout bij het Laden van de Module"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:145 src/bin/e_module.c:162
#, c-format
msgid ""
"There was an error loading module named: %s<br>The full path to this module "
"is:<br>%s<br>The error reported was:<br>%s<br>"
msgstr ""
"Bij het Laden van Module %s is een Fout opgetreden.<br>Het volledige Pad "
"naar de Module is:\n"
"%s<br>De gemelde fout was:<br>%s<br>"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:167
msgid "Module does not contain all needed functions"
msgstr "Module bevat niet alle benodigde functies"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:182
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Module API Error<br>Error initializing Module: %s<br>It requires a minimum "
"module API version of: %i.<br>The module API advertized by Enlightenment is: "
msgstr ""
"Fout bij Module API<br>Fout bij opstarten van module: %s<br>Het heeft een "
"minimum versie van Module API nodig van %i.<br>De module API die "
"Enlightenment aangeeft is: %i.<br>"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:187
#, c-format
msgid "Enlightenment %s Module"
msgstr "Enlightenment %s -module"
#: src/bin/e_module.c:513
msgid "Would you like to unload this module?<br>"
msgstr "Wilt u deze module ontladen?<br>"
#: src/bin/e_screensaver.c:139
msgid ""
"You disabled screensaver too fast.<br><br>Would you like to enable "
"<b>presentation</b> mode and temporarily disable screen saver, lock and "
"power saving?"
msgstr ""
"U schakelde de schermbeveiliging te snel uit.<br><br>Wilt u de "
"<b>presentatie</b>modus inschakelen en tijdelijk de schermbeveiliging, "
"vergrendeling en energiebesparing uitscchakelen?"
#: src/bin/e_shelf.c:165
msgid "Shelf #"
msgstr "Schelf #"
#: src/bin/e_shelf.c:1304 src/modules/conf_shelves/e_int_config_shelf.c:292
msgid "Are you sure you want to delete this shelf?"
msgstr "Weet u zeker dat u deze Schelf wilt verwijderen?"
#: src/bin/e_shelf.c:1305
msgid ""
"You requested to delete this shelf.<br><br>Are you sure you want to delete "
msgstr ""
"U heeft gevraagd om deze Schelf te verwijderen.<br><br>Weet u zeker dat u "
"hem wilt verwijderen?"
#: src/bin/e_shelf.c:1680
msgid "Stop Moving/Resizing Gadgets"
msgstr "Stop verplaatsen/herschalen van gadgets"
#: src/bin/e_shelf.c:1682
msgid "Begin Moving/Resizing Gadgets"
msgstr "Start verplaatsen/herschalen van gadgets"
#: src/bin/e_shelf.c:1690 src/modules/conf_shelves/e_int_config_shelf.c:84
#: src/modules/ibar/e_mod_main.c:781
msgid "Contents"
msgstr "Inhoud"
#: src/bin/e_startup.c:66
msgid "Starting"
msgstr "Bezig met starten"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:175
msgid "Checking System Permissions"
msgstr "Bezig met controleren van systeemrechten"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:221 src/bin/e_sys.c:232 src/bin/e_sys.c:241
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:250
msgid "System Check Done"
msgstr "Systeemcontrole is klaar"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:317
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Logout is taking too long.<br>Some applications refuse to close.<br>Do you "
"want to finish the logout<br>anyway without closing these<br>applications "
"first?<br><br>Auto logout in %d seconds."
msgstr ""
"Afmelden duurt te lang.<br>Sommige programma's weigeren af te sluiten."
"<br>Wilt u alsnog het afmelden afmaken<br>zonder deze<br>programma's eerst "
"af te sluiten? <br><br>Automatisch afmelden in %d seconden."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:377
msgid "Logout problems"
msgstr "Afmeldproblemen"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:379
msgid "Logout now"
msgstr "Meld nu af"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:381
msgid "Wait longer"
msgstr "Wacht langer"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:383
msgid "Cancel Logout"
msgstr "Annuleer afmelden"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:423
msgid "Logout in progress"
msgstr "Bezig met afmelden"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:426
msgid "Logout in progress.<br><hilight>Please wait.</hilight>"
msgstr "Bezig met afmelden.<br><hilight>Een moment geduld.</hilight>"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:453 src/bin/e_sys.c:503
msgid "Enlightenment is busy with another request"
msgstr "Enlightenment is bezig met een andere aanvraag"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:458
msgid ""
"Logging out.<br>You cannot perform other system actions<br>once a logout has "
msgstr ""
"Bezig met afmelden.<br>U kunt geen andere systeemacties uitvoeren<br>wanneer "
"het afmelden is begonnen."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:464
msgid ""
"Powering off.<br>You cannot do any other system actions<br>once a shutdown "
"has been started."
msgstr ""
"Bezig met uitschakelen.<br>U kunt geen andere systeemacties "
"uitvoeren<br>wanneer het uitschakelen is begonnen."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:469
msgid ""
"Resetting.<br>You cannot do any other system actions<br>once a reboot has "
msgstr ""
"Bezig met herstarten.<br>U kunt geen andere systeemacties "
"uitvoeren<br>wanneer het herstarten is begonnen."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:474
msgid ""
"Suspending.<br>Until suspend is complete you cannot perform<br>any other "
"system actions."
msgstr ""
"Bezig met pauzeren.<br>U kunt geen andere systeemacties uitvoeren<br>wanneer "
"het pauzeren is begonnen."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:479
msgid ""
"Hibernating.<br>You cannot perform any other system actions<br>until this is "
msgstr ""
"Bezig met slapen.<br>U kunt geen andere systeemacties uitvoeren<br>totdat "
"het slapen voltooid is."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:484 src/bin/e_sys.c:521
msgid "EEK! This should not happen"
msgstr "EEK! Dit zou niet moeten gebeuren"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:509
msgid "Power off failed."
msgstr "Uitschakelen is mislukt."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:512
msgid "Reset failed."
msgstr "Herstarten is mislukt."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:515
msgid "Suspend failed."
msgstr "Pauzeren is mislukt."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:518
msgid "Hibernate failed."
msgstr "Slapen is mislukt."
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:581
msgid "Power off"
msgstr "Bezig met uitschakelen"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:584
msgid "Power off.<br><hilight>Please wait.</hilight>"
msgstr "Bezig met uitschakelen.<br><hilight>Een moment geduld.</hilight>"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:611
msgid "Resetting"
msgstr "Bezight met herstarten"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:614
msgid "Resetting.<br><hilight>Please wait.</hilight>"
msgstr "Bezig met herstarten.<br><hilight>Een moment geduld.</hilight>"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:642
msgid "Suspending"
msgstr "Bezig met pauzeren"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:645
msgid "Suspending.<br><hilight>Please wait.</hilight>"
msgstr "Bezig met pauzeren.<br><hilight>Een moment geduld.</hilight>"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:673
msgid "Hibernating"
msgstr "Bezig met slapen"
#: src/bin/e_sys.c:676
msgid "Hibernating.<br><hilight>Please wait.</hilight>"
msgstr "Bezig met slapen.<br><hilight>Een moment geduld.</hilight>"
#: src/bin/e_theme_about.c:14
msgid "About Theme"
msgstr "Over Thema"
#: src/bin/e_theme.c:36
msgid "Set As Theme"
msgstr "Stel in als Thema"
#: src/bin/e_toolbar.c:329
msgid "Stop Moving/Resizing Items"
msgstr "Stop verplaatsen/herschalen van items"
#: src/bin/e_toolbar.c:331
msgid "Begin Moving/Resizing Items"
msgstr "Begin verplaatsen/herschalen van items"
#: src/bin/e_toolbar.c:344
msgid "Set Toolbar Contents"
msgstr "Stel werkbalkinhoud in"
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:231 src/modules/conf_intl/e_int_config_imc.c:266
#: src/modules/conf_intl/e_int_config_imc.c:514
#, c-format
msgid "Enlightenment was unable to fork a child process:<br><br>%s<br>"
msgstr ""
"Enlightenment was niet in staat om een kinderproces te vertakken:<br><br>"
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:275
msgid "Cannot exit - immortal windows."
msgstr "Kan niet afsluiten - onsterfelijke vensters."
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:276
msgid ""
"Some windows are left still around with the Lifespan lock enabled. This "
"means<br>that Enlightenment will not allow itself to exit until these "
"windows have<br>been closed or have the lifespan lock removed.<br>"
msgstr ""
"Sommige vensters zijn nog steeds aanwezig met de Lifespan-vergrendeling "
"ingeschakeld. Dit betekent<br>dat Enlightenment niet toe zal staan zichzelf "
"af te sluiten totdat deze venster<br>afgesloten zijn of de Lifespan-"
"vergrendeling verwijderd is."
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:871
#, c-format
msgid "%'.0f Bytes"
msgstr "%'.0f Bytes"
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:875
#, c-format
msgid "%'.0f KB"
msgstr "%'.0f KB"
#: src/bin/e_utils.c:879
#, c-format