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Enventor 1.0.0
Changes since Enventor 0.9.0:
* Tooltips: Newly supported.
* Wireframe: Newly introduced.
* File Tab: Newly introduced.
* Reference Popup: Newly introduced.
* A lot of Enventor APIs are changed.
* EDC Editor: Rearrange searched part to be placed in center.
* EDC Editor: Support to jump to the part define.
* File Borwser: Set current directory as a workspace in default.
* File Browser: add a function to set a main edc file with a marker.
* File Browser: Display sorted file list based on file type.
* File Browser: Skip files if their names were started with dot.
* Template: Add various samples.
* New File: Sort template list in alphabetical order.
* Help: Update overall content.
* Setting: Apply layze style to syntax color template code.
* Setting: Add the main EDC file path.
* Live Edit: support base_scale values.
* Console: Apply syntax color for error messages:.
* EDC Parser: Identify whole macro functions to have syntax color.
* Support vector type part.
* Update overall GUIs & Shortcut keys.
* Support individual group view size and view scale.
* Limit to an single Enventor instance.
* Update Syntax color keywords.
* Allow multi-file editor.
* Template: Fix Map template code typo.
* Template: don't localize floats in the relative values.
* Statusbar: Fix an incorrect view size.
* Indentation: Fix a incorrect indentation in a corner case.
* Live Edit: Fix incorrect stacking.
* Live Edit: Fix an added object to have min size properly.
* Live Edit: Dismiss ctxpopup when view position is changed.
* Goto: Fix window closing issue.
* Setting: Fix to not abuse user Elementary configuration file.
* Setting: Reset font style properly.
* EDC Editor: Show images on cursor "images.image".
* EDC Editor: Fix to remove focus highlight on template seletion button.
* Fix many crash scenarios.
* Fix a dummy swallow/spacer selection bug.
* Fix Undo's indiscriminate red alert.
* Fix build break on Win32.
Changes since Enventor 0.8.0:
* Mirror Mode: Newly introduced.
* File Browser: Newly introduced.
* Live Edit: Support Auto-Align feature.
* Live Edit: Support relative_to among the exist parts.
* Live Edit: Support Fixed Width & Height Interface.
* Live Edit: Add Edge Attaching Effect.
* Template: Add a Watchface code.
* Live Edit: Improve part name for more formal naming rule.
* Live Edit: Support direction key for moving live edit object item per pixels.
* Live Edit: Do not highlight part during live edit mode.
* Template: Remove a duplicated image comment to look better.
* Syntax Color: Improve string syntax color logic.
* Console: Hide unnecessary error messages.
* RedoUndo: Enhance smart function to support auto indentation.
* RedoUndo: Enable smart analyze for a pushed region text.
* Setting: Redesign GUI.
* Setting: Set Error-Message-Red-Alert-Effect configurable.
* About: Redesign from About to Help.
* EDC Navigator: Provide a program launch/stop functions.
* EDC Navigator: Redesign its basic tree behavior.
* Enventor API: renamed from enventor_object_file_set() -> enventor_object_main_file_set()
* Tools: Support a template insert button.
* Don't overwrite existing EDC with new template code.
* EDC Editor: Turned off focus highlight effect.
* Setting: Fix to activate edc navigator toggle correctly.
* Setting: Show current font correctly.
* EDC Navigator: Fix the editor cursor jumping issue.
* EDC Navigator: Compare name elaborately to search the part correctly.
* Statusbar: Fix view sizing issue when an invert button is clicked repeatedly.
* Indentation: Check '\r' when indented code line is created on Windows.
* Indentation: Fix to calculate indent depth after multi line comment.
* Indentation: Fix to paste a word at correct position.
* EDC Editor: Fix a crash issue on Windows when preview part on live view is clicked.
* EDC Editor: Compare name elaborately to search the clicked part correctly.
* Live Edit: Fix malfunction of key input on Windows.
* Live Edit: Fix center guide text positioning problem.
* Live View: Update dummy part when removing all source code.
* RedoUndo: Correct work with unicode symbols.
* Template: Fix the error of line position when inserting group template.
* Template: Fix line count of textblock part inserted in live edit mode.
* Template: Fix to insert template code to the correct place.
* EDC Parser: Fix wrong minimum value of "base_scale"
* EDC Parser: Fix a crash issue when double click words on Windows.
* Ctxpopup: Fix a broken preview image relay behavior.
* Ctxpopup: Block whole area if the editor ctxpopup is activated.
* Ctxpopup: Don't display image previews if the selected image string is in comments.
* Auto Completion: Fix its list moved to selected part name position.
* Fix a crash issue when removing all code in edc editor.
* Fix a compilation issue when new empty file is opened.
* Fix a color selector to scalable.
Changes since Enventor 0.7.0:
* Editor: Open/Close Bracket Highlighting.
* Statusbar: Support view inverting function (for simulating device rotation)
* Introduce a edc navigator.
* Support a color selector for "color" keywords in edc to change color.
* Add Enventor APis.
- enventor_object_part_states_list_get()
- enventor_object_parts_list_get()
- enventor_object_part_type_get()
- enventor_object_programs_list_get()
- ctxpopup,activated signal.
* Remove fixed size option in setting.
* Remove minimum new template code.
* Remove Enventr_Max_Line data type.
* Editor: Support group name macros and preview those group macros.
* Improve Dummy Spacer UI.
* Statusbar supports live view zooming.
* Statusbar supports view size setting.
* View Scale slider in setting works on step size for mouse wheel.
* Improve the usage of the live view zooming with mouse wheel.
* Template code: fixed weird code insertion inside LazyEDC block.
* Support more autocomplete keywords.
* New design of Enventor logo.
* Improve tools ui.
* Simpilier editor ctxpopup ui.
* Console Box: Clicking Error log redirects editor cursor to the error code.
* Auto Indentation: Apply auto indentation for a edc file which is newly loaded.
* Auto Indentation: Improve logics for better smart results.
* Auto-select error code when error is occured.
* Auto completion: improve logic to guide better smart candidates lists.
* Live Edit: Select a name text in edc for a newly inserted part.
* Part Selection: Select a name in edc for a current selected part.
* RedoUndo: Support real-time preview when we undo/redo the code.
* Set a default font as Monospace type.
* Support monospace font types in the setting fonts list.
* In default, Select a current font type in the text setting.
* Editor Ctxpopup: Support Back key to reset the modification.
* Fix incorrect tools' tooltip position.
* Remove some unsupported edc keyowrds.
* Fix some memory leak issues.
* Fix ridiculous editor cursor jumping issue.
* Fix to paste markup symbols correctly.
* Fix editor to work with Copy & Paste Plain Text mode.
* Fix crash issues.
* Fix a bug that dummy swallow is invisible.
* Fix a bug that part selection in live view doesn't work.
* Fix not to insert an empty line at the end of file.
* Fix to keep the edc changed status correctly. This brought enventor save edc files multiple times unnecessarily.
* Fix initial line max is 0 issue.
* Reset cursor position to 0 when edc file is loaded.
* Fix to update images properly even if very large size of image were updated by other process.
Changes since Enventor 0.6.0:
* Tracking image resources for realtime live view updation.
* Marking lines which contains errors in edc editor.
* Support localization (English, Russian)
* Smart redo/undo function which applies coding convention for undo texts.
* Support dummy spacer.
* Jumping on to the code related with the current clicked part in live view.
* Get rid of ELM_ENGINE environment.
* Focus shouldn't move on to ctxpopup when its moving.
* File Saving contains .edc extension automatically.
* Migrate on to lazy edc fully (syntax color, template code, etc..)
* Support realtime live view updation for the slider in ctxpoup.
* Renamed syntax color data file from color.src to edc.src.
* More compatible with ms windows platform.
* Add "base_scale" into template code.
* Improve auto completion for more correct and useful candidate keywords.
* Support ELM_ACCEL environment.
* Move the editor cursor at the end of the attributes after dismissing candidate list.
* Rename a temporary output file name to be different with input file name so that multiple enventors could modify same input file at the same time.
* Support more auto complete keywords.
- effect, anti_alias, mask_flags, limit, clip_to, domain
* Improve live edit icons quality.
* Fix key modifiers to work short cut keys correctly.
* Correct incorrect syntax color.
* Enventor_Path_Type interface is updated.
* Fix missing edc updation if it is modified by other processes.
* Fix some memory leaks.
* Recognize part descriptions properly in the editor even though they don't have names.
* Create a config home folder properly if it's not existed.
* Fix eo build break on the latest efl(1.16)
* Fix a broken redo/undo function after replacing the text with search/replace feature.
* Fix to be avaiable to choose the last item on the candidate list.
* Fix to work part highlighting out for all groups in one edc.
* Fix to close goto window while it's toggled with a toolbar button.
* Fix a wierd behavior which changes edc source when ctxpopup is going to be closed.
* Fix to move scroller bar to correct position for find function.
* Fix the issue that ctxpopup preview images are remained when mouse wheel works quickly.
* Reset console box error messages when new or open file is performed.
* Let the editor have focus after live edit is done.
* Dismiss ctxpopup when edc build error.
* Dismiss ctxpopup when warning box is shown up at window exit.
* Fix incorrect size displaying of the live object.
Changes since Enventor 0.5.0:
* Support editor font setting(font name, style, size).
* Add Enventor APis.
- enventor_object_font_set()/get() APIs.
- enventor_object_auto_complete_list_show() API.
* Get rid of template insert feature per parts.
* Get rid of tooltips from menu buttons.
* Support more keywords in auto completion.
* Support more syntax color keywords
* Update live view with the current part that cursor positioned in.
* Improve live edit dragging handling.
* Introduce new command line arguments.
* Add more new file templates.
* Support edj output file path set.
* Update previous enventor config file properly by version info.
* Support saving edj file from file dialog.
* Enhance auto completion feature.
* Support part highlighting for SPACER type.
* Change short-cut keys for split views.
* Apply auto indentation when code is pasted.
* Support toggle effect on Tools GUI.
* Store/Restore editor split view status.
* Change live view scaling to zoom in/out concept.
* Adjust live view zoom range. (0.1 ~ 10.0)
* Fix the compatibility to eo syntax change.
* Fix library initialization count corruption.
* Disable part highlight on Live Edit mode.
* Fix the live view to update by groups correctly.
* Fix wrong candidate popup position.
* Fix context corruption of font/view scale up/down.
* Fix auto completion popup sizing issue.
* Close auto completion popup if the line is deleted.
* Fix focus highlight remaining issue when live edit item is selected.
* Zoom up/down properly on live edit mode.
* Cancel live edit if the about(F1) is activated.
* Ctrl + wheel works even with numlock.
Changes since Enventor 0.4.0:
* Support syntax color customization in setting.
* Add console auto hide mode.
* Support Live Edit (Ctrl + E).
* Add Enventor APIs.
- enventor_object_redo(), undo() APIs.
- enventor_object_cursor_pos_set() API.
- enventor_object_syntax_color_set()/get() APIs.
* Add "live_view,loaded" enventor smart callback.
* Enable to insert image descirtiption and textblock style in template inserting.
* Reset console error message when error is gone.
* Add Text Editor mode in setting.
* Menu supports tooltip.
* Redesign Tools and support tooltip helper.
* Redesign candidate popup and it's behavior.
* Support more keywords in candidate popup.
* Support more keywords in auto completion.
* Keep window size set last time.
* Fix to monitor empty file in live view.
* Fix intinite loop with "-to xxx.edc" in command line.
* Fix live view updation problem.
* Exporting/Importing Enventor dll for win32.
* Fix that edj is not reloaded when newly opened edc is changed.
* Fix wrong cursor position on status bar.
* Fix to goto window scalable.
* Set temporary path to default edc path by eina_file_mkstemp().
* Fix to show double quotation marks(") on efl 1.13
* Don't dismiss candidate popup on key events.
* Disable autoscrolling while ctxpopup is visible.
* Fix max value of mouse_events from 1000 to 1
* Fix to toggle linenumber properly with Shortcut key(F5)
* Fix max value of the mouse_events from 1000 to 1
* Fix candidate keyword name "align"
* Install missing eo header files
* Fix build package dependency.
Changes since Enventor 0.3.0:
* Support Redo/Undo (Ctrl+R/Ctrl+Z)
* Support Enventor APIs.
* Support Console box that displays error messages.
* Support auto completion Tab key to insert selection.
* Support auto completion more candidate keywords.
* Support tracking edc file modification and notification of it.
* Support "-to" command line option to open template menu at launching.
* Support multiple Enventor app processes.
* Improve GUIs.
* Generate template parts with random names.
* Fixed auto completion popup to be shown even if entry cursor is moved up and down.
* Fixed to clear selection when find window is moved or closed.
* Fixed incorrect part highlight Short Cut key.
* Fixed memory leaks in some cases.
* Fixed segfault in applying syntax color.
* Fixed window title file path to be updated correctly.
* Fixed auto completion keyword relative
* Fixed auto completion candidation list to be updated correctly.
* Fixed dummy object(swallow) was invisible case.
Changes since Enventor 0.2.0:
* Go to line (Ctrl+L)
* Support template codes from the new file
* Auto Completion (Ctrl+O)
* Improved syntax color keywords to be configurable (enventor/data/color/color.src)
* Support more syntax color keywords
* Optimized syntax color function with parital applying mechacnism (Much faster in case of editing huge text)
* Support syntax color on macros
* Better intelligent focus movement
* Changed desktop category to Development/Utility
* Fixed broken Search GUI scalability
* Fixed corrupted line number displaying
* Fixed a crash when an invalid input file is requested
* Got rid of a dangling empty space in the end of the file
* Fixed missing loading "&" character in a edc
Changes since Enventor 0.1:
* Save/Load config values (~/.config/enventor/enventor.eet)
* Toolbar GUI (F11)
* View scale change (Ctrl + Mouse Wheel)
* Find/Replace (Ctrl+F)
* Line Deletion (Ctrl+D)
* Applied more syntax color keywords
* Display the current file path on the window title bar
* Support ELM_ENGINE gl set
* Better Pretty GUI
* Create a new file that is specified on the command line
* Support more selection keyword for candidate list display. - "action", "STATE_SET", "inherit", "image.normal", "image.tween", "target", "source"
* GUI scalability
* Open real "new" template code when New is requested