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masterEphoto: Reset timer when mouse leaves the overlay.Stephen okra Houston20 hours
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20 hoursEphoto: Reset timer when mouse leaves the overlay.HEADmasterStephen okra Houston1-0/+7
37 hoursEphoto: Don't forget to show single browser controls when opening ephoto with...Stephen Houston1-0/+1
39 hoursEphoto: More changes to the edjey overlay style!Stephen okra Houston14-437/+1992
39 hoursEphoto: Ephoto goes edjey! Give ephoto an edje style overlayed interface.Stephen okra Houston17-1593/+1004
8 dayssmall fix for italian translationDave Andreoli1-2/+2
2016-04-21Forgot to rebase.Stephen okra Houston3-1/+24
2016-04-21Ephoto: Keep folder toggle on the correct state.Stephen okra Houston1-19/+22
2016-04-14Ephoto: If located in single browser on rename, make sure to pend the new fil...Stephen Houston1-0/+6
2016-04-14Ephoto: Add renme and delete to single browser.Stephen Houston2-1/+18
2016-04-12EPhoto: Combine General and Slideshow settings tabs.Stephen Houston1-45/+56