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2017-09-20Enter commit summaryStephen Houston
Ephoto: Formatting And change details Committed via EDI: Cool!
2017-08-30Ephoto: Ecrustify FormattingStephen 'Okra' Houston
2017-05-02Ephoto: Factor out common code, use "start" for Windows based devices ↵Stephen 'Okra' Houston
instead of xdg-open, improve compiler flags.
2017-05-01Ephoto: Allow resizeable panels, remove checkerboard so that it functions ↵Stephen 'Okra' Houston
better with themes, add shortcuts for home and root.
2017-03-29Ephoto: Hide controls on edit, fix a bug with undo+redo, improve settings popup.Stephen 'Okra' Houston
2017-03-28Ephoto: In preparation for release, remove the overlapping autohide panels ↵Stephen 'Okra' Houston
per overwhelming user requests.
2016-10-11Ephoto: Trailing whitespace cleanup - memcpy fix.Stephen Houston
2016-10-10Ephoto: Fix handling of history and applying of edits.Stephen Houston
2016-08-04Ephoto: Use evas_object_image rather than elm_image to avoid casting. Add ↵Stephen okra Houston
config option to turn off smooth scaling.
2016-05-26Ephoto: Ephoto goes edjey! Give ephoto an edje style overlayed interface.Stephen okra Houston
For screenshots and video, you can visit this post:
2016-04-08Ephoto: Clean up/organize code to get ready for release. Use a pane widget ↵Stephen okra Houston
for the thumbnail view. Use raise() to work around genlist bug.
2016-04-05Ephoto: Work around some bugs with editing.Stephen Houston
2016-03-23Ephoto: Move common editing code to one place.Stephen okra Houston
2016-01-20Ephoto: FormattingStephen okra Houston
2015-11-24Ephoto: Add file operations, context menus, sorting, and more.Stephen Houston
2015-10-30Ephoto: Make sure to reset changes on cancel.Stephen Houston
2015-10-27Ephoto: Finish the cleanup on the cropper appearance.Stephen Houston
2015-08-27Ephoto: Add color level adjustment feature to the single browser.Stephen Houston