BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.5Add project files to .gitignoreKai Huuhko8 years
feature/create-torrentAdd bin/epour-create-torrentKai Huuhko12 months
masterAdding italian translationmaxerba4 years
v0.7.0commit 028d7873d7...Kai Huuhko4 years
v0.6.0commit 305d119020...Kai Huuhko7 years
epour- bd1774baa6...Kai Huuhko8 years
epour-0.5.1commit a1eb49c495...Kai Huuhko8 years
epour-0.5commit 17a74c7a00...Kai Huuhko8 years
epour-0.4commit 56adf70a44...Kai Huuhko8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-11-05Adding italian translationHEADmastermaxerba
2017-05-08Release 0.7.0v0.7.0Kai Huuhko
2017-05-08Add local fallback for theme fileKai Huuhko
2016-09-21Allow action menu to be activated by right clickKai Huuhko
2016-09-20Fix tooltips for torrents without metadataKai Huuhko
2016-09-20Add icon sizes better suited for toolbarKai Huuhko
2016-09-19libtorrent compatibility fixesKai Huuhko
2016-09-14Fix progressbar updatesKai Huuhko
2016-09-13Theme: Use custom style name and remove call to extension_addKai Huuhko
2016-09-13Add custom theme and iconsKai Huuhko