AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 hoursmacro: Name.HEADmasterAlastair Poole
2 daysicon_cache: openbsd changes.Alastair Poole
6 daysupdating french translationmaxerba
2021-04-23build: fix on openbsdAlastair Poole
2021-04-20NEWS: Bug fix translate.v0.5.13Alastair Poole
2021-04-20Updating french translationmaxerba
2021-04-19proclist: fix small bug.Alastair Poole
2021-04-12updating french and italian translationsmaxerba
2021-04-10network: remove dead code.Alastair Poole
2021-04-10meson: build fix batden :)Alastair Poole
2021-04-09changes: Poole
2021-04-06sensors: Fallback fixv0.5.12Alastair Poole
2021-04-06sensors: hidpp linux coarse battery...Alastair Poole
2021-04-05sensors: assume present...Alastair Poole
2021-04-05process_view: 1Alastair Poole
2021-04-05process_view: about right.Alastair Poole
2021-04-05fields_popup: change colour on hover.Alastair Poole
2021-04-04label: order.Alastair Poole
2021-04-04fields: unset when config unchanged.Alastair Poole
2021-04-04NOTES: Add some notes.Alastair Poole
2021-04-04NEWS: Some items.Alastair Poole
2021-04-04ui: fix warningAlastair Poole
2021-04-04icon: nicer higher scale...Alastair Poole
2021-04-04config: default values.Alastair Poole
2021-04-04ui: cheap hacksAlastair Poole
2021-04-04list: cheap hackAlastair Poole
2021-04-04fields: show apply on change.Alastair Poole
2021-04-03sensors: battery present linux.Alastair Poole
2021-04-03fields: small icons as buttons...Alastair Poole
2021-04-02fields_menu: some buttons.Alastair Poole
2021-04-01about: scale vertAlastair Poole
2021-04-01btn: needs a min width.Alastair Poole
2021-04-01build: fix.Alastair Poole
2021-04-01RFC: statusbar things....Alastair Poole
2021-03-31bg: cpu online...Alastair Poole
2021-03-31bg_poll: use existing api...Alastair Poole
2021-03-31ui: order.Alastair Poole
2021-03-31units: Someone will complain...and they will be...Alastair Poole
2021-03-31ui: tidy this later....Alastair Poole
2021-03-31ui: moans regardless...Alastair Poole
2021-03-31proclist: Adjustment increase poll.Alastair Poole
2021-03-31ui: kthreads values.Alastair Poole
2021-03-29win: More descriptive struct.Alastair Poole
2021-03-29intl: translatable.Alastair Poole
2021-03-29config: think about the normal people.Alastair Poole
2021-03-29ui: hide indicator in menu.Alastair Poole
2021-03-29proclist: indent.Alastair Poole
2021-03-28proclist: time align.Alastair Poole
2021-03-28config: Bump up prepare to push a number.Alastair Poole
2021-03-28NEWS: Update.Alastair Poole