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first cut visul bell and bewll handling with urgent enable while not
focued and bell goes off (optional). gfx can be much nicer - really quick and dirty led img SVN revision: 72718
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here's a short list of things i think we can do in the short to medium term to
make it a first-class terminal:
-[X] evas textgrid needs creating and to be used
-[X] underline and strikethrough need supporting at termio level
[ ] blink and blink2 attributes need to be supported
-[ ] improve terminal emulation handling (i know it doesn't handle gfx
- chars and it definitely has an incomplete escape handling core -
- many are commented out and unhandled)
+[ ] improve terminal emulation handling. known apps with problems:
+ mc
[ ] copy & paste support for clipboard not just primary (like xterm)
[ ] dnd text (to/from terminal)
-[X] ecore-imf support
[ ] handle multibyte displays better (does handle utf8 only atm and
- then maybe not according to convention)
+ then maybe not according to convention like double cell spacing
+ for jp/kr/zh etc.)
[ ] general input mode handling improvements (keypad, other key
- input, mousereporting etc.)
-[X] save of config after options changes (option checkbox for
- temporary local only changes)
+ input, etc.)
[ ] selection of themes
[ ] selection of background "wallpapers" (and support them at all -
doesn't right now - should support regular images, animated gifs,
and edje files)
-[X] transparency support (theme needs to be told to go into
- tranpsarency mode and then window alpha enabled)
-[ ] visual bell reporting (signals to theme)
[ ] scrollbar (elm scroller that mirrors the term smart size/position
- gives us fingerscroll - layer on top of term smart, stick
invisible rect inside to track for scrolling etc.)
@@ -34,11 +26,7 @@ make it a first-class terminal:
[ ] selection should become single edje object so it can be styled nicely
[ ] selection should have handles on the start/end so u can drag and
change its size once there
-[ ] improve selection text extraction logic
-[X] font selector should include font previews in the list -
- preferably ONLY be a list of previews
-[X] options widgets should be deleted once they are hidden. they stay
- in memory at the moment
+[ ] improve selection text extraction logic so its reliable
[ ] clicking with ANY mouse button while options is up outside of
options should dismiss it.