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parenttrack term titles properly and put them in tab sel views. done for the (diff)
some cleaning up of pending things.. so we can do a terminology 0.3
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here's a short list of things i think we can do in the short to medium term to
make it a first-class terminal:
+[ ] better info in tyls -m
+[ ] tyls -b needs doing
[ ] blink and blink2 attributes need to be supported
[ ] general input mode handling improvements (keypad, other key
input, etc.)
@@ -24,32 +26,18 @@ make it a first-class terminal:
[ ] dnd of file to term offer to paste path, with escapes or paste file
content (if text) with or without escaping
[ ] helpers when executed need to escape path/uri in command buffer
-[ ] media - improve position slider to track ucr position as u play
+[ ] media - improve position slider to track position as u play
[ ] improve look of meida controls (youtube like better with mouse move show)
-[ ] media controls for music files need to be compact for music
[ ] make media controls an api where controls are provided by the media
object owner so they can be custom placed/swallowed/handled better
[ ] media controls need to have zoom controls for all formats
[ ] media controls need next/prev page controls for paged media (ps/pdf)
[ ] add better handling of music files (with just playbar+vol, no image)
[ ] display queue of media visually
-[ ] add escapes for displaying media
[ ] add option for cjk double width mode
[ ] apparently there are problems with mutt, screen and tmux? vim
mousewheel scroll suport doesnt work
[ ] possible evas font problem with proggy fonts: http://www.proggyfonts.com/
-[ ] alt+return doesn't copy current selection to input line.
-[ ] ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shift+v should do copy & paste
-[ ] tab sel needs decent edje styling with spacing and shadows around items
-[ ] tab sel needs to display term title and track changes
-[ ] tab sel needs to display alert/bell state and display it
-[ ] termio needs a bg mode for invisible tabs (until sel view is up)
-[ ] termio needs a visible but not selected mode (for media volume?)
-[ ] tab sel needs to use temio bg/visible modes
-[ ] main term needs to track title in its struct and win title needs
- to show it when we switch focus to that term
-[ ] need an edje bg/overlay/swallow around sel that is put in the pane or
- terminology main swallow for styling and bg.
[ ] need mouse control for sel object (autoscroll based on position)
[ ] need mouseover top of term to go into sel mode
[ ] need to track bell on bg terms and indicate a bg term wants attention