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terminology can do multi instance now (in a single process). that
means 2 or 3 or more windows == same terminology process. there is a checkbox to turn it on. in theory it CAN do multipe terms within 1 windows, except there's incomplete sizing logic code for hansling step sizing and min size with multielp terms in the same window (imagine u laid them out in a table grid... all we need is a table and pack n terms in and presto.. but the sizing will be "bizarre" at the moment)... if they are packed on top of eachother like a notebook... sure - but no notebook widget and no way to sensibly display and switch... but the code infra now all supports it in theory. this is more about testing and making that infra work. first will probably be a grid layout of some sort because frankly... it's easier. but for now... lets get this multi-instance fun on the table. SVN revision: 81740
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1#ifndef _IPC_H__
2#define _IPC_H__ 1
4#include "config.h"
6typedef struct _Ipc_Instance Ipc_Instance;
8struct _Ipc_Instance
10 const char *cmd;
11 const char *cd;
12 const char *background;
13 const char *name;
14 const char *role;
15 const char *title;
16 const char *icon_name;
17 const char *font;
18 const char *startup_id;
19 int x, y, w, h;
20 int pos;
21 int login_shell;
22 int fullscreen;
23 int iconic;
24 int borderless;
25 int override;
26 int maximized;
27 int hold;
28 int nowm;
31void ipc_init(void);
32void ipc_shutdown(void);
33void ipc_serve(void);
34void ipc_instance_new_func_set(void (*func) (Ipc_Instance *inst));
35Eina_Bool ipc_instance_add(Ipc_Instance *inst);