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authorFlavio Vinicius Alvares Ceolin <flavio.ceolin@profusion.mobi>2012-10-19 22:04:01 +0000
committerFlavio Vinicius Alvares Ceolin <flavio.ceolin@profusion.mobi>2012-10-19 22:04:01 +0000
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parentoops i broke url fetching in generla in terminology! fix! (diff)
Using the edje_codegen to handle with the theme
Using the code generated to handle the parts of the edj file. Trying to avoid mistakes with the parts names and make the code more independent from the theme (the parts can change the name since it maintaining the same api) SVN revision: 78271
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diff --git a/src/bin/termiolink.c b/src/bin/termiolink.c
index e523320..67d7aff 100644
--- a/src/bin/termiolink.c
+++ b/src/bin/termiolink.c
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
#include "termio.h"
#include "utils.h"
static Eina_Bool
coord_back(int *x, int *y, int w, int h __UNUSED__)