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authorBoris Faure <billiob@gmail.com>2013-05-02 10:24:57 +0200
committerBoris Faure <billiob@gmail.com>2013-05-02 10:33:39 +0200
commitb6d2b1b4ad6c15bbed089cd9bfec3588a0102be7 (patch)
treeb22d2ca3edaa807656406efaa9edc7a8072ab602 /src/bin/termptyops.h
parentmain.c: display the current tab number. (diff)
revert a bunch of commits that weren't ready for prime time
664c5a23: Revert "compat: csi parameters are always decimal" 3694c88c: Revert "compat: handle cursor-controls chars in ESC sequences" 16e143f9: Revert "compat: add margin top support on Origin mode" 4daccf1f: Revert "compat: add ugly testing code to change between 80/132 cols" d5be8a64: Revert "add termio_win_get();" cff21ea5: Revert "compat: only clear cells when scrolling to add text" 13a11e5a: Revert "compat: add some csi dec private modes TODOs" 65f07f77: Revert "handle DCS status string requests"
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/src/bin/termptyops.h b/src/bin/termptyops.h
index 8d11a41..3358602 100644
--- a/src/bin/termptyops.h
+++ b/src/bin/termptyops.h
@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@ typedef enum _Termpty_Clear
void termpty_text_save_top(Termpty *ty, Termcell *cells, ssize_t w_max);
void _termpty_text_copy(Termpty *ty, Termcell *cells, Termcell *dest, int count);
-void _termpty_text_scroll(Termpty *ty, Eina_Bool clear);
-void _termpty_text_scroll_rev(Termpty *ty, Eina_Bool clear);
-void _termpty_text_scroll_test(Termpty *ty, Eina_Bool clear);
-void _termpty_text_scroll_rev_test(Termpty *ty, Eina_Bool clear);
+void _termpty_text_scroll(Termpty *ty);
+void _termpty_text_scroll_rev(Termpty *ty);
+void _termpty_text_scroll_test(Termpty *ty);
+void _termpty_text_scroll_rev_test(Termpty *ty);
void _termpty_text_append(Termpty *ty, const Eina_Unicode *codepoints, int len);
void _termpty_clear_line(Termpty *ty, Termpty_Clear mode, int limit);
void _termpty_clear_screen(Termpty *ty, Termpty_Clear mode);