AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
28 hourstermiolink: avoid long cascade of cases (implicit fallthrough)HEADmasterBoris Faure
2 dayssnap: use efl-1.24.2Boris Faure
6 daysfix linking to libm due to using math funcsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
6 daystermiointernals: use a switch/caseBoris Faure
8 dayssb: extract testsBoris Faure
8 daystermiointernals: _codepoint_is_wordsep() is constBoris Faure
8 dayshave define BINARY_TYFUZZ/BINARY_TYTESTBoris Faure
8 daysmv src/bin/md5/md5.{c,h} src/bin/Boris Faure
9 dayssb: add some more testsBoris Faure
9 dayssb: fix error: applying zero offset to null pointerBoris Faure
9 dayssb: add unit tests + fix a few issuesBoris Faure
9 dayssb: add ty_sb_spaces_ltrim()Boris Faure
10 daysci: run "tytest dummy" to ensure finding a test worksBoris Faure
10 daysrun unit tests in ciBoris Faure
10 daysdumb framework to run unit tests in terminologyBoris Faure
10 daystests: rework tytest.c/tyfuzz.c to no longer #include one in the otherBoris Faure
13 daysMerge branch 'terminology-1.7'Boris Faure
13 daysoptions: word-wrap some labelsterminology-1.7Boris Faure
13 daysscale wizard: word-wrap the labelsBoris Faure
2020-05-18tests: add one about '-' not being a word separatorBoris Faure
2020-05-18Merge branch 'terminology-1.7'Boris Faure
2020-05-18options_elm: fix original _find_binaryBoris Faure
2020-05-18snap efl patch: remove useless assignmentBoris Faure
2020-05-18Merge branch 'terminology-1.7'Boris Faure
2020-05-18snap: make embedded efl able to start efreetdBoris Faure
2020-05-18termiointernals.c: do not consider '-' as a word separatorBoris Faure
2020-05-17snap: use efl-1.24.1Boris Faure
2020-05-16Merge branch 'terminology-1.7'Boris Faure
2020-05-16focus validator: be less strict when changing tabsBoris Faure
2020-05-11termiointernals: handle EM (end of medium) as word separatorBoris Faure
2020-05-11on the road againBoris Faure
2020-05-101.7.0 is now!v1.7.0Boris Faure
2020-05-10update AUTHORS fileBoris Faure
2020-05-09termptyesc: randomize new entry in the true color cacheBoris Faure
2020-05-08update Changelog/NEWS with updated translationsBoris Faure
2020-05-08Updagte Croatian translation hr.pomilotype
2020-05-08Update complete German translation de.pomilotype
2020-05-08tests: reuse one of 32 TrueColors over the terminalBoris Faure
2020-05-08tests: on true color cache thrashingBoris Faure
2020-05-07changelog/news: about new escape code on term program + versionBoris Faure
2020-05-06test: test escape code to get term name + versionBoris Faure
2020-05-06termpty: set TERM_PROGRAM/TERM_PROGRAM_VERSION env variablesBoris Faure
2020-05-06termptyesc: handle terminal queryBoris Faure
2020-05-06update ChangeLog/NEWS with new croatian translationBoris Faure
2020-05-06Release of Croatian translation hr.pomilotype
2020-05-06Update LINGUAS with hrmilotype
2020-05-05ChangeLog: of course, the next release is 1.7.0Boris Faure
2020-05-05tests: box selection scrolls downBoris Faure
2020-05-05tests: selection to the bottom scrolls downBoris Faure
2020-05-05tests: add box selection that scrolls upBoris Faure