AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-03-02Allow user to set the title of the each tabdevs/zehortigoza/user-titleJosé Roberto de Souza
2016-02-09remove "tabclose" icon on tabs on the backBoris Faure
2016-02-07do not append \n at end of box selectionBoris Faure
2016-02-07we're in 2016!Boris Faure
2016-02-07update README to 0.9.1Boris Faure
2016-02-02remove callbacks early when pty existsBoris Faure
2016-02-02do not use edje cb when term quits. Closes T3105Boris Faure
2016-01-31fix tabbar not working after tab is closed. Closes T3105Boris Faure
2016-01-31[zoom] fix crash fix.Andy Williams
2016-01-31[zoom] Fix some potential crashes when zooming.Andy Williams
2016-01-29[zoom] Smooth the scaling of fonts when zoomingAndy Williams
2016-01-29[options] size options list according to scaleAndy Williams
2016-01-27fix selections (again and again) of single-char wordsBoris Faure
2016-01-27oops. Always use curly braces…Boris Faure
2016-01-27fix one-char selectionsBoris Faure
2016-01-07fix CID1347402 Pointer to local outside scopeBoris Faure
2016-01-07fix CID1347401 Pointer to local outside scopeBoris Faure
2016-01-07fix CID1347400 Pointer to local outside scopeBoris Faure
2015-12-26Option to disable cd to current tab dir.Stanislav Baiduzhyi
2015-12-26Passing KP_ keys to ptyStanislav Baiduzhyi
2015-12-26remove statement with no effectBoris Faure
2015-12-15do not force full textgrid width update if preedit_str is ""Mike Blumenkrantz
2015-12-12tybg: fix indentationBoris Faure
2015-12-10Closes T2911. fix reflowBoris Faure
2015-12-07fix text reflow. Closes T2911Boris Faure
2015-11-28autotools: add a required image in EXTRA_DISTJerome Pinot
2015-11-21fix wrong assert. Closes T2858Boris Faure
2015-11-19config: fix CID 1339831: Null pointer dereferenceBoris Faure
2015-11-19options_theme: fix CID 1339832: Null pointer dereferenceBoris Faure
2015-11-19options_font: fix CID 1339833Boris Faure
2015-11-19options_wallpaper: fix CID 1339834: Null pointer dereferenceBoris Faure
2015-11-19options_wallpaper: fix CID 1339835: Null pointer dereferenceBoris Faure
2015-11-19win: fix CID 1339836: Null pointer dereferenceBoris Faure
2015-11-19lz4: fix CID 1339837: Null pointer dereferenceBoris Faure
2015-11-19lz4: fix CID 1339838: Null pointer dereferenceBoris Faure
2015-11-19lz4: fix CID 1339839: Null pointer dereferenceBoris Faure
2015-11-19fix startup split and commandsBoris Faure
2015-11-14 fix crash when running tyfuzz. not in terminologyBoris Faure
2015-11-12fix fuzzing so terminology works at all againCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-11-08fuzz: shorten again the test caseBoris Faure
2015-11-08fix int overflowBoris Faure
2015-11-08fuzz: shorten test caseBoris Faure
2015-11-08tyfuzz: read from stdin but write to /dev/nullBoris Faure
2015-11-08ugly code to log to syslogBoris Faure
2015-11-08fix typo/bug spotted by afl-fuzzBoris Faure
2015-11-08config: add config_new() to create a new default configBoris Faure
2015-11-08add tyfuzz utility used for fuzzing the escape code parsing routinesBoris Faure
2015-11-08comment unused code to remove dependencyBoris Faure
2015-11-08make termpty_handle_buf() public to ease fuzzingBoris Faure
2015-11-08enable fuzzing with --enable-fuzzingBoris Faure