AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-10-10fix -e option. Closes T6175terminology-1.1Boris Faure
2017-09-20gravatar: get images through httpsBoris Faure
2017-09-18support the REP escape code. Closes T6042Boris Faure
2017-09-08harden the code around manipulation of cursor_stateBoris Faure
2017-09-02Terminology release 1.1.1v1.1.1Boris Faure
2017-08-28have only one concept of title. Ref T5704Boris Faure
2017-08-28correctly handle -T option. Ref T5704Boris Faure
2017-08-26force user title one window when set through -T option. Closes T5704Boris Faure
2017-08-26empty string resets tab titleBoris Faure
2017-08-26do not add spurious whitespace when running a command (-e option)Boris Faure
2017-08-26fix selections in the backlog. Closes T5743Boris Faure
In the backlog, every cell but the last one has the autowrapped flag set. _termpty_cellrow_from_beacon_get() now returns a length in the "screen space".
2017-08-22termptyops.c: fix scrolling wrt bottom marginBoris Faure
Thanks to @ncim for the report
2017-08-22termptyesc: correctly handle going to start of line when there is a left marginBoris Faure
2017-08-21termpty: remove termstate.had_cr since it's unusedBoris Faure
2017-08-21termptyesc: clearing the screen (from ED2) should not reset bottom marginBoris Faure
Thanks to @ncim for the report.
2017-08-21update danish translation. Thanks to scootergrisenBoris Faure
2017-08-16Terminology release 1.1.0v1.1.0Boris Faure
2017-08-16ChangeLog/NEWS for 1.1.0Boris Faure
2017-08-16fix compilation on old eflBoris Faure
2017-08-04add fallthrough tags to have fewer warningsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-08-02Updating italian translationmaxerba
2017-08-02fix buffer size - was 1 byte too short on stackCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
7 not 6 bytes. include nul byte.
2017-07-31New danish translationmaxerba
2017-07-27termpty: fix inserting blank chars. Closes T5802Boris Faure
2017-07-23teamwork: remove the feature since it's no longer supported in elmBoris Faure
2017-07-23sizing: use 1px step when having visible tabs.Boris Faure
Closes T5421
2017-07-14font: update all terms to this window when changing font (size)Boris Faure
Closes T5012 Closes T5445
2017-07-14tycommon: add "directly" to "not running in terminology"Boris Faure
2017-07-11termptyesc: add missing break. CID1377552Boris Faure
2017-07-11win: add binding (Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right) to move around panesBoris Faure
2017-07-06constifyBoris Faure
2017-07-06feature: click-alt tries to handle wrapped CLI. Closes T5537Boris Faure
2017-06-29feature: move cursor to position on click+alt. Closes T5537Boris Faure
2017-06-26termpty: correctly handle DECFRA wrt SGR 0Boris Faure
2017-06-26termpty: DECERA only changes codepointsBoris Faure
2017-06-07termptyesc: restrict right/bottom rectangle coordinatesBoris Faure
2017-06-06afl-fuzz: spice up original test caseBoris Faure
2017-06-06termptyops: fix clearing cells on scrollBoris Faure
cells has already the offset taken into account
2017-06-06termptyesc: restrict CUP/HVP to right/bottom marginsBoris Faure
2017-06-06fix stupid segfaultBoris Faure
2017-06-05termptyesc: fix handling of DECSLRM. Ref T5533Boris Faure
2017-06-05termpty: handle DECERABoris Faure
2017-06-05termptyesc: handle DECFRABoris Faure
2017-06-05termptyops: handle right/left margins. Ref T5533Boris Faure
2017-06-05termptyesc: correctly handle cursor wrt right/left marginsBoris Faure
2017-06-05termptyesc: extract handling CUP/HVP to one functionBoris Faure
2017-06-05termio: ev was unusedBoris Faure
2017-06-04termio: fix mouse button event tracking in vimJean Guyomarc'h
Commit 9e0b63403f423b12172a010d71d1d5f67788df29 caused mouse events not to be processed correctly by vim. Resizing subwindows with the mouse was fully broken. Without the mouse button information, the button event tracking could not be forwarded to the terminal.
2017-06-04termptyesc: fix invalid clamping on CSI XJean Guyomarc'h
Fixes a regression introduced by commit bd6c81e, which broke the ncurses rendering of the Kernel menuconfig, making it impossible to be used.
2017-06-04termptyesc: improve const-correctness of dataJean Guyomarc'h