AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-17options_font: fix use after freeterminology-1.5Boris Faure
2019-10-14win: remove hide_cursor_timer when closing a windowBoris Faure
2019-10-01options_behavior: disable "hide cursor"'s slider when neededBoris Faure
2019-09-29sel: selector was not taking into account the new destinationBoris Faure
2019-09-04fix leaks when looking for linksBoris Faure
2019-09-02termio: evas_object_focus_get() agains obj is not validBoris Faure
Focus is not handled at that layer. Closes T8176
2019-09-02hide cursor: fix unchecking "auto hide cursor". Closes T8148Boris Faure
2019-09-02tests: remove duplicatesBoris Faure
2019-09-02add test about bug fixed in e33d07f49244bb75a8690cc4eb761acbe6e16d4bBoris Faure
2019-09-02selection in backbuffer fix try #2Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
get rid of segv's by trying this again in a different way @fix
2019-09-02po: add Polish translation support. Thanks to Fervi! Closes T8196Boris Faure
2019-08-06options_keys: force delete of genlist to avoid racesBoris Faure
2019-08-06options_behavior: avoid eo messageBoris Faure
I have no idea why this fixes anything
2019-07-20NEWS: correct titlesv1.5.0Boris Faure
2019-07-18termptyesc: use "ESC\", the 7-bit version of ST.Boris Faure
Ref T8054
2019-07-17termptyesc: xterm is actually emitting \033 and not STBoris Faure
ST is as described in
2019-07-17termptyesc: fix osc-11 reporting. It ends with STBoris Faure
Closes T8054
2019-07-14Prepare Terminology release 1.5.0Boris Faure
2019-07-14avoid redefinition of Term and WinBoris Faure
2019-07-10termiointernals: no out-of-band read when selecting empty linesBoris Faure
2019-07-08termiointernals: remove leakBoris Faure
2019-07-08termio: fix CID1402874, buffer overrunBoris Faure
Also fix CID1402875, CID1402876, CID1402877, CID1402878
2019-07-08circleci: fix cflags when compiling with clang and ubsanBoris Faure
2019-07-08clean up mess with libintlBoris Faure
The header must exist, the lib itself may not
2019-07-08coverity fixed their stuff, remove hackBoris Faure
2019-07-08tyfuzz/tytest: fix leakBoris Faure
2019-07-08circleci: run tests with UndefinedBehaviorSanitizerBoris Faure
2019-07-08circleci: fix typoBoris Faure
2019-07-08tytest: fix runtime error: null pointer passed as argument 2, which is ↵Boris Faure
declared to never be null
2019-07-08win: remove shadowed variableBoris Faure
2019-07-08sel: clean up: use sd directly whenever possibleBoris Faure
2019-07-08tab_selector: fix focus issueBoris Faure
2019-07-08build: libintl is required if nls is set (default: true)Boris Faure
2019-07-08win: start the hide_cursor timer on window creationBoris Faure
2019-07-08papercolor: set reverse colorsBoris Faure
2019-07-08papercolor: swap black and whiteBoris Faure
2019-07-08papercolor: background is whiter + bold white is … white :DBoris Faure
2019-07-08themes/papercolor: fix colorsBoris Faure
2019-07-08tools: add colors.shBoris Faure
2019-07-08themes: add papercolor themeBoris Faure
2019-07-08win: hide mouse cursor when idle after timerBoris Faure
2019-07-08options_behavior: add ui to change "hide cursor" settingBoris Faure
2019-07-08config: add item to hide cursorBoris Faure
2019-07-08Updating french translationmaxerba
2019-06-23tests: update results file to reflect changes on double-width handlingBoris Faure
2019-06-23termptydbl: oopsBoris Faure
2019-06-23termptydbl: add special case for emoji that were single width beforeBoris Faure
2019-06-23termptyops: skip variation selectorsBoris Faure
We should take into account VS1, 15 and 16…
2019-06-23termpty: attach a Config * to TermptyBoris Faure
2019-06-23config: add option to treat emojis as double-widthBoris Faure