AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-17win: cleanup focus. Closes T8756terminology-1.8Boris Faure
2020-09-12termpty: make provided title as forced titleBoris Faure
2020-09-07win: focus new split. Closes T8804Boris Faure
2020-08-29win: use theme_apply_elm on elm_layoutBoris Faure
2020-08-11Terminology v1.8.1v1.8.1Boris Faure
2020-08-10termptydbl: also need to update the testsBoris Faure
(cherry picked from commit dd3b301d504a83f72a7b30736b6ec4828fb69e9a)
2020-08-10termptydbl: be strict on what is wide and do not try to be smart.Boris Faure
Too bad if ❤ is considered single-width (cherry picked from commit d3c15c59dbf3cc9cf0a8aed516fa32bdd40d0a68)
2020-08-10codecov: remove troubling line in fixesBoris Faure
(cherry picked from commit a200ab7c48c773a18be640a0d73a958f8bc38eff)
2020-08-10circleci: no dot in namesBoris Faure
(cherry picked from commit 0563dbdb28f3486e0bd48e9b62f5050b398a9ee6)
2020-08-10circleci: run with bash when neededBoris Faure
(cherry picked from commit ec844ee798c695bbd73897dd9e760fb9b3e6aa3b)
2020-08-10win/options_mouse: apply mouse timer change to current termsBoris Faure
(cherry picked from commit d082b0d6d78033d144734e44c0aa7c81b9bc41ec)
2020-08-10prepare possible v1.8.1Boris Faure
2020-07-26Terminology v1.8.0v1.8.0Boris Faure add documentation on terminology/baseBoris Faure
2020-07-23about: add youtube channelBoris Faure
2020-07-22about: add context menu on twitter linkBoris Faure
2020-07-21about: add twitter linkBoris Faure
2020-07-18about: dismiss when clicking on the terminalBoris Faure
2020-07-18theme: move dismisser below aboutBoris Faure
2020-07-17termiolink: fix _hsl_to_rgb() + update testsBoris Faure
2020-07-15termptydbl: be more precise on emoji as double-widthBoris Faure
+ set all of "Misc_Pictographs" as double-width
2020-07-15termptyesc: handle single osc argBoris Faure
2020-07-08themes: have a separate color class just for the cursorBoris Faure
2020-07-07tests: remove early exitBoris Faure
2020-07-06termptyesc: debug (re)setting cursor color + testBoris Faure
Do nothing for the moment. One could think about using color class for that.
2020-07-06tests/rep: snowman is now 2-chars-wideBoris Faure
2020-07-06tests: change of behavior for encircled charactersBoris Faure
2020-07-06tools/unicode_dbl_width: do not redefine rangeBoris Faure
2020-07-05termptydbl: generate the exact double width testBoris Faure
This based on unicode 13.0: Code is generated by tools/ I'm using switch-case + fall through as I've found it was the best:
2020-07-05Fix typosBoris Faure
Summary: Fix some typos. Differential Revision:
2020-07-02termptyesc: no sanitize with musl when calling isnan()Boris Faure
2020-07-02termptyesc: avoid issues with cast from doubleBoris Faure
+ no buffer overflow
2020-07-02termptyesc: handle xterm color format starting with "rgbi:"Boris Faure
2020-07-02termptyesc: handle xterm color format starting with "rgb:"Boris Faure
2020-07-02papercolor: use that blue as highlight colorBoris Faure
2020-06-30theme default: apply color_class-es to cursorsBoris Faure
2020-06-30theme: define color_class GLOW_HIGHLIGHTBoris Faure
2020-06-29Merge branch 'terminology-1.7'Boris Faure
2020-06-29snap: bad use of sizeof()terminology-1.7Boris Faure
(cherry picked from commit 4e619660e5ce4984918a92536dbf39d756d6014c)
2020-06-29snap: it seems it needs g++Boris Faure
(cherry picked from commit d77e72647ed5d5959b8cb91a8886412546e54103)
2020-06-29snap: use efl-1.24.3Boris Faure
(cherry picked from commit 669d6d9dbea4ec0b58493203a7aac65d33306ef7)
2020-06-29snap: bad use of sizeof()Boris Faure
2020-06-29snap: it seems it needs g++Boris Faure
2020-06-29snap: use efl-1.24.3Boris Faure
2020-06-28themes: define color_classes FG for base16_ocean_darkBoris Faure
2020-06-25themes: make GLOW_TXT color_class work as expectedBoris Faure
2020-06-24themes/default/tab_drag_thumb: use color_classBoris Faure
2020-06-24themes: based on default, set color_class FG,GLOW,GLOW_TXTBoris Faure
2020-06-24Fix typoBoris Faure
Summary: Fix typo on "preferred" Reviewers: billiob Reviewed By: billiob Differential Revision:
2020-06-24Get rid of trailing whitespacesBoris Faure
Summary: Remove trailing whitespaces Reviewers: billiob Reviewed By: billiob Differential Revision: