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18 hoursoptions_elm: launch elementary_config or terminology.elementaryConfigHEADmasterBoris Faure
Lookup into $PATH to know which one is available. Also use ecore_exe_run() instead of ecore_exe_pipe_run()
18 hourssnap: be able to start elementary_config as terminology.elementaryConfigBoris Faure
21 hoursutils: mv strchrnul() to utils.h from termptyesc.cBoris Faure
25 hoursmain: add option --no-wizardBoris Faure
25 hoursmain: figure early whether the scale wizard needs to be shownBoris Faure
25 hoursutils: ensure an elementary config existsBoris Faure
29 hourssnap: make terminology finally run from snap!Boris Faure
2 dayssnap: only build on amd64 for the momentBoris Faure
3 dayscmdbox - allow multiple + or -'s for font command to go up or down moreCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
so f+++ will increase font size 3 times in a row within a single command, as will f--- do the reverse etc. ... use as many +'s and -'s and needed.
3 dayscmdbox - make font size up/down jump by larger stepsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
3 daysterm cmd - font big - multiple size by 2 not set to fixed 20 sizeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this is a more sensible way to size up a scaleable font...
3 dayscmbox - fix focus handling to work againCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
alt+home opens the "command box" for terminology. this is an extended control system where we can add lots of commands. it's been there for a while. look at termcmd.c and termcmd_do() for current commands like: f <- set font to normal size fb <- set font to big size f+ <- increase font size f- <- decrease font size /string <- search for "string" (not implemented yet but recognized) g0 <- set geometry to 80x24 g1 <- set geometry to 80x40 g2 <- set geometry to 80x60 g3 <- set geometry to 80x80 g4 <- set geometry to 120x24 g5 <- set geometry to 120x40 g6 <- set geometry to 120x60 g7 <- set geometry to 120x80 g8 <- set geometry to 120x120 b <- clear backgorund b/file/path.jpg <- set background to /file/path.jpg you get the idea ... it's a command character (or set of chars) followed by paramters, then hit enter to finish.
3 daysclose fd's from the host terminal so shell doesnt inherit them allCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
only inherit the fd's we need/want. use eina_file_close_from()
4 daysMerge branch 'terminology-1.6'Boris Faure
4 daystycommon: add ty_write() to handle EINTR/EAGAIN on write()terminology-1.6Boris Faure
4 daystest return of ty_sb_add(). Closes CID1408482Boris Faure
5 daysMerge branch 'terminology-1.6'Boris Faure
5 daystermpty: better handle writesBoris Faure
- Use the event loop - Check for EINTR/EAGAIN This fixes pasting large amount of data. Closes T4712
5 dayssb: when skipping buffer on the left and the buffer is empty, remove gapBoris Faure
5 daystyfuzz: instead of writing to /dev/null, just do not writeBoris Faure
6 daysREADME: add snap badgeBoris Faure
7 daysMerge branch 'terminology-1.6'Boris Faure
7 daystermpty: retry read() on EINTRBoris Faure
10 daystermptyesc: add title/icon stack + testsBoris Faure
10 daysremove condition on if (X) eina_stringshare_del(X)Boris Faure
14 daystermptyesc: handle invalid values for OSC + testBoris Faure
- missing value is as if 0 - overflow - hex - negative value
14 daystermptyesc: rename csi_arg_error to esc_arg_errorBoris Faure
2019-11-24backlog: cleanupBoris Faure
2019-11-24backlog: simplify code. Closes CID1407754Boris Faure
2019-11-24backlog: take alignement into account for memory accountingBoris Faure
2019-11-24options_behavior: display current memory usage of the backlogBoris Faure
2019-11-24backlog: be smarter when changing backlog's sizeBoris Faure
2019-11-24backlog: take the size of backlog into accountBoris Faure
2019-11-24backlog: move related functions to that fileBoris Faure
2019-11-23backlog: early work to have memory accounting of the backlogsBoris Faure
2019-11-23git mv src/bin/termptysave.{c,h} src/bin/backlog.{c,h}Boris Faure
2019-11-21Merge branch 'terminology-1.6'Boris Faure
2019-11-21tests: add one about selecting over empty linesBoris Faure
2019-11-20Merge branch 'terminology-1.6'Boris Faure
2019-11-20snap: no plugs with classic confinementBoris Faure add french translationBoris Faure
Thanks to Philippe Jean Guillaumie
2019-11-20terminology.desktop: set full path of iconBoris Faure
2019-11-20snap: add libwayland-egl1 as dependencyBoris Faure
2019-11-20mv data/snap /Boris Faure
2019-11-20add first version of snapcraft.yamlBoris Faure
2019-11-19snap: no plugs with classic confinementBoris Faure add french translationBoris Faure
Thanks to Philippe Jean Guillaumie
2019-11-18terminology.desktop: set full path of iconBoris Faure
2019-11-16snap: add libwayland-egl1 as dependencyBoris Faure
2019-11-16Merge branch 'terminology-1.6'Boris Faure