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2021-05-12nyanology edc - declare version to silence efl 1.18 warningCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2021-01-30colorschemes: add missing Black schemeBoris Faure
2021-01-10po: use "YouTube" instead of "Youtube". Thanks to kingu for the suggestionBoris Faure
2020-11-28options_themepv: do not use terminology/background for color scheme previewBoris Faure
2020-11-26colorschemes: add Cobalt2Boris Faure
2020-11-26colorschemes: add One DarkBoris Faure
2020-11-25colorschemes: add Soft EraBoris Faure
2020-11-25colorschemes: add PaleNight themeBoris Faure
2020-11-25colorschemes: add Tomorrow Night BurnsBoris Faure
2020-11-25colorschemes: papercolor: I prefer that redish colorBoris Faure
2020-11-24colorschemes: add FahrenheitBoris Faure
2020-11-24colorschemes: add MaterialBoris Faure
2020-11-24colorschemes: add Belafonte Day/NightBoris Faure
2020-11-24gen_faint: correct truncateBoris Faure
2020-11-24colorschemes: add DraculaBoris Faure
2020-11-22colorschemes: simplify procedureBoris Faure
2020-11-22colorschemes: add the Tango {Dark,Light} colorschemesBoris Faure
2020-11-22mild: fix unfocused effectBoris Faure
2020-11-22colorschemes: make it easier to add colorschemesBoris Faure
2020-11-21colorschemes: add Default.ini, as exampleBoris Faure
2020-11-19color schemes builder: fix trap command to avoid orphansBoris Faure
2020-11-18themes: use HIGHLIGHT instead of SHINE color classBoris Faure
2020-11-17colors.edc: remove useless color classesBoris Faure
2020-11-17themes: use only HIGHLIGHTBoris Faure
2020-11-10remove themes that were only a color scheme variant of default/mildBoris Faure
2020-11-09colorschemes: add Black.iniBoris Faure
2020-11-03colorschemes: compute BrightFaint color blockBoris Faure change factor to 75% + generate BrightFaintBoris Faure
2020-11-03colorschemes: add script to generate faint colorsBoris Faure work with new formatBoris Faure
2020-11-03Solarized Light.ini: rewriteBoris Faure
2020-11-03Solarized.ini: rewriteBoris Faure
2020-11-03Smyck.ini: rewriteBoris Faure
2020-11-03PaperColor.ini: rewriteBoris Faure
2020-11-03Ocean Dark.ini: rewriteBoris Faure
2020-11-03Mustang.ini: rewriteBoris Faure
2020-11-03Mild.ini: rewriteBoris Faure
2020-11-03Nord.ini: rewriteBoris Faure
2020-10-27terminology - use icon name not full path ao icon themes can overrideCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman) bad indentationBoris Faure
2020-10-08ini2desc: allow fallbacksBoris Faure
2020-10-08colorschemes: use ini instead of jsonBoris Faure
2020-09-28build, colorschemes: add scripts as dependenciesBoris Faure
2020-09-28colorschemes: input files are JSON nowBoris Faure
2020-09-27colorschemes: add SmyckBoris Faure
2020-09-27colorschemes: add MildBoris Faure
2020-09-27colorschemes: add MustangBoris Faure
2020-09-26Ocean Dark: add missing commaBoris Faure
2020-09-26colorschemes: add Ocean DarkBoris Faure
2020-09-25colorshemes: add Solarized (dark and light)Boris Faure