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2019-07-14Prepare Terminology release 1.5.0Boris Faure
2019-05-24Terminology release 1.4.1v1.4.1terminology-1.4Boris Faure
2019-03-25Prepare Terminology release 1.4.0v1.4.0Boris Faure
2018-12-18Terminology release 1.3.2v1.3.2Boris Faure
2018-12-16Terminology release 1.3.1v1.3.1Boris Faure
2018-11-26Minor manpage improvementsRoss Vandegrift
2018-11-23Terminology release 1.3.0v1.3.0Boris Faure
2018-05-14Terminology release 1.2.1v1.2.1Boris Faure
2018-03-11man: add missing entries + fix typosBoris Faure
2018-03-11man: add terminology companion toolsBoris Faure
2018-02-11Add doc on group inputBoris Faure
2017-11-12get rid of automakeBoris Faure
2017-10-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/devs/iscaro/meson'Boris Faure
2017-09-02Terminology release 1.1.1v1.1.1Boris Faure
2017-08-16Terminology release 1.1.0v1.1.0Boris Faure
2017-07-20Add support for the Meson build system.devs/iscaro/mesonGuilherme Iscaro
2017-07-11win: add binding (Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right) to move around panesBoris Faure
2017-01-07terminology release 1.0.0v1.0.0Boris Faure
2016-12-25add changelog for v1.0.0Boris Faure
2016-06-01man: add some dots at end of sentences and myself as maintainerBoris Faure
2016-06-01keys: add Shift+End to reset scroll. Closes T3582Boris Faure
2016-05-31keys: add Shift+Home to get to the top of the backlog. Closes T3582Boris Faure
2016-05-21Typo (clikc -> click)Arnout Engelen
2016-04-12key bindings: add shift+left/right to switch tabsBoris Faure
2016-03-12use ctrl+alt+t to set terminal titleBoris Faure
2016-03-06add ctrl-shift-n to man pageBoris Faure
2016-03-06Add shortcut to change tab's titleToan Pham
2015-09-17terminology 0.9.1 releasev0.9.1Boris Faure
2015-09-05terminology 0.9.0 releasev0.9.0Boris Faure
2015-02-15terminology 0.8.0 releasev0.8.0Boris Faure
2014-10-28fix man page about -S optionBoris Faure
2014-10-19fix -s in man pageAnthony F McInerney
2014-09-04add "Close the current terminal" key bindingGwang O Lee
2014-09-02update documentation on key shortcutsBoris Faure
2014-08-09moar bold on terminology's man page!Boris Faure
2014-08-09Add splits as startup argumentsgodfath3r
2014-08-05fix man page. Patch by bofh80. Closes T1487Boris Faure
2014-07-05man: fix miniview binding placeBoris Faure
2014-05-13miniview: add docBoris Faure
2014-04-11 finish active-links checkboxBoris Faure
2014-03-08release 0.5.0v0.5.0Boris Faure
2014-02-26load themes from ~/.config/terminology/themes. Closes T1030Boris Faure
2014-02-03improved manpage in formatting and a small bugfixThanatermesis
2014-01-02terminology: correct 2 typos in man pageJerome Pinot
2013-12-15autotools: add clean target for man/Makefile.inAlex-P. Natsios
2013-11-28terminology: fix typos in man pageJerome Pinot
2013-11-16update man pageBoris Faure
2013-09-26add -2/--256color option to set TERM to xterm-256colorBoris Faure
2013-05-07ctrl+0,1,2,3...9 for tab switching.Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-04-28update man to document alt+num shortcutsGodfath3r