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2017-10-10fix -e option. Closes T6175terminology-1.1Boris Faure
2017-08-28correctly handle -T option. Ref T5704Boris Faure
2017-08-26force user title one window when set through -T option. Closes T5704Boris Faure
2017-08-26do not add spurious whitespace when running a command (-e option)Boris Faure
2016-10-05prefix EINA_UNUSED parameters with an underscoreBoris Faure
2016-05-20upgrade to teamwork v2, remove dbus (v1) usagedevs/discomfitor/teamworkMike Blumenkrantz
2016-02-07we're in 2016!Boris Faure
2015-11-19fix startup split and commandsBoris Faure
2015-11-08ugly code to log to syslogBoris Faure
2015-09-26fix --split optionBoris Faure
2015-08-02rename main_term_evas_object_get() to term_termio_get()Boris Faure
2015-08-02cleanup --font handling. Closes T2433Boris Faure
2015-04-23refactor win.c to use the Term_Container abstractionBoris Faure
2015-02-23fix segfault when Term widget can not be createdBoris Faure
2015-02-23add some error messagesBoris Faure
2015-02-21do only once ecore_con_(url_)init/shutdown()Boris Faure
2015-02-15make terminology compile on efl < 1.8. Patch by Conrad MeyerConrad Meyer
2015-02-15bring --split option back to lifeBoris Faure
2015-02-14usual round of fixes to make it compile with efl 1.7Boris Faure
2015-02-03we're in 2015Boris Faure
2014-12-21cleanupBoris Faure
2014-12-13remove app server dead codeBoris Faure
2014-12-03Revert "introduce Term_Container"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-12-03Revert "splits are back again"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-12-03Revert "get rid of application server"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-12-03Revert "clean up"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-11-30clean upBoris Faure
2014-11-30get rid of application serverBoris Faure
2014-11-29splits are back againBoris Faure
2014-11-29introduce Term_ContainerBoris Faure
2014-11-29refactor main.c to win.cBoris Faure
2014-10-15set media type as an enumBoris Faure
2014-10-15very early work on gravatar integrationBoris Faure
2014-09-19terminology: Fix compile error if gettext & nls are not enabledChris Michael
2014-09-18terminology - locale - use prefix found locale dir, not fixed compileCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-09-18prefix relocation - set up libdir and localedir to work bestCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-09-15popmedia: prevent double deleting of media objectWonguk Jeong
2014-09-14try to guess a scalable default font. Closes T1426Boris Faure
2014-09-02load key bindings from configBoris Faure
2014-09-02store keybindings in a hash mapBoris Faure
2014-08-28get rid of Eina_Bool in bitfieldsBoris Faure
2014-08-21media: audio visualization support (phase 1)Wonguk Jeong
2014-08-20make terminology compile with efl 1.8Boris Faure
2014-08-17miniview: fix a bug when mv is open and you open a new tab.godfath3r
2014-08-11main: follow coding stylegodfath3r
2014-08-09Add splits as startup argumentsgodfath3r
2014-08-09fix compatibility with efl 1.7Boris Faure
2014-08-06fix focus issue with multiple tabsBoris Faure
2014-08-03fix focus issue due to "mouse_over_focus" conflict. Closes T1380Boris Faure
2014-07-29mute audio to all termsWonguk Jeong