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2021-03-18smart objects - remember to free smart dataCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-12-05termio: set scale only when font/size is setBoris Faure
2020-11-29termio/win: use Elementary_Cursor.hBoris Faure
2020-11-15colors: no longer set all those "c%d" color classesBoris Faure
2020-11-15termio/termptyesc: clean up mess with color classesBoris Faure
2020-11-14termptyesc: handle xterm 12 to change cursor colorBoris Faure
2020-11-14termio: remove useless variableBoris Faure
2020-11-11utils: add open_url() to avoid code duplicationBoris Faure
2020-11-03colors: have 4 blocks: normal, bright, faint and bright+faintBoris Faure
2020-11-03termio: add termio_character_size_get()Boris Faure
2020-10-18theme: have only one theme_apply functionBoris Faure
2020-10-17theme: make config_theme_path_default_get() privateBoris Faure
2020-08-20mv src/bin/col.{c,h} src/bin/colors.{c,h}Boris Faure
2020-07-05Fix typosBoris Faure
2020-06-23utils.{c,h} is neededBoris Faure
2020-06-23mv utils.{c,h} theme.{c,h}Boris Faure
2020-06-22rewrite changing of background/foreground colors from escape codesBoris Faure
2020-06-15termio{,link}: correct check + remove useless 'if'Boris Faure
2020-06-15config: add "active_links_color"Boris Faure
2020-06-15termio: color link is not really clickableBoris Faure
2020-06-15theme: add name to the color being previewedBoris Faure
2020-06-15termio: add popup on right click on color to copy itBoris Faure
2020-06-15color preview: have a better backgroundBoris Faure
2020-06-15link: display tooltip on colors like #ff00ffBoris Faure
2020-05-04termio selection strings - fix ownership and alloc/freeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2020-04-19termio: suspend is an int with values > 1Boris Faure
2020-04-17reduce scope of variablesBoris Faure
2020-04-16termio: hide links when content change underneathBoris Faure
2020-04-12video: no need to force emotion engine anymoreBoris Faure
2019-11-29remove condition on if (X) eina_stringshare_del(X)Boris Faure
2019-11-24backlog: move related functions to that fileBoris Faure
2019-10-28termio: only the TEXT case shouldn't happen in that switch-caseBoris Faure
2019-10-27termio: allow \t to be pastedBoris Faure
2019-09-04fix leaks when looking for linksBoris Faure
2019-09-02termio: evas_object_focus_get() agains obj is not validBoris Faure
2019-07-08termio: fix CID1402874, buffer overrunBoris Faure
2019-06-23termpty: attach a Config * to TermptyBoris Faure
2019-06-23build: Fix build and behaviour on OpenBSD.Alastair Poole
2019-06-18focus: block focus manager from getting key inputs when they are consumedBoris Faure
2019-06-17termio: use term_is_focused() since it is now more reliableBoris Faure
2019-05-18terminology - fix initial size hints to be stepped rightCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2019-05-05termio: do replace \n by \r when pastingBoris Faure
2019-05-05termio: fix buffer overflow if too many \nBoris Faure
2019-05-03termio: decode pasted string as utf8 and skip some codepointsBoris Faure
2019-03-20termio: remove leak. CID1399747Boris Faure
2019-03-19termio: skip pasted chars < ' ' but keep '\n'Boris Faure
2019-03-18termio: fix leak. CID1399746 CID1399747Boris Faure
2019-02-19termiointernals: be able to mock mouse wheelBoris Faure
2019-02-10termiointernals: add termio_internal_get_selection()Boris Faure
2019-02-09termiointernals: add termio_internal_render()Boris Faure