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2019-09-08termpty: reduce log severityBoris Faure
2019-06-23termpty: attach a Config * to TermptyBoris Faure
2019-05-26termpty: add termpty_color_class_get()Boris Faure
2019-05-26termpty: fix unsigned comparisonBoris Faure
2019-05-13fix sign compare warn - no real bug to see hereCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2019-05-03termio: decode pasted string as utf8 and skip some codepointsBoris Faure
2019-03-01termpty: fix _termpty_cell_is_empty()Boris Faure
2019-02-24termpty: cell is empty if bg is invisible. Closes T7707Boris Faure
2019-02-21termpty: compute exact line length in termpty_cellrow_get()Boris Faure
2019-01-04Merge branch 'terminology-1.3'Boris Faure
2019-01-04termpty: reset circular_offset2 (for the 2nd buffer) to 0 (as it's cleared)Boris Faure
2018-12-27tytest: add write buffer to checksumBoris Faure
2018-12-27add tytest, a tool to add tests on escape sequence parsingBoris Faure
2018-12-24termpty: set environment variable WINDOWID. Closes T7484Boris Faure
2018-10-17move code about hyperlinks to termpty.c to avoid issues with tyfuzzBoris Faure
2018-10-13highlight links on mouseoverBoris Faure
2018-10-13add termpty_cell_get()Boris Faure
2018-10-13compute refcount on hyper linksBoris Faure
2018-10-13parse hyperlinksBoris Faure
2018-09-13termpty: rewrite conditions on size_t ty->backsizeBoris Faure
2018-09-13termpty: simplify codeBoris Faure
2018-08-12termpty: remove useless codeBoris Faure
2018-04-24try to optimize cell copyBoris Faure
2018-04-22Bring back the user title per tabBoris Faure
2018-03-26termpty - set ty_hand to null if returning cancel which dels the fdhandCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2018-03-13remove compatibility #ifs to work with EFL < 1.16Boris Faure
2018-02-05move input handling to win.cBoris Faure
2017-12-18tysend - optimize sending - pretty much double the speedCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2017-08-28have only one concept of title. Ref T5704Boris Faure
2017-08-28correctly handle -T option. Ref T5704Boris Faure
2017-08-26fix selections in the backlog. Closes T5743Boris Faure
2017-08-21termpty: remove termstate.had_cr since it's unusedBoris Faure
2017-07-06constifyBoris Faure
2017-06-26termpty: correctly handle DECFRA wrt SGR 0Boris Faure
2017-06-26termpty: DECERA only changes codepointsBoris Faure
2017-05-17tyfuzz needs termpty_resize_tabs()Boris Faure
2017-02-17pty: fallback to ~ or / when creating new term if current dir is not availableBoris Faure
2017-01-31terminology tabs resize - fix access of invalid memory beyond boundsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-12-24termpty: verify that $SHELL is valid before using it. CID1366816Boris Faure
2016-12-18termpty: Tab markers are the same for each line. Ref 4992Boris Faure
2016-12-15termptyesc: handle correctly Cursor Back Tab. Ref T4992Boris Faure
2016-12-13term pty fd - properly shut down without a 100% cpu hangCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2016-12-06Fix bogus hack and restore cursor position to its right place. On OpenBSD and...Al Poole
2016-12-06termpty: handle BSD special case when the other side of the tty pair has quitBoris Faure
2016-12-05termpty: handle read() from tty pair when the other end has died, on some BSDBoris Faure
2016-12-05termpty: ensure we're not reading from invalid fdBoris Faure
2016-12-05termpty: fix dead code and remove debugging code. CID1366815Boris Faure
2016-12-05termpty: make verify_beacon silent by defaultBoris Faure
2016-12-05termpty: fix possible issue when reading and the shell exitedBoris Faure
2016-12-04termpty: avoid race between exit of the program and reading from itBoris Faure