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2015-02-23handle failure to termio_add()Boris Faure
2015-02-23fix segfault when Term widget can not be createdBoris Faure
2015-02-23add some error messagesBoris Faure
2015-02-23fix compilation on solarisBoris Faure
2015-02-23pid_t can be long (on solaris)Boris Faure
2015-02-23define MIN/MAX in case they're not definedAurélien Larcher
2015-02-23url head: handle links that are notimages/moviesBoris Faure
2015-02-21close media popup on escapeBoris Faure
2015-02-21correctly check if ecore_con_url_head() is availableBoris Faure
2015-02-21do an HTTP HEAD to get media type when poping mediaBoris Faure
2015-02-21do only once ecore_con_(url_)init/shutdown()Boris Faure
2015-02-19fix normal selection after box selectionBoris Faure
2015-02-17make terminology work on solarisBoris Faure
2015-02-16fix selection when backscrolling and new content arrivesBoris Faure
2015-02-16fix single line selection with ctrl downBoris Faure
2015-02-15tybg: make tybg without argument display the default wallpaperBoris Faure
2015-02-15make terminology compile on efl < 1.8. Patch by Conrad MeyerConrad Meyer
2015-02-15update contributorsBoris Faure
2015-02-15bring --split option back to lifeBoris Faure
2015-02-14usual round of fixes to make it compile with efl 1.7Boris Faure
2015-02-13move selection when content underneath scrollsBoris Faure
2015-02-13 revalidate links when scrolling due to mouse wheel. Closes T2111Boris Faure
2015-02-11remove dead assignmentBoris Faure
2015-02-10minor selection fixesBoris Faure
2015-02-07fix signedness comparison issueBoris Faure
2015-02-07tyls : make the code prettier and more flexiblebroggi_t
2015-02-07fix some possible bug in tyalpha, tybg, typop, tyq commandsbroggi_t
2015-02-06correctly handle Alt-EnterBoris Faure
2015-02-06make selection scroll when at the edge of the terminal. Closes T1944Boris Faure
2015-02-06consider "blocks" as word separatorsBoris Faure
2015-02-06select links as words. Closes T2038Boris Faure
2015-02-06do not apply extend fix when selection is boxBoris Faure
2015-02-06rewrite selection system. Closes T1893Boris Faure
2015-02-06selection: add click then shift-clickBoris Faure
2015-02-06selection: be able to "continue" a selection to a line with shift+triple-clickBoris Faure
2015-02-06cleanup _sel_set() apiBoris Faure
2015-02-03we're in 2015Boris Faure
2015-02-03fix compilation when gettext is not found. Closes T2083Boris Faure
2015-02-03terminology - fix double click selection and jed displayCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-01-30 make selection consistent when selecting space with no text. Closes T2013Boris Faure
2015-01-12add xterm 777 notification support. Closes T1765Boris Faure
2015-01-11fix shadowed variableBoris Faure
2015-01-10check tcsetattr()Boris Faure
2015-01-10"handle" HTSBoris Faure
2015-01-10"handle" TBCBoris Faure
2015-01-07input methods - display preedit text inside grid - makes it work on waylandCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2014-12-21cleanupBoris Faure
2014-12-16set a title to the term based on the shell startedBoris Faure
2014-12-15fix alt-- to output \033\055. Closes T1921Boris Faure
2014-12-14always prefix with \033 when alt is pressedBoris Faure