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26 hoursmain: add missing parentheseBoris Faure
48 hoursoptions_behavior: improve translationBoris Faure
3 daysimprove translation stringsBoris Faure
6 daystermpty: make provided title as forced titleterminology-1.8Boris Faure
8 dayscolor schemes: add eet-related codeBoris Faure
9 daysconfig: rename Config_Color type to Color + reorganise eet setupBoris Faure
10 daysconfig: eet_data_descriptor_free accepts NULLBoris Faure
11 dayswin: focus new split. Closes T8804Boris Faure
12 dayscolors.h: change name of header guardBoris Faure
2020-09-01color schemes: proof of work on colorschemes with the nord themeBoris Faure
2020-09-01win: make code more "as usual"Boris Faure
2020-09-01private.h: add static_strequal()Boris Faure
2020-08-29win: use theme_apply_elm on elm_layoutBoris Faure
2020-08-24keyin: rename macro to improve readabilityBoris Faure
2020-08-20cleanup src/bin/colors.hBoris Faure
2020-08-20mv src/bin/col.{c,h} src/bin/colors.{c,h}Boris Faure
2020-08-10termptydbl: be strict on what is wide and do not try to be smart.Boris Faure
2020-08-10win/options_mouse: apply mouse timer change to current termsBoris Faure
2020-08-05termptydbl: be strict on what is wide and do not try to be smart.Boris Faure
2020-07-29win/options_mouse: apply mouse timer change to current termsBoris Faure
2020-07-23about: add youtube channelBoris Faure
2020-07-22about: add context menu on twitter linkBoris Faure
2020-07-21about: add twitter linkBoris Faure
2020-07-18about: dismiss when clicking on the terminalBoris Faure
2020-07-17termiolink: fix _hsl_to_rgb() + update testsBoris Faure
2020-07-15termptydbl: be more precise on emoji as double-widthBoris Faure
2020-07-15termptyesc: handle single osc argBoris Faure
2020-07-06termptyesc: debug (re)setting cursor color + testBoris Faure
2020-07-05termptydbl: generate the exact double width testBoris Faure
2020-07-05Fix typosBoris Faure
2020-07-02termptyesc: no sanitize with musl when calling isnan()Boris Faure
2020-07-02termptyesc: avoid issues with cast from doubleBoris Faure
2020-07-02termptyesc: handle xterm color format starting with "rgbi:"Boris Faure
2020-07-02termptyesc: handle xterm color format starting with "rgb:"Boris Faure
2020-06-24Fix typoBoris Faure
2020-06-24Get rid of trailing whitespacesBoris Faure
2020-06-23config: do copy active_links_color between configsBoris Faure
2020-06-23termptyesc: handle larger sharp-based colors + testsBoris Faure
2020-06-23win: reorder calls to please _focus_validator()Boris Faure
2020-06-23utils: add the source filesBoris Faure
2020-06-23theme.h: no need to define EINA_FALLTHROUGHBoris Faure
2020-06-23utils.{c,h} is neededBoris Faure
2020-06-23mv utils.{c,h} theme.{c,h}Boris Faure
2020-06-23termptyesc: oopsBoris Faure
2020-06-22rewrite changing of background/foreground colors from escape codesBoris Faure
2020-06-21win: better handle initial focus when creating splitsBoris Faure
2020-06-16termptyesc: fix issue found by fuzzing by Øyvind Kolås (pippin from GIMP)Boris Faure
2020-06-15termio{,link}: correct check + remove useless 'if'Boris Faure
2020-06-15termiolink: protect isnan() usage with ubsan and muslBoris Faure
2020-06-15reorganise settings between options_behavior and options_mouseBoris Faure