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2015-03-01fix CSI DECSET 1049. Should fix T725Boris Faure
2015-03-01font selector: use bg/fg for the preview from config/themeBoris Faure
2015-02-26tyls: rewrite size_print to avoid arithmetic exceptionBoris Faure
2015-02-26tyls: fix warningsBoris Faure
size comparison unused variable
2015-02-26tyls: remove leaks and fix write() checkingThibaut Broggi
leaks were due to a "return 0" in main() removing it, so that the exit functions from ecore can run properly changing the way write() was checked, now we check if all chars are printed
2015-02-26tyls: change options management and refactorThibaut Broggi
adding an option "-a" that display hidden files changing the way options are managed: arguments can no be passed in any order refactoring size_print function to support ZB and YB
2015-02-23make terminology start on solarisBoris Faure
2015-02-23verify that tcgetattr() does not failBoris Faure
2015-02-23handle failure to termio_add()Boris Faure
2015-02-23fix segfault when Term widget can not be createdBoris Faure
2015-02-23add some error messagesBoris Faure
Also change level of critical error messages
2015-02-23fix compilation on solarisBoris Faure
2015-02-23pid_t can be long (on solaris)Boris Faure
2015-02-23define MIN/MAX in case they're not definedAurélien Larcher
Used for OpenIndiana
2015-02-23url head: handle links that are notimages/moviesBoris Faure
2015-02-21close media popup on escapeBoris Faure
2015-02-21correctly check if ecore_con_url_head() is availableBoris Faure
2015-02-21do an HTTP HEAD to get media type when poping mediaBoris Faure
2015-02-21do only once ecore_con_(url_)init/shutdown()Boris Faure
2015-02-19fix normal selection after box selectionBoris Faure
2015-02-17make terminology work on solarisBoris Faure
tcsetattr() should only be called on the slave fd. On linux, both master or slave are accepted, not on solaris.
2015-02-16fix selection when backscrolling and new content arrivesBoris Faure
Thanks to Davide Andreoli for the bug report
2015-02-16fix single line selection with ctrl downBoris Faure
2015-02-15tybg: make tybg without argument display the default wallpaperBoris Faure
The ty* tools need some love…
2015-02-15make terminology compile on efl < 1.8. Patch by Conrad MeyerConrad Meyer
2015-02-15update contributorsBoris Faure
2015-02-15bring --split option back to lifeBoris Faure
2015-02-14usual round of fixes to make it compile with efl 1.7Boris Faure
2015-02-13move selection when content underneath scrollsBoris Faure
2015-02-13 revalidate links when scrolling due to mouse wheel. Closes T2111Boris Faure
2015-02-11remove dead assignmentBoris Faure
2015-02-10minor selection fixesBoris Faure
do not consider "click + shift click" if there was a focus out in the meantime. disable selection on click when app steals the mouse
2015-02-07fix signedness comparison issueBoris Faure
2015-02-07tyls : make the code prettier and more flexiblebroggi_t
2015-02-07fix some possible bug in tyalpha, tybg, typop, tyq commandsbroggi_t
make the code prettier in tyls remove useless exit(0) at the end of the main (just before some return 0)
2015-02-06correctly handle Alt-EnterBoris Faure
2015-02-06make selection scroll when at the edge of the terminal. Closes T1944Boris Faure
2015-02-06consider "blocks" as word separatorsBoris Faure
2015-02-06select links as words. Closes T2038Boris Faure
2015-02-06do not apply extend fix when selection is boxBoris Faure
2015-02-06rewrite selection system. Closes T1893Boris Faure
2015-02-06selection: add click then shift-clickBoris Faure
2015-02-06selection: be able to "continue" a selection to a line with shift+triple-clickBoris Faure
2015-02-06cleanup _sel_set() apiBoris Faure
2015-02-03we're in 2015Boris Faure
2015-02-03fix compilation when gettext is not found. Closes T2083Boris Faure
2015-02-03terminology - fix double click selection and jed displayCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
this fixes breaks introduced by e94051dd86fde0eb13993c32a99cb463b8a5b724 (the previous commit). latest commit: e94051dd86fde0eb13993c32a99cb463b8a5b724 breaks 2 things. 1. double-click to select a "word" is broken. the right end of the selection is stuck at the point where the cursor is, not the right end of the word. try it. at least that is what i see. either way double-click to select a word is now broken. ;( 2. what used to be black whitespace bg is now "empty" chars (so i see terminology bg). this breaks jed output pretty badly. see... working: not working:
2015-01-30 make selection consistent when selecting space with no text. Closes T2013Boris Faure
2015-01-12add xterm 777 notification support. Closes T1765Boris Faure
2015-01-11fix shadowed variableBoris Faure