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2015-09-05update contributorsBoris Faure
2015-09-04fix typop no longer working for still images. Add some error messagesBoris Faure
Thanks to dassify for noticing
2015-09-02cleanup window callbacksBoris Faure
2015-09-01fix copy/paste bug. CID1316546Boris Faure
2015-08-29fix tab selector segfaultBoris Faure
Thanks to Yomi for the help in finding this
2015-08-24trim selection before trying to open it as urlBoris Faure
2015-08-24add context menu to open a selection as an url. Closes T584Boris Faure
2015-08-23add option to disable terminology escape codes that could be consideredBoris Faure
security issues by some They are enabled by default.
2015-08-23add error handlers on textblocks. Should fix T2672Boris Faure
2015-08-18bad copy/paste. CID1316546Boris Faure
2015-08-17warn about window operations' escape codes being not supportedBoris Faure
2015-08-17do not report unsanitized input. See CVE-2003-0063Boris Faure
2015-08-16add powerlines to word separatorsBoris Faure
2015-08-16fix small issue on word selection and simplify codeBoris Faure
2015-08-16Dont use : as a separator but trim it from selected word. Fixes T2602godfath3r
Reviewers: billiob Maniphest Tasks: T2602 Differential Revision:
2015-08-13use event length instead of strlen() when dropping something into a terminalMike Blumenkrantz
the data member of Elm_Selection_Data may not be nul terminated, so any string operation on this is liable to crash
2015-08-11terminology themes - use theme in home dir over system one alwaysCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
checking modified time between user and system themes is just not a good idea - we never do this anywhere in e. user installed theme alwasy overrides system one. modified time is not relevant.
2015-08-10only use beacon when it seems efficientBoris Faure
2015-08-10backlog: update beacon while browsingBoris Faure
2015-08-10fix splitting when no term focused. oopsBoris Faure
2015-08-10correctly fix coverity issue found in termiolink.cBoris Faure
2015-08-09fix wrong condition. CID1315743Boris Faure
2015-08-09BACKLOG_ROW_GET() should not be called with a "screen" valueBoris Faure
the backlog is independent of the screen size. Thus a single line in the backlog can span many lines on the screen.
2015-08-08fix scroll after resizeBoris Faure
2015-08-08Correct rewrite of splittable containergodfath3r
Reviewers: billiob Differential Revision:
2015-08-06do not expand window on zoom, resize the content. Closes T886Boris Faure
2015-08-06apply zoom level/font size to all terms in a windowBoris Faure
2015-08-06rewrite whether a term container is splittable. CID1315267 and CID1315268Boris Faure
2015-08-06remove logically dead code. CID1315103 and CID1315104Boris Faure
2015-08-05fix resize when cursor alone on last lineBoris Faure
2015-08-05Fix crash when split is too small and miniview is shown.godfath3r
Summary: Fixes T2450 Reviewers: billiob Maniphest Tasks: T2450 Differential Revision:
2015-08-05Don't split terminal endlessly.godfath3r
Summary: Previously terminology would split the terminal as many times as user hit split button/shortcut. Now splitting is limited to only when there are at least 2 cells left. (horizontally or vertically) Also Fixes T2638 Reviewers: billiob Maniphest Tasks: T2638 Differential Revision:
2015-08-03allow different backgrounds via tybg. Closes T2444Boris Faure
2015-08-03remove wrong assert when no backlog ever generatedBoris Faure
2015-08-03typoBoris Faure
2015-08-03renames to make the code more consistantBoris Faure
2015-08-03speed up browsing backlogBoris Faure
have a "beacon": single point where the link between an offset in the backlog and one in screen coordinates
2015-08-03new resize/backlog implementation. Closes T2461Boris Faure
idea: store full lines in the backlog. No need to change them on resize
2015-08-02rename main_term_evas_object_get() to term_termio_get()Boris Faure
2015-08-02Add 'Show miniview by default' in options.godfath3r
Summary: Fixes T1876 Reviewers: billiob, raster Maniphest Tasks: T1876 Differential Revision:
2015-08-02cleanup --font handling. Closes T2433Boris Faure
2015-07-28fix compile warningMike Blumenkrantz
tycat.c: In function ‘handle_edje’: tycat.c:180:40: warning: logical not is only applied to the left hand side of comparison [-Wlogical-not-parentheses] (o, rp, "e/desktop/background") == EINA_TRUE)
2015-07-22add some documentationBoris Faure
2015-07-22terminology: Fix formattingChris Michael
NB: No functional changes Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2015-07-22terminology: Fix formattingChris Michael
NB: No functional changes, just formatting Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2015-07-15fix segv when spliting from controls. Closes T2568Boris Faure
2015-06-24escapes: pretty-print some escapse and avoid ESC in debug logsJean-Philippe Andre
ERR("Hello '%c'", ESC) would result in "Hello '\033'" which means the parent terminal (another terminology, maybe) would then try to interpret ' as an escape char (ESC is \033 or 0x1b), and so it would then forward more escapes to the parent. Also, avoid printing BEL (and, well, beeping) when we are just printing an error log. I believe all those "Unhandled escape" logs should go to WRN or higher log levels. Any thoughts, @billiob ? See T2506 (for the test file)
2015-06-21force focus even if win is not yet focused. Closes T2416Boris Faure
2015-06-16terminology config - fix whitespace + indentingCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2015-06-11fix crash from object being swallowed twice. Closes T2463Boris Faure