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2020-04-16win: fix rollback split + add debugBoris Faure
2020-04-15win: put drag icon under the mouseBoris Faure
2020-04-15win: remove some debugBoris Faure
2020-04-14win: save split position when dragging tabBoris Faure
2020-04-14win: fix focus display when focusing in/out and grouped inputBoris Faure
2020-04-14show grouped input on inactive tabsBoris Faure
2020-04-13group input: show it on active tabsBoris Faure
2020-04-12group input: add config option about default to visible ones or allBoris Faure
2020-04-12video: no need to force emotion engine anymoreBoris Faure
2020-04-11controls: add shortcut to do grouped inputBoris Faure
2020-04-11win: constifyBoris Faure
2020-04-11win: add win_has_single_child()Boris Faure
2020-04-11win: add win_evas_object_to_win()Boris Faure
2020-04-11win: don't resize to 0 + remove useless callbackBoris Faure
2020-04-11win.h: add missing voidBoris Faure
2020-04-11controls: no need for ct_box3Boris Faure
2020-04-06controls: avoid uses after freeBoris Faure
2020-04-06win: no need to check wn->config. Closes CID1422298Boris Faure
2020-04-06termptyesc: add missing debug line on bellBoris Faure
2020-04-06win: don't call elm_win_alpha_set() too many timesBoris Faure
2020-04-06win: use edje_object_message_send on edj part…Boris Faure
2020-04-05config: share translucent+opacity settings accross instancesBoris Faure
2020-04-05tycommon: ensure common tools are running in terminologyBoris Faure
2020-04-05tycat/tyls: handle error on write()/scanf()Boris Faure
2020-04-04sb: ubsan: do not apply 0 offset to NULL pointerBoris Faure
2020-04-02termpty: only call ecore_main_fd_handler_active_set() on valid fdBoris Faure
2020-04-02termiolink: isspace can't be used on codepoint larger than ucharBoris Faure
2020-04-02link detection: handle unicode + mode surrounding cases + testBoris Faure
2020-03-31termiolink: left strip spaces on emailsBoris Faure
2020-03-30win: simplify focus handling when dropping tab to splitBoris Faure
2020-03-30win: _focus_validator() saves focused tc + add debugBoris Faure
2020-03-29win: unfocus from correct parent + add focus checksBoris Faure
2020-03-28win: ensure clear state when recreating tabsBoris Faure
2020-03-26drag: add animation when dragging tab over other tabsBoris Faure
2020-03-26win: show hand cursor when dragging tabBoris Faure
2020-03-26tab drag: have a thumbnail of the tabBoris Faure
2020-03-26win: add _focus_validator() to help debug focus issuesBoris Faure
2020-03-26win: handle case where tab dragged is the last termBoris Faure
2020-03-26win: rollback tabs when dragging tabs made last tab lonelyBoris Faure
2020-03-26win: move saved position of tab when other tab is closedBoris Faure
2020-03-26win: rollback tab drag from tabsBoris Faure
2020-03-26win: rollback splitted term on tab drag cancellationBoris Faure
2020-03-26win: drag a tab to splitBoris Faure
2020-03-26tab dnd: add anim on where to drag the tab to splitBoris Faure
2020-03-26split icons: use them on controlsBoris Faure
2020-03-25controls: hide them when creating new tab or splitBoris Faure
2020-03-19win: avoid div by 0. CID1421876Boris Faure
2020-03-18win: simplify horizontal drag codeBoris Faure
2020-02-25win: ensure the term has a container when dragging itBoris Faure
2020-02-23win: have only one tab drag at a timeBoris Faure