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2019-01-06termptyesc: DL moves the cursor to left margin + testsBoris Faure2-0/+105
also remove some debug leftover
2019-01-05tests: add missing il.shBoris Faure1-0/+104
2019-01-05termpty: handle IL with left/right margins + testsBoris Faure1-0/+1
2019-01-02termptyesc: export EL handler to its own function + add testsBoris Faure2-0/+75
2019-01-02termptyesc: move ED handler to its own functions + add testsBoris Faure6-0/+280
2019-01-01tests/cursor-movements.sh: test cursor up for realBoris Faure2-10/+12
2019-01-01tests: CUP: test going outside marginsBoris Faure2-2/+9
2019-01-01tests: oops, forgot to update tests.resultsBoris Faure1-1/+1
2019-01-01termptyesc: CHA has to take into account DECOM + testsBoris Faure1-3/+35
2019-01-01tests: ICH with amount=0Boris Faure2-1/+6
2019-01-01tests: ensure DECALN moves cursor to 0;0Boris Faure1-0/+4
2019-01-01termptyesc: support DECCRA + testsBoris Faure2-0/+79
2019-01-01termptyesc: extract ICH to its own function and add testsBoris Faure2-0/+104
2018-12-30termptyesc: support DECIC/DECDC + testsBoris Faure2-0/+113
2018-12-29termptyesc: DECCRARA/DECRARA when not in rectangle mode + testsBoris Faure7-4/+265
2018-12-29termptyesc: handle DECRARA in its rectangular form + testsBoris Faure3-0/+121
2018-12-29tests/termptyesc: handle DECSACEBoris Faure2-6/+20
Also regenerate tests since checksums changed due to new attribute
2018-12-29termptyesc: handle deccara in its rectangular form + testsBoris Faure3-0/+121
2018-12-29termptyesc: refuse no value on decfra on the character to fill up + testsBoris Faure4-0/+84
2018-12-28termptyesc: support DECFIBoris Faure3-1/+88
Introduce different behaviour from xterm as I don't see why it behaves like that when outside of left/right margin and on right border. Xterm does not wrap.
2018-12-28termptyesc: support DECBIBoris Faure2-0/+89
2018-12-28tests: avoid using $ in printfBoris Faure14-53/+53
2018-12-28termpty: correctly handle wrap (DECAWM)Boris Faure2-1/+51
2018-12-28termptyesc: DECALN only reset margins and cursor positionBoris Faure2-0/+45
2018-12-27tests: add on CUPBoris Faure2-0/+34
2018-12-27termptyesc: cpl and margins + testsBoris Faure2-0/+37
2018-12-27termptyesc: CNL and margins + testsBoris Faure2-0/+37
2018-12-27termptyesc: DCH shall handle margins. space created follows SGR + testBoris Faure2-0/+101
2018-12-27termpty: add debug on CHA + testBoris Faure2-0/+12
2018-12-27termptyesc: support DECSCLM but ignore it + testBoris Faure2-0/+11
2018-12-27termptyesc: 98/108 are not valid color codes + testBoris Faure2-0/+11
2018-12-27termptyesc: fix truecolors parsing + testsBoris Faure2-0/+153
2018-12-27termptyesc: handle CSI_ARG_ERROR in some SGR.Boris Faure2-0/+11
Closes T7475
2018-12-27tests: add one on colorsBoris Faure2-0/+105
2018-12-27termptyesc: support DSR-UDK + testBoris Faure2-0/+9
2018-12-27termpty: support DSR-PP (Printer Port) + testBoris Faure2-0/+9
2018-12-27termptyesc: support DSR-OS + testBoris Faure2-0/+9
2018-12-27termptyesc: add support DSR-DECCKSR + testBoris Faure2-0/+11
2018-12-27termptyesc: support DSR-MSR (0 Macro Space) + testBoris Faure2-0/+9
2018-12-27tytest: add write buffer to checksumBoris Faure2-5/+14
2018-12-27termptyesc: handle DSR-DIR (Data Integrity Report) + testBoris Faure2-0/+9
2018-12-27termptyesc: DSR-CPR takes cursor restriction into account + testBoris Faure2-0/+41
2018-12-27termptyesc: act like xterm, do not report title/icon-nameBoris Faure4-0/+60
2018-12-27tests: add one on tabsBoris Faure2-0/+11
2018-12-27tests: on cursor shapes and regen tests.resultsBoris Faure9-7/+31
2018-12-27tests: add tests on fonts: normal/italic/blod/bolditalic/fraktur/encircledBoris Faure2-0/+25
2018-12-27tests: add test on invalid DECFRA/DECERA and absent parametersBoris Faure2-0/+32
2018-12-27tests: add test on cursor movementsBoris Faure2-0/+67
2018-12-27add tests on DECERABoris Faure3-0/+44
2018-12-27tests: differentiate NULL on prop.icon or prop.titleBoris Faure1-2/+2