AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-06Remove deprecation warnings.HEADmasterSanjeev BA
2015-01-06Update gitignore.Sanjeev BA
2013-05-07How about commiting the remaining renaming too, eh?Leif Middelschulte
2013-05-07edbus2 -> eldbusLeif Middelschulte
2013-04-19Fixed rev version detection to work with git instead of svn.Tom Hacohen
2013-03-28elev8: add watchdog, notify and timeout.Cedric Bail
2013-03-16elev8: add more information during startup.Cedric Bail
2013-03-16server: report execution at EINA_LOG_LEVEL_INFO.Cedric Bail
2013-03-10elev8: proper detection of systemd user session directory.Cedric BAIL
2013-03-10elev8: add systemd socket activation.Cedric BAIL
2013-02-15elev8: Add forgotten CElmGadget.hLeandro Pereira
2013-02-14elev8: Add CElmGadget.Leandro Pereira
2013-02-14elev8: Add HandleScopes on callback wrappers.Leandro Pereira
2013-02-14Fix build with newer V8Leandro Pereira
2013-01-30Remove deprecated API for elev8.Sanjeev BA
2013-01-15elev8: follow edbus change about unref'ing messages after sendLucas De Marchi
2013-01-04elev8: CElmGenGrid: Allow clean set of itemsFábio Mello
2013-01-04elev8: CElmGen: Make propagate_events be defined by user.Fábio Mello
2013-01-04trunk: remove use of AM_PROG_CC_STDC as AC_PROG_CC does it.Cedric BAIL
2012-12-27elev8: Bigger sizes to script names sent to serverFábio Mello
2012-12-27elev8: Removed daemonizing behaviourFábio Mello
2012-12-27elev8: Fix server mode hangingFábio Mello
2012-12-26elev8: Add elm prefsFábio Mello
2012-12-19elev8: rename function after edbus changeLucas De Marchi
2012-12-19elev8: D-Bus: Remove the reference to the deprecated edbus_message_signal_new.Fábio Mello
2012-12-19elev8: CElmGenList: Use array of index and/or items as parameter of Clear() m...Fábio Mello
2012-12-19PROTO/elev8: Follow edbus api change.Stefan Schmidt
2012-12-17updating esperanto translationsMassimo Maiurana
2012-12-11elev8: Option to server mode do not "daemonize".Fábio Mello
2012-12-07elev8: CElmToolbar: Accept file icons too.Fábio Mello
2012-12-07elev8: Add Gengrid example.Fábio Mello
2012-12-06elev8: D-Bus: Let the 'pending' life cycle to edbus.Fábio Mello
2012-12-06elev8: Add themes example.Fábio Mello
2012-12-05elev8: Entry markup_to_utf8 (and vice-versa) unnecessary string check.Fábio Mello
2012-12-05elev8: D-Bus: Return a pending object on method calls.Fábio Mello
2012-12-05elev8: Fix icons on popup.js and layout.js.Fábio Mello
2012-12-04elev8: CElmNaviframe: Removed unnecessary type check.Fábio Mello
2012-12-04elev8: D-Bus: Fix sending dictFábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: Fix ecore_con error message on startupFábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: Add Message suport in CElmLayoutFábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: Fix dbus connectionFábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: Refactor CElmNotifyFábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: Use Ecore to parse command line arguments.Fábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: 'new' as 'realise'Fábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: Server mode.Fábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: D-Bus: Add properties proxy.Fábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: D-Bus: Wrap d-bus methods on proxy methods.Fábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: CElmLayout: Fix content set for non elm itemsFábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: D-Bus: Implement client side support.Fábio Mello
2012-11-30elev8: Add skeleton dbus moduleFábio Mello