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A new ecore module: ecore_con
It's now super easy to perform various network task in a full efl fashion. Implemented "Lookup" for dns query and "Url" to perform http requests. "Server" will come soon. Comes with quite complete docs, examples and unit tests
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@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ Documentation cheatsheet
32 :func:`elm_list_go` (for functions) 32 :func:`elm_list_go` (for functions)
33 :attr:`homogeneous` (for properties) 33 :attr:`homogeneous` (for properties)
34 :ref:`Elm_List_Mode` (for enums) 34 :ref:`Elm_List_Mode` (for enums)
35 :data:`ELM_LIST_LIMIT` (for enum values)
35 36
36 :func:`efl.evas.Object.delete` (for items not in current scope) 37 :func:`efl.evas.Object.delete` (for items not in current scope)
37 :func:`~efl.evas.Object.delete` (will show it short, just "delete") 38 :func:`~efl.evas.Object.delete` (will show it short, just "delete")