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parentAdded new convenience class: DialogWindow (diff)
Lots of documentation fixes for ALL the classes
Mainly with regard of class __init__ params and the **keyword param
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diff --git a/efl/ethumb/efl.ethumb_client.pyx b/efl/ethumb/efl.ethumb_client.pyx
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--- a/efl/ethumb/efl.ethumb_client.pyx
+++ b/efl/ethumb/efl.ethumb_client.pyx
@@ -114,20 +114,21 @@ cdef class Client:
def __init__(self, func, *args, **kargs):
- """
- Ethumb Client constructor.
- Server is ready to receive requests just after **func** is
- called back with ``status == True``.
+ """Client(...)
:param func: function to call when connection with server is
- established. Function signature is::
+ established.
+ :param \*args: Any other parameters will be passed back in the
+ callback function
+ :keyword \**kargs: Any other keyword parameters will be passed back
+ in the callback function
+ Expected **func** signature::
- func(client, status, *args, **kargs)
+ func(client, status, *args, **kargs)
- with status being True for successful connection or False
- on error.
+ with status being **True** for successful connection or **False**
+ on error.
:raise TypeError: if **func** is not callable.
:raise SystemError: if it was not possible to connect to