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2014-09-22Make cython 0.21 happypython-efl-1.11davemds
Simplify the statement so that it also compile with newer cythons
2014-09-13Release 1.11.0v1.11.0Kai Huuhko
2014-09-13Examples: Add description to elm web exceptions, trivial updates to testKai Huuhko Fix check for Cython when building from git sourceKai Huuhko py3k compatibility fixKai Huuhko
2014-08-23No need to call ecore init/shutodown heredavemds
they are called in e_dbus_init/shutdown
2014-08-23Cleanup, remove unused stuffdavemds
2014-08-23dbus_mainloop: reworked how we manage the dbus watch requests.davemds
Dbus can request (via watch_add) more than one watch on the same fd (one for write and one for read), but ecore cannot setup more than one fd_handler on the same fd. So we need to manage this (weired) case internally, reusing an existing fd_handler for more than one dbus watch. This, at the end of the story, fix the ability to connect to the (fucking) PulseAudio dbus server, that do not use the Session or System buses, but provide its own bus.
2014-08-23Cleanups: the filter are not used heredavemds
and the ecore_event is not used enywhere
2014-08-23Simplify: no need to keep a local copy of the watch statedavemds
2014-08-23use 3 spaces indentation, not 2davemds
2014-08-23added extra debug info (to be manually enabled)davemds
2014-08-23renamed a function to a better namedavemds
2014-08-23just move some functions around for readabilitydavemds Add dummy commit count for dev build if git is not foundKai Huuhko add missing ecore-x include dir for elmKai Huuhko
2014-08-16Unbreak doc generationdavemds
2014-08-16Add version info in the efl package.davemds
Also removed the logger import in efl, not usefull and only create problems
2014-08-16Expose object_from_instance and the inverse to other C codedavemds
This create the efl.eo_api.h file that you can copy to your source if you want to use the exported api
2014-08-11emotion: implemented missed smart signalsdavemds
2014-08-04Fix emotion.__repr__ functiondavemds
self.type_get() is not a function, dunno what was the intention here
2014-08-01Gengrid: new property reorder_type, with test for reorder modedavemds
2014-08-01Gengrid: implemented search_by_text_item_get(), with a proper testdavemds
2014-08-01Genlist: implemented search_by_text_item_get(), with a proper testdavemds
2014-08-01Toolbar: new un/selected signals, with testsdavemds
2014-07-31Ctxpopup: new getters for items and the item_prepend method, with testsdavemds
2014-07-31Implemented missed ecore.x screensaver functionsdavemds
2014-07-31Panes: new content_[left/right]_min_[relative]_size propertiesdavemds
2014-07-31New Map function: region_zoom_bring_indavemds
2014-07-23doc: add cleanup command in INSTALL file.godfath3r
Reviewers: kuuko Reviewed By: kuuko Projects: #python_bindings_for_efl Differential Revision:
2014-07-02Fix build from tarball with Cython installedKai Huuhko
2014-07-01Elementary: Fix object item tooltipsKai Huuhko
It would be an ABI breakage if the tooltips had ever worked in the first place but apparently they never did.
2014-06-30Follow recent Eo class names changesdavemds
2014-06-05Elementary.entry: Fix ref leak in filter callback handling.Kai Huuhko
2014-06-02Use a more eflish code style (still pep-8 compliant)davemds
2014-06-02Examples: Elementary pep-8 (formatting) cleanupKai Huuhko
2014-06-02Follow recent Eo api changesdavemds
eo_event_global_freeze_get -> eo_event_global_freeze_count_get eo_event__freeze_get -> eo_event_freeze_count_get
2014-06-02Update TODOKai Huuhko
2014-06-02Evas: Add NULL safety to SmartObject callbacks, exposes a BUGKai Huuhko
Apparently the Python instance gets deleted before the smart hide/del callbacks are called (by eo callback?).
2014-06-01Elementary.multibuttonentry: Inject a Python object to created itemsKai Huuhko
2014-06-01Documentation: warnings--Kai Huuhko
2014-06-01warnings--Kai Huuhko
2014-05-31Remove pre-1.8 Python bindings' compatibility packagesKai Huuhko
2014-05-31Bump versions for 1.11 developmentKai Huuhko
2014-05-30Update READMEv1.10.0Kai Huuhko
2014-05-29Elementary: Add more signals to web exampleKai Huuhko
2014-05-29Bump versions and compile changelog for releaseKai Huuhko
2014-05-29Elementary.general: Fix docsKai Huuhko
2014-05-29Elementary: Add an example for sys_notifyKai Huuhko
2014-05-29Ecore: Add missing event return value "constants"Kai Huuhko