AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-18Prepare the 1.19 releasev1.19.0python-efl-1.19Dave Andreoli
2017-04-18Fix evas.Box testDave Andreoli
2017-04-18Fix file_download testDave Andreoli
2017-04-15New 1.19 API: evas.Image.load_head_skipDave Andreoli
2017-04-15EcoreConUrl is no more an Eo object :(Dave Andreoli
2017-04-15elm: Don't allow FontProperties to be freed manuallyKai Huuhko
2017-04-04another win stack pieceDave Andreoli
2017-04-04Revert "New 1.19 API: elm.Win.stack_*"Dave Andreoli
2017-03-31elm: Fix font_properties_getKai Huuhko
2017-03-15New 1.19 API: elm.Calendar.date_{min,max}Dave Andreoli
2017-03-15New 1.19 API: elm.ELM_INPUT_PANEL_LAYOUT_VOICEDave Andreoli
2017-03-15New 1.19 API: elm.GengridItem.custom_sizeDave Andreoli
2017-02-27New 1.19 API: elm.Naviframe "item,activated" cbDave Andreoli
2017-02-26Make the new image test py2 compatDave Andreoli
2017-02-26New 1.19 API: elm.Image.async_open + 4 new callbacksDave Andreoli
2017-02-26Split 2 elm.Image tests in 2 filesDave Andreoli
2017-02-26whops, forgot compat wrappers for added enumsDave Andreoli
2017-02-26New 1.19 API: ELM_CALENDAR_REVERSE_DAILYDave Andreoli
2017-02-26New 1.19 API: elm.Progressbar.is_pulsingDave Andreoli
2017-02-26New 1.19 API: elm.Panel "toggled" signalDave Andreoli
2017-02-25New 1.19 API: elm.Win.stack_*Dave Andreoli
2017-02-25New 1.19 API: elm.Panel.scrollable_content_size_getDave Andreoli
2016-12-28Rename class names accordly to Eo recent changesDave Andreoli
2016-11-05Silence lots of Eo errorsDave Andreoli
2016-11-05Respect pep8Dave Andreoli
2016-11-05Fix Gengrid.item_insert_after to do the right thingDave Andreoli
2016-11-05Fix for cython 0.25Dave Andreoli
2016-10-24some cc don't like the way cython use EINA_LOG macrosDave Andreoli
2016-10-22Tests: use correct FDO icon namesDave Andreoli
2016-10-22Evas: Do not call xxx_callback_del if obj is NULLDave Andreoli
2016-10-22Test External: more readable indentationDave Andreoli
2016-10-22Test Externals: keep in sync with the C testDave Andreoli
2016-10-14warnings --Dave Andreoli
2016-10-14warnings--Dave Andreoli
2016-10-14Edje_External: fix a wrong var nameDave Andreoli
2016-10-14Fix usage of EINA_LOG_* functionsDave Andreoli
2016-10-14Silence some false compiler warningsDave Andreoli
2016-10-14Makefile: go with py3 by defaultDave Andreoli
2016-10-14Eo: Eo_Event -> Efl_EventDave Andreoli
2016-10-02Remove ecore warning about subprocess incompatibilityDave Andreoli
2016-09-24small doc fixDave Andreoli
2016-09-03Emotion: Document module names and mark module options as deprecatedKai Huuhko
2016-09-03Emotion: Change default module_name to gstreamer1Kai Huuhko
2016-08-29Elm.Spinner: Add two missing signals and fix documentation issuesKai Huuhko
2016-08-26Elm.Genlist: Document new "indent" item styleKai Huuhko
2016-08-21Tests: Disable edje edit test that segfaultsKai Huuhko
2016-08-21Follow Eo -> Efl renamesKai Huuhko
2016-08-211.19 development starts nowDave Andreoli
2016-08-20Prepare the 1.18.0 releasev1.18.0python-efl-1.18Dave Andreoli
2016-08-16Evas.Smart: Store event string in the spec to ensure it doesn't get decreffedKai Huuhko