AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-01-18Gengrid: a small doc improvementDave Andreoli
2016-01-18ecore_con.Url: do not fail when receiving an event that is not for us.Dave Andreoli
The url callbacks are called for EVERY ecore_con usage, object_from_instance can fail in case the Url is not generated from us (for example an elm Image that load the data from the net). So just ignore those events.
2016-01-10Moved (un)focused and language,changed events down to Object.Dave Andreoli
There is no need to replicate this events in every widget, they belong to Object
2016-01-08Add a new module: ecore_inputDave Andreoli
as always with docs and example
2016-01-04ethumb test: more correct global usageDave Andreoli
2016-01-03Forgot since 1.17 in last commitsDave Andreoli
2016-01-03oh, this is really important ... :)Dave Andreoli
2016-01-03Revamp old and broken EthumbClient moduleDave Andreoli
This was not functional at all, so I broke the API "a bit"
2016-01-03Implemented efl.Ethumb.Ethumb class.Dave Andreoli
With docs and an example EthumbClient will follow asap
2016-01-03emotion test: another harmless leftover removedDave Andreoli
2016-01-03emotion test: remove an unwanted/unused importDave Andreoli
2016-01-03utils.deprecated: Fix compatibility with Python 3.5Kai Huuhko
2015-12-25Ecore.Exe: Add missing documentation for the EventsKai Huuhko Include all files in cdef searchKai Huuhko
Fixes Elm
2015-12-20More tests on GenlistItem show/bring_inDave Andreoli
2015-12-09Elementary.dnd: Fix various leftover issuesKai Huuhko
2015-12-09print()--Kai Huuhko
2015-12-09Elementary: Implement drag and dropKai Huuhko
Has some issues which we can work on later, should be API stable now.
2015-12-07Add test/example for Genlist treeDave Andreoli
2015-11-16just a noteDave Andreoli
2015-11-16A new ecore module: ecore_conDave Andreoli
It's now super easy to perform various network task in a full efl fashion. Implemented "Lookup" for dns query and "Url" to perform http requests. "Server" will come soon. Comes with quite complete docs, examples and unit tests
2015-11-15Open the 1.17 development phaseDave Andreoli
2015-11-152 small fix in docsv1.16.0python-efl-1.16Dave Andreoli
2015-11-14test: show python-efl and python versions in win titleDave Andreoli
2015-11-14Prepare the 1.16 releaseDave Andreoli
2015-11-14New 1.16 API: various next_item_get/setDave Andreoli
2015-11-14New 1.16 API: Elm.Object.focus_region_show_modeDave Andreoli
2015-10-20rename Hoversel API label_auto_changed->auto_updateDave Andreoli
2015-10-20Implemented TablePadding testDave Andreoli
2015-10-07New 1.16 API: Hoversel.label_auto_changedDave Andreoli
...what a bad name for this prop
2015-10-07New 1.16 API: Configuration.scroll_thumbscroll_smooth_*Dave Andreoli
2015-10-06Blacklist Cython 0.23.XDave Andreoli
The 0.23 series break our enum usage, 0.24 will come with a new enum system, so wait for it and blacklist the broken one for now.
2015-10-06new 1.16 API: Index.standard_priority and IndexItem.priorityDave Andreoli
2015-10-06Genlist: new 1.16 'changed' signalDave Andreoli
2015-08-24Add missed doc for ObjectItem.tooltip_window_modeDave Andreoli
2015-08-16Rewamped genlist testsDave Andreoli
* splitted each test in a single file * use new style imports * some other small improvements here and there
2015-08-16Improve a bit Genlist documentationDave Andreoli
This can be improved lots more, but I'm out of time :( is now also writableDave Andreoli
2015-08-12Add the missed prop elm.Object.tooltip_orientDave Andreoli
2015-08-05Re-enable the evas callbacks len testDave Andreoli
Dunno why this was commented out, seems usefull to me
2015-08-05Update release process instructionsDave Andreoli
2015-08-05Open the 1.16 development phaseDave Andreoli
2015-08-04Prepare the 1.15.0 releasev1.15.0python-efl-1.15Dave Andreoli
2015-08-04Docs: Add classes that was not documentedDave Andreoli
2015-08-03New 1.15 API: evas.Textblock.obstacle_* functionsDave Andreoli
untested, but quite simple api, should work
2015-08-03New 1.15 API: Window.autohideDave Andreoli
2015-08-03New 1.15 API: Configuration.transition_duration_factorDave Andreoli
2015-08-03New 1.15 API: Scroller.wheel_disabled, with testDave Andreoli
2015-08-03New 1.15 signal for Entry: context,openDave Andreoli
2015-08-03Entry: Fix the name of the callback_rejected_del functionDave Andreoli