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2018-08-23Try to fix tests on jenkinsv1.21.0python-efl-1.21Dave Andreoli
Seems this test do not have enough time, lets try with an higher timeout
2018-08-23Remove Systray leftoversDave Andreoli
2018-08-23Prepare the 1.21 releaseDave Andreoli
2018-08-22Say goodbye to the Systray widgetDave Andreoli
This is a really bad break !!! ... shame on us to have used an efl beta api :(
2018-08-21Disable a failing testDave Andreoli
This is failing only when used in the full suite (00_run_all_tests) it works normally if launched directly, so I think it's just a test suite issue
2018-08-17This test now work as expectedDave Andreoli
2018-08-17Setup warnings--Dave Andreoli
2018-08-17Fix elm.Image.file.__get__Dave Andreoli
This is to hide a behaviour changes in elm, quite a corner case, but spotted by our tests. If you do a file_get before a file_set, elm is nomore nullifying the pointers, thus we try to ctouni our garbage. Just initialize well our vars
2018-07-22Ctxpopup: add slow test with many itemsDave Andreoli
just to replicate the C example
2018-07-22New 1.21 API: edje.Object.part_text_prediction_hint_hash_set/delDave Andreoli
2018-07-22New 1.21 API: elm.Entry.prediction_hint_hash_set/delDave Andreoli
2018-07-16New 1.21 API: Ecore_Exe_Flags.ECORE_EXE_ISOLATE_IODave Andreoli
just a new enum value
2018-07-16New 1.21 API: Ctxpopup item_insert_before/afterDave Andreoli
with test
2018-07-15Fix 2 changed class namesDave Andreoli
2018-03-24Fix warnings spotted by cython 0.28Dave Andreoli
Those are all simbols redeclared in different places
2018-03-19Changes to make cython 0.28 happyDave Andreoli
This just refactor how the extensions are named, nothing is changed in the final layout of the package. Renamed the dbus extension, that was indeed the only one with a different naming scheme. Also raised the minimum cython version a bit, min is now at 0.23.5, that is still quite old. The oldest ones seems to not like the new naming scheme.
2018-03-04Elm: fix Layout.content_swallow_list_get() to not leakDave Andreoli
The eina_list_free was wrongly used and was leaking the whole list. Fixed.
2018-03-01Elm: add test for elm_image_get() before a set() callDave Andreoli
2018-02-17Changed (again) all the elm class namesDave Andreoli
2017-12-12systray do not work anymore as the widget has been removed from efl :(Dave Andreoli
... we still need to decide what to do with this breakage
2017-12-09rename Edje.Object to Efl.Canvas.LayoutDave Andreoli
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit also fix a small typo in the Makefile
2017-09-07Efl.Ui.Spinner downgraded to Elm.SpinnerDave Andreoli
2017-09-03Fix an evas testDave Andreoli
...not that I really understand the utility nor the root cause of tha fail but this test was segfaulting
2017-09-03Some new OE widget namesDave Andreoli
2017-08-16Pypi is migrating, adjust the release instructionsDave Andreoli
2017-08-09open up the 1.21 development cycleDave Andreoli
2017-08-05Prepare the 1.20.0 releasev1.20.0python-efl-1.20Dave Andreoli
2017-07-22Prepare the 1.20.0-beta1 pre-releaseDave Andreoli
2017-07-22New 1.20 API: Andreoli
2017-07-22New 1.20 API: elm.Genlist.multi_select_modeDave Andreoli
with test
2017-07-22Use the buffer engine for elm testsDave Andreoli
This should make tests work also on jenkins
2017-07-22Some more tests cleanupsDave Andreoli
Now I get 100% success on my machine :)
2017-07-22Use new style import in elm testsDave Andreoli
For some obscure reasons the elm tests was failing here (only when run from the command) with the old style imports
2017-07-22Adjust some more testsDave Andreoli
2017-07-22Move elm external test from edje to elmDave Andreoli
elm widgets need an elm parent to work correctly, so it's better to use an elm win instead of a ecore evas one.
2017-07-22Edje: remove custom __repr__ implementationDave Andreoli
to be consistent with the others
2017-07-22Do not test Combobox widgetDave Andreoli
it is deprecated
2017-07-22python-edje do not exists anymoreDave Andreoli
2017-07-20test list: use a correct FDO icon nameDave Andreoli clean ecore_input files in CleanGeneratedDave Andreoli
2017-07-16Ecore.Poller is no more an Eo object in C :(Dave Andreoli
2017-07-15Fix a nasty ecore.x and ecore.input conflictDave Andreoli
Both modules register the ECORE_EVENT_* events, so if you use them toghether one of the 2 was failing to run because the events was already registered by the other. I'm fixing this by keeping a local event map in ecore.input, not the cleaner solution but it's the safer one I can found (in term of backward compatibility) This fix (at least) epymc in standalone mode (without a wm)
2017-07-15New 1.20 API: evas.Map.coords_getDave Andreoli
2017-07-15New 1.20 API: elm/edje text_prediction_hintDave Andreoli
no tests, as I have no idea on how to use this feature
2017-07-15New 1.20 API: elm.Spinner min/max,reached eventsDave Andreoli
with test
2017-07-09Documentation: Add better documentation about object lifetimeKai Huuhko
2017-06-18Elementary: Add import to efl.edjeKai Huuhko
Since we can't always anticipate when Elm will return a pointer to an Edje object, let's just have the type always available.
2017-06-18Some new widget namesDave Andreoli
2017-04-21Open up 1.20 dev cycleDave Andreoli
2017-04-18Prepare the 1.19 releasev1.19.0python-efl-1.19Dave Andreoli