AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-04New style enums for edje_editDave Andreoli
2015-01-04New style enums for edjeDave Andreoli
2015-01-04New style enums for ecoreDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Use new cython cpdef-enums in evasDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Do not fail on SmartObject tests, they are skippedDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Forgot to commit this (when I disabled SmartObject)Dave Andreoli
2015-01-04Provide the uninstall command for python-efl itselfDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Small doc fixesDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Remove specific X code from elmDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Reworked CleanGenerated, more verbose nowDave Andreoli
2015-01-04disable ecore_x by defaultDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Move ecore enums with all the other enums filesDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Remove old (moved) ecore.x filesDave Andreoli
2015-01-04Move ecore_x out of the ecore extensionDave Andreoli
2015-01-03Docs: fix some text to not show upDave Andreoli
2015-01-03Lots of documentation fixes for ALL the classesDave Andreoli
2015-01-03Added new convenience class: DialogWindowDave Andreoli
2015-01-03Docs for fdo icon namesDave Andreoli
2015-01-02New distutils command: uninstallDave Andreoli
2015-01-02Another year has passed...Dave Andreoli
2015-01-02Provide a new distutil command: build_edcDave Andreoli
2015-01-02Revert "Try to fix a weired error we are getting on Jenkins"Dave Andreoli
2015-01-02Try to fix a weired error we are getting on JenkinsDave Andreoli
2015-01-02Disable evas.SmartObject to workaround Cython brakage.Dave Andreoli
2015-01-02Changed the way we check and enable Cython usageDave Andreoli no need to use cython build_extDave Andreoli
2015-01-02Another cython version to blacklist :(Dave Andreoli be more verbose about python and cython versionsDave Andreoli
2015-01-01Fix a distutils importDave Andreoli
2015-01-01Cython warnings--Dave Andreoli cleanups: indentationDave Andreoli cleanup: use 2 lists for ext_modules and py_modulesDave Andreoli
2015-01-01Added new efl.utils.setup pure python moduleDave Andreoli
2014-12-31New test for standard iconsDave Andreoli
2014-12-31elm.Theme: added group_base_list_get() functionDave Andreoli
2014-12-26Genlist: new clicked,right signalDave Andreoli
2014-12-25Better docs for available Genlist item stylesDave Andreoli
2014-12-21more metadata for pypiDave Andreoli
2014-12-21Also clean ethumb files in CleanGenerated commandDave Andreoli
2014-12-21remove old README fileDave Andreoli
2014-12-21Updated metadata and other stuff for pypi compliance.Dave Andreoli
2014-12-03Fix elm.ObjectItem.part_content_set() to accept a generic EvasObject.Dave Andreoli
2014-11-23Little improvement to the release procedureDave Andreoli
2014-11-23Reopen developement for 1.13 releaseDave Andreoli
2014-11-22Roll-up the 1.12 releasev1.12.0Dave Andreoli
2014-11-22Updated for 1.12 and reformatted the changelog html fileDave Andreoli
2014-11-22New 1.12 enums: Input panel variationsDave Andreoli do not fail when sphinx is not foundDave Andreoli
2014-11-22New 1.12 API: edje_object_base_scale_getDave Andreoli
2014-11-22New 1.12 API: elm_fileselector_current_name_set/getDave Andreoli