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2021-12-06Update READMEHEADmasterDave Andreoli
2021-12-06README: remove not maintained/broken appsDave Andreoli
Also add some TODO items and fix an htts link
2021-12-06Update READMEDave Andreoli
2021-12-05updated release instructionsDave Andreoli
2021-12-05fix pip uploadingDave Andreoli
...a really stupid fix
2021-12-05Dropped python 2.6 supportDave Andreoli
and deprecate all versions of python 2, with a big-fat warning. Python2 support will be fully removed in a later release.
2021-12-05setup: stop importing the version from sourcesDave Andreoli
This was creating all sort of issues, because the efl modules in sources are not meant to work. And installation from sdist using pip was complainig about efl not found (because it build in a restricted env) So just read the file and extract the version from there (to be DRY)
2021-12-05setup: disjoint pythonefl version from efl versionDave Andreoli
minor version of bindings and efl are not always the same
2021-12-05setup: Factorize reading files and cmd execDave Andreoli
2021-12-05Fix install using pipDave Andreoli
pip run bdist_wheel so we need to take that into account this also fix generation of wheels in general
2021-12-03Change build tool from distutils to setuptoolsDave Andreoli
This is needed for publishing on pip
2021-11-30Docs: always show the breadcumbDave Andreoli
2021-11-30Docs: a better flax layout, also with sticky sidebarDave Andreoli
2021-11-29Docs: comment out unused jsDave Andreoli
2021-11-29Docs: updated linksDave Andreoli
2021-11-29Docs: a bit of styleDave Andreoli
2021-11-29Docs: set pygment style in theme, not in configDave Andreoli
2021-11-29Docs: updated sphinx base html themeDave Andreoli
2021-11-18Docs: use png for inheritance graphsDave Andreoli
svg looks a bit better, but the links are then broken :(
2021-11-18A bit of lintingDave Andreoli
2021-11-18Docs: cleanup the conf fileDave Andreoli
Regenerate from a fresh sphinx-quickstart
2021-11-18Docs: remove an old workaroundDave Andreoli
The ClassName(...) on each class was an old hack that is not needed anymore
2021-11-17typo in READMEDave Andreoli
2021-11-17Docs: fix generation of class methodsDave Andreoli
autodoc_default_flags is deprecated and do not work anymore with sphinx 4.1 Use autodoc_default_options instead Also separate __init__ and class docs, seems more explicit to me
2021-11-14gitignore++Dave Andreoli
2021-11-14Docs: added infra for tutorialsDave Andreoli
Also remove some really old presentation text, we should write some new intro
2021-11-14Docs: remove not needed filesDave Andreoli
2021-11-14Fix build after README renameDave Andreoli
2021-11-12Remove the old TODO fileDave Andreoli
2021-11-12New markdown READMEDave Andreoli
2020-09-24Open 1.26 development phaseDave Andreoli
2020-09-24Prepare 1.25 releasev1.25.0Dave Andreoli
2020-06-25Do not fail when build with CC="clang"Dave Andreoli
clang seems much better in building elementary, while gcc need a lot of ram and tend to fail badly So for now on clang is the suggested compiler to use
2020-04-30Back to devel modeDave Andreoli
2020-04-30Update release instructionsDave Andreoli
2020-04-30Prepare the 1.24 releasev1.24.0python-efl-1.24Dave Andreoli
2020-04-29Explicitly declare efl submodulesDave Andreoli
seems to make editors happier
2020-04-27Update INSTALLDave Andreoli
2020-04-27Fix testsDave Andreoli
2020-04-27Follow efl rename Efl.Canvas.Text -> Efl.Canvas.TextblockDave Andreoli
2020-04-27gitignore++Dave Andreoli
2019-10-06Open up development phaseDave Andreoli
2019-10-06Prepeare the 1.23 releasev1.23.0python-efl-1.23Dave Andreoli
2019-04-26Open up 1.23 developmentDave Andreoli
2019-04-23Prepare 1.22 releasev1.22.0python-efl-1.22Dave Andreoli
2019-04-23Follow Eo class name changesDave Andreoli
2019-04-23Silence Cython warningsDave Andreoli
I'm keeping python 2 style for compatibility reasons
2019-04-23Fix for 1.22 Eo api changesDave Andreoli
2018-08-26In development mode againDave Andreoli
2018-08-23Try to fix tests on jenkinsv1.21.0python-efl-1.21Dave Andreoli
Seems this test do not have enough time, lets try with an higher timeout